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Fish Oil Dosage

Fish Oil Dosage: How Much Fish Oil Do You Need?

written by Vin Kutty

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fish oil dosage

How to Get the Right Fish Oil Dosage

If your bottle of fish oil says 1,000 mg on the front, donโ€™t relax just yet! Thatโ€™s the weight of the capsule, NOT the Omega-3 in it.

FISH OIL DOSAGE TIP: 1,000 mg of Omega-3 and 1,000 mg of Fish Oil are not the same!

Typically 1000 mg of regular fish oil has just 300 mg of Omega-3. 300 mg is JUST ENOUGH to cover up Omega-3 deficiency symptoms.  To get the real benefits of the research, you will need 3 to 6 regular fish oil pills.

Or you can try an Ultra-concentrated fish oil pill, like OmegaVia, that has 1105 mg Omega-3 in each pill.  That way, you just need one pill a day. Two OmegaVia pills equals more than 7 regular fish oil pills.

Concentrated fish oils get you the benefits with fewer pills.

Minimum recommended dose:  500 mg of Omega-3 per day.

For Optimum Health: minimum 1,600 mg Omega-3 per day.*

Omega-3 deficiency-related conditions: 2,000 to 3000 mg Omega-3 per day.*

Health Condition*

Recommended Omega-3 Dosage + corrective plan*

Heart health support* 1000 mg Omega-3 per day combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan.
Triglyceride management* 3000 mg Omega-3 per day combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan may help maintain healthy triglycerides.
Joint health* 2000 mg Omega-3 per day combined with an anti-inflammatory diet may help maintain healthy joints.*
Mood health* Some (but not all) studies suggest that taking 2000 mg EPA Omega-3 per day may help support mood health.*
Skin health* 1000 mg Omega-3 per day combined with a healthy diet.
Blood pressure management*
Some studies suggest that 2000 mg Omega-3 per day with combined with a healthy diet and exercise program may help maintain already healthy blood pressure levels.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Easy dosage:
1 OmegaVia pill = 1105 mg Omega-3
2 OmegaVia pills = 2210 mg Omega-3

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil OmegaVia Comparison

American Heart Association
Fish Oil Dosage Recommendation

    • 1,000 mg of Omega-3 for heart health.*
    • At least two servings of fatty fish per week.

Source: American Heart Association


American Psychiatric Association
Fish Oil Dosage Recommendation

    • All adults should eat fish at least twice week
    • Patients interested in mood health should consume 1,000 mg/day of Omega-3*
    • Supplements are suggested
    • Talk to your doctor if you take more than 3,000 mg/day.
    • EPA Omega-3 was more effective than DHA Omega-3*

Source: Food & Behaviour Research – American Psychiatric Association Omega-3 Fatty Acids Subcommittee


National Eye Institute
Fish Oil Dosage Recommendation

    • 1000 mg Omega-3 per day*

Source: National Eye Institute
Source: US National Institute of Health:

As more medical and government bodies issue official Omega-3 recommendations, they will be posted here.

Harvard Medical School doctor, Andrew Stoll, MD, said this about Omega-3:

“Every so often, scientists really do discover a substance of transformative power, one with the ability to cure the previously incurable and improve the quality of life for the rest of us. Omega-3 fatty acids — a component of simple fish oil, once so prevalent in our diet but now largely absent — could be such a substance.”

So keep taking your Omega-3 pills.  Even a little goes a long way.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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    • Hi Vin,
      I have problems with enteric coating, so I suck the oil out of the fish oil capsule and then spit the capsule out. Can I do the same with these, and will they be just as effective?

      • Yikes, Teejay. Please do not do this with highly concentrated fish oils. You are better off buying liquid fish oils and take them by the spoonful.

        • Could you explain to me why this is a bad idea please Vin (is it unable to be absorbed in the stomach)? Is it just the concentrated ones I shouldn’t do it with? How is regular fish oil in a capsule any different to liquid fish oil?

          • Teejay – it is a bad idea for two reasons: 1) highly concentrated fish oils do not taste good and they are also more susceptible to rancidity if exposed to air. 2) You have perfectly good liquid fish oil options that does not require you to go through the trouble of sucking oil of an enteric coated capsule. Enteric coating is not cheap – but if you must do it the hard way, at least choose a pill that is not enteric coated, so you can chew on the pill.

    • Hi Vin,
      I am 15 years old and I was wondering how much omega 3’s should I take my bottle said 950mg active omega-3 and I also suffer from acne and I know that taking omegas can reduce acne and I’m afraid I’m taking to much or to little I take about 2 pills of these a day is that good?
      Please replay


      • Hi Jen – if you want to reduce acne, cut out dairy, sugar, and wheat. Go on a 30-day whole foods only diet that contains ONLY fresh vegetables, fresh seafood, fresh meat, eggs, lots of fresh fruits, and nuts. All of this may be cooked generously on olive oil, butter or coconut oil. Do this for 30 days and come back and tell us what your skin looks like. Nothing processed. Nothing in a box or can. No pizza, cookies, cereal, junk food, soda, juice.

        It’s your diet that’s causing acne, not your age.

        If you want to take Omega-3, fine, take 1000 mg of Omega-3 per day. But I bet your skin will clear up by itself if you eat the diet I suggested above.

      • Hi Lora – fish oil is not sold as IU. Vitamin D and Vitamin A are. I suspect your doctor probably told you to take D and fish oil. You may want to confirm with your doctor on the quantity of both.

  1. Thanks for clarifying how to adjust the dosage to maximize health (and in my case, health with a view toward longevity
    I teach dance (Ballroom) and own a studio called Dance Pizazz with my wife, and we compete…so every little bit of maximizing health and vitality adds up. Are there any compound benefits of taking with L-Arginine, Co-q10, or resveratrol?

    Thanks again for a great article.

    • Hi David – Arginine, CoQ10 and Resveratrol and good supplements to take for heart health. Resveratrol is showing a lot of promise but has less science behind it than the other two.
      – Vin

  2. Good consolidated fish oil dosage article! I would just recommend to put attention on possible side effects. There are not only benefits..

  3. What is the range (minimum-maximum) of amounts of Omega-3’s, DHA and EPA you recommend for pregnancy? I have diabetes and I have been told it is fine to stay on the Lovaza I have been on for a few years but I feel a need to re-evaluate the quality, dosage, and possibly adding in extra DHA. I also have GI/absorbtion issues.
    Thanks! This has been a great website.

    • Hi Alanna – sorry for the late reply. I recommend at least 1000 mg of DHA and 1000 mg of EPA per day during pregnancy. You may not need all that during the first trimester, but you’ll need all that and possibly more during the third trimester. As far as maximum, you could double that dose to 2000 mg of each DHA and EPA. Lovaza is fine if you are already on it, assuming you’re taking 4 per day. If you’re taking 4 Lovaza, you dont need more DHA. Make sure you’re getting plenty of Vitamin D and magnesium as well. Your appetite and cravings are probably all over the place, but if you can avoid sugar and sweets of all kind, you will help yourself and your baby a LOT!
      – Vin Kutty

    • Hi Lana – 500 mg should be enough, assuming the kid isn’t eating a lot of sugar, processed foods and vegetable oil. These three things will increase the child’s need for Omega-3.
      – Vin Kutty

  4. I need Omega 3 for mental health and I am taking Omega 3…3, 6, 9 and do not feel like it is helping. I take 10 a day.

    • Hi Sharon – you need at least 1000 mg of EPA Omega-3 for mood and mental health. You will not get that from any Omega-3-6-9 formula. Even with 10 per day, you may not get what you need. I suggest you stop taking that product and look for a high-EPA formula listed here:

      Also see this for other mood related supplements because deficiencies other than Omega-3 can cause mood issues:

      – Vin Kutty

      • I have psoriasis how many mg. Of fish oil is okay for me to take daily I’m a 52 year old female

        • Hi Sheri – psoriasis is an auto-immune condition. As such, we are neither qualified nor permitted by FDA to provide guidance on how to treat disease. Having said that, yes, Omega-3 from fish oil is certainly OK to take. Many people with psoriasis combine Omega-3 as part of a plan, along with medication, anti-inflammatory diet, and lifestyle/gut-health tweaks. For them, a high-dose of 3000 to 4000 mg of Omega-3 daily seems to help.

    • Hi Fatima – I would suggest a minimum of 1000 mg of EPA and DHA per day. But at least 900 mg of that should be in the form of DHA. After the 5th or 6th month of pregnancy, I would increase it to 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day.
      – Vin Kutty

    • Hi Falk – you need to get about 1000 mg of Omega-3 per day. But I’m not sure if it will make you smarter…while you are at it. May I suggest avoiding sugar – Coca cola, Pepsi etc. Sugar harms your brains more than Omega-3 can fix.
      – Vin Kutty

  5. Hello Doc, I recently bought 2 types of omega-3 oils / 1 as 90mg of
    EPA and 450mg of DHA. The other one has 360 mg of EPA and 240 mg of DHA. My question is – would it benefit me to combine these to get a 1000mg of DHA and a 1000 mg of EPA a day ? / Also, should they all be taken at once or thru out the day, because of the high amount of oil going into the digestive track ??

    Thank you!

    • Hi Joseph – You don’t need to combine them to get 1000 mg per day…but you can until the bottle is finished. In the future, just go with the 360 mg EPA + 240 mg DHA supplement. Just take 2 or 3 of those per day or whatever Omega-3 dosage your health goal requires. I’d pass on the high-DHA item – it’s best for pregnancy. You can take them all at once if you are used to it. Some people have difficulty with fish oil if their diet has been poor and are not used to digesting healthy fats. A few pills of fish oil is a not a high amount of oil – it is much, much smaller than what an optimal human body is designed to handle. The key thing is to take it with the largest meal of the day.
      – Vin Kutty

  6. Hi Vin,
    I have high triglycerides and have been taking 2 capsules per day that include 1280 mg of omega 3s with 650 mg of EPA and 450 of DHA. This has not impacted my triglyceride level, so now they have me taking gemfibrozil, which I’d really like to get off of. Prior to the gemfibrozil my fasting TG was 500, now its usually around 130. From your chart it looks like I should at least double my fish oil intake. But doesn’t fish oil “thin” the blood like aspirin does? What are the risks, generally speaking, at the suggested dosage?


    • Hi Dave – there is very little risk of blood thinning at recommended doses. In addition to doubling your dosage, you may also want to use a more concentrated oil.

      – Vin Kutty

  7. How many capsules of Omega 3 1000mg concentrated with 300mg omega 3 fatty acids should a 15 year old take per day to stay healthy? Btw, I have the “kirkland signature” one. And if I take 1 a day, will it have a good effect on my body?

    • Hi Ten – I would suggest that you take 3 pills per day with a meal. These are not very concentrated, even though the labels says so. 300 mg of Omega-3 per 1000 mg of fish oil is 30% strength. That’s weak. 60% is better. OmegaVia is 90% strength. So once you finish this bottle of fish oil, I suggest you go for something stronger.
      – Vin Kutty

  8. For brain repair for a 15 year old husky kid (180 pounds) how much DHA and EPA should he take?

    Also for hodking linfoma cancer could this help?

    • Hi Oscar – Omega-3 dosage in children really depends on diet. If he is eating a lot of junk food and fast food, he will probably need 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day. Otherwise, 1000 mg per day should be fine. Instead of just giving the child Omega-3, I would strongly suggest getting rid of soda, sugars and junk food. Given his age and weight, my guess is that he is heading for diabetes very soon.

      I don’t know if Omega-3 can help with Hodgkins lymphoma, but taking some Omega-3 will definitely keep you healthier.

      – Vin Kutty

  9. Hoping to catch you coffee’d up!

    I can appreciate your infinite wisdom and experience when it comes to nutrition, something I’m in the process of learning, on my own time, with less than a year experience.

    I’m considered a healthy individual, adhere to a year round competition diet with occasional “cheat meals” throughout the week and maintain an active lifestyle.

    Today, I just purchased 1,500 Omega-3 Fish Oil:
    800 EPA / 500 DHA / 200 Other Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    I do maintain a regular weekly intake of fish in my diet, in your opinion, is a teaspoon (the recommended dosage) considered “enough” for me? Also, is there a way to “substitute” the fish oil in place of eating fish? Or is it best to maintain a balance of both the fish oil and fish itself?

    Thank you for your continued Inspiration!

    • Hi Shannon – late in the day for coffee! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Is that EPA/DHA breakdown for a liquid fish oil or capsule? You can’t permanently substitute fish oil for fish. Oily cold water fish is always better – there are so many other nutrients that fish provides that you can’t find in supplements. I’d say maintain a balance. Eat fish at least as often as you have a ‘cheat meal.’

      – Vin Kutty

      • The EPA/DHA breakdown is for a liquid fish oil – lemon taste!

        I will definitely maintain the balance between eating fish and taking the fish oil, this supplement is new to me so appreciate your input! : )

    • hi Doc. my child was and autism, ASD can you help how to handle this becuse it so hard for. how many dosage for him it is 7 years of age now.

      • Hi Merlyn – I can understand that your situation is very difficult. However, I am neither a doctor nor authorized to dispense medical advise over the internet. Omega-3 cannot prevent or cure autism. But it certainly can’t hurt…it will help your child be generally healthier if you gave him 500 mg of Omega-3 per day.

  10. I am a diabetic that take insulin 45 mg , take losartan once a day, amlodipine once a day, metformin once a day. I take omega 3 1000 mg once a day. Is this ok if I am and taking it all at the same time when I eat?

    • Hi Maria – yes, it is OK to take 1000 mg of fish oil at the same time as your meals. I would suggest increasing your dosage to 3 pills, always taken with a meal. You are not getting enough Omega-3 with just one pill.

      – Vin Kutty

  11. Hello-
    I take Synthroid for hypothyroidism. Is it safe to take fish oil with Synthroid? Do I need to wait a certain amount of time between taking the two?


    • Hi Mina – yes, it is safe to take both synthroid and fish oil but you should not take fish oil or any foods for 30 minutes to an hour after taking thyroid medications. This will reduce the absorption of the thyroid medication.

      – Vin Kutty

  12. I just purchased 1000mg w/400mg EPA and 300mg DHA. I have been taking 3 a day per the recommended daily dosage. I am 320 pounds and I’m taking them to aid in my weight loss. How many pills should I be taking to receive the maximum benefit of Omega-3?

    • Hi Katherine – you are taking the right dosage. No need for more. Besides reducing inflammation and triglycerides, Omega-3 itself will not reduce weight. There are several reasons why people gain weight. But eating less and exercising more is not the answer to losing it. Eating low-fat foods is also not the answer. Look into Paleo diet – it is not as much a diet as a radical re-thinking of what is food and what is not. It is not easy. But it will be worth it. Start with getting two books – The Perfect Health Diet by the Jaminets and Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. Read both books cover to cover. Excess weight is not the problem – it is a symptom. If you truly want to get better, you treat the root cause, not the symptom. These two books will teach you what the root causes are. Hope this gives you a starting point.

      – Vin Kutty

  13. Hi,

    My 3-year old son has JRA (arthritis) in both knees and is taking diclofenec twice a day. He has been on fish oil (Nordic Naturals), taking about 640mg/day. We just increased his dose to around 1900mg/day (split up into 2 doses, 1.5 ml/am and 1.5ml at night in hopes of decreasing his meds but are now noticing a lot of bruising on his legs. We are having his blood tested today and have just added the pttinr test to check for blood thinning. Could you tell me what a safe dose of fish oil would be for a 35 pound 3-year old? One ml has 640ml, thank you!

    • Hi Katie – I have children of similar age. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you and him.

      1900 mg of Omega-3 is a LOT for a 3-year old. Is it helping? If not, I’d back off a bit.

      Try putting him on a 100.000% wheat-free diet. Look into Paleo. Get two books โ€“ The Perfect Health Diet by the Jaminets and Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. I have heard of way too many people whose auto-immune issues went away after dropping gluten and going on a paleo diet.

      – Vin Kutty

  14. I have been taking a Omega-3 1000mg supplement for about a month now. Yesterday I developed a subconjuctival bleed… area of blood in my eye under the conjuctiva. The Dr says its common and can occur without any specific reason etc.. and will resolve spontaneously. But, I think its due to the blood thinning action of Omega 3. Does any of your studies cover this aspect? Would like to know more about effects/ side effects of these supplements. Thank you in advance!

    • Hi Smita – you would need to take 30 or 40 of those pills per day to notice a blood thinning effect. Your doctor is right. One pill contains 300 mg of Omega-3. Slightly increased nose bleeds were noticed at 12,000 mg per day. That’s 40 pills per day.

      – Vin Kutty

  15. My 18 yr old son has been on concerta 27mg now since
    Primary school, he now wants to stop taking his
    Concerta, I have been advised for him to take omega
    3 1000mg and Brahmi, (not certain of the Brahmi’s
    dosage though!
    what do you think?
    Can you suggest something to use instead of the Concerta.

    • Hi Jo – please don’t take this the wrong way – I am not a doctor. And I am not your son’s doctor, so I am neither qualified nor permitted by the government to dispense medical advice. And what you’re asking me is a medical question. This is a discussion that you/he/doctor need to have together.

      Having said that, here is what I always tell mothers of kids with ADHD (ironically, fathers never seem to write to me about this!): talk to your son about changing his diet. Think about a Paleo diet that’s free of sugar, grains (especially wheat), vegetable oils and processed foods. Nothing that comes in a box or has a UPC code. In other words, lots of veggies, meats, seafood, fruits, nuts, eggs and traditional fats like olive oil and butter. In addition to that, make sure he is taking a high-EPA pharma grade Omega-3 supplement, magnesium, Vitamin D3 and a multivitamin that contains zinc and selenium. In more than half the people I talk to, this diet and supplement routine removes the need for medication. But this diet is not easy. Most parents choose the easy route and go with the meds. It’s also possible that this diet may not do anything for him. But you owe it to your family to give it a fair shot.

      Hope this helps.
      – Vin Kutty

  16. I am presently taking omega-3 fish oil and krill oil. The combined value is as follows:
    EPA = 900 mgs
    DHA = 335 mgs
    Total EPA/DHA = 1235 mgs
    Phospholipids = 460 mgs
    Astaxanthin = 1.03 mgs

    Do the Phospholipids in krill oil facilitate the overall absorption of EPA/DHA into your system?

    Also, does it matter whether fish oil derives from oily fish, such as anchovies, sardines, and mackerel, as opposed to fish like cod, pollock, haddock, and hake?

    • Hi again, RWM – no, the phospholipids only facilitate the absorption of the Omega-3 fatty acids molecularly bonded to them. Taking phospholipids with fish oil will not change the absorption of the fish oil Omega-3. Even the Omega-3 found in krill oil is not all phospholipid bound. Only about 40% of the Omega-3 in krill oil is phospholipid-bound. The rest of it is either free fatty acids or triglyceride form, which are different. Free fatty acids are well absorbed, but go rancid easily. Triglycerides form is not as well absorbed as phospholipid form. Translation: krill oil is great…but is a horrible waste of money given that fish oil have more Omega-3 and cost 10 times less per mg of Omega-3.

      Source of fish oil only matters in oils that are in the 25-30% Omega-3 level. Once oils are purified to 70% or more, you’re basically dealing with a handful of molecules, mostly EPA and DHA. Then the source of fish is immaterial. Unless of course you’re talking about Salmon – it has an issue with Arsenic, which requires some additional purification steps. Otherwise, sardine, anchovy, pollocky, hoki – no difference when you’re talking about 90% pure oil.

      – Vin Kutty

  17. Vin, I have the impression that you are not terribly impressed with krill oil products and would opt, instead, for high grade fish oil products. Am I missing something, or is that a fair statement?

    I had always thought that Phospholipids and Astaxanthin, in conjuntion with the omega-3, was what made krill oil it so unique and beneficial. Was I wrong?

    • Hi RWM – I would prefer to take a concentrated fish oil over a krill oil supplement any day.

      Phospholipid is good by itself. Same for astaxanthin. But as I said before, only about 40% of the Omega-3 in krill is phospholipid bound and better absorbed.

      Example: there are 90 mg of Omega-3 in a MegaRed Krill oil pill. Only about 36 mg of that is phosphoplipid bound. Given that you need 1000 or 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day, why would you pay 10X premium for 36 mg of phospholipid-bound Omega-3? Makes absolutely no sense to me. But it is marketed wonderfully and the pills are tiny, so people will buy.

      My suggestion: eat egg yolks for phospholipids and take an astaxanthin pill along with your concentrated fish oil pill.

      – Vin Kutty

      – Vin Kutty

  18. That’s great advice, Vin.

    I had already begun a separate astaxanthin regimen of 4 mg daily. I’m going to follow your recommendation and drop the krill oil. I may double my omega-3 intake from 1,000 mgs daily (EPA = 750; DHA = 250) to twice that. I’ll play that by ear.

    I am very impressed with OmegaVia, will try it, and, if I like it, will switch to it. The numbers (94% EPA/DHA) blow away anything else I’ve come across.

    Thanks for the assist!

  19. SO thank ful I have ffound this site I have high triglecerides and want to lower them I have a norwegian salmon oil with epa and dha in it it says that each capsule has 1 gram (1000) mg omega -3 fatty acids 750 per 2 soft gels including EPA 360MG and DHA 250 mg so I am not sure if this is a good supplement or not and how many soft gels do I need a day to lower my triglecerides any advice will be appreciated I want to get healthy as my parents have both had tripple bypass surgeires by 60 and I am 43 time to get health y:) thanks Joie Lynn

    • Hi Joie Lynn – it looks like one capsule has 375 mg of Omega-3 per capsule. You need at least 3000 mg of Omega-3 per day. So you need 8 of your pills per day. You need something much stronger.

      – Vin Kutty

      • thank you very much I will be looking to order some stronger capsules thanks so much have yourself a great week and thank you for your time that you give to helping others ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I take a fish oil supplement that has 150 mg EPA and 430 mg DHA along with a plant oil blend of oregano, thyme, clove, sage and cinnamon oils. Also, each capsule includes 800 mg of Vitamin D. I take two per day. I’m curious as to your thoughts of that combination of oils and its health benefits? Thank you.

  21. For the last 3 months I am taking DHA-EPA 2700 mg per day and feel much better in my joints.Already for several years I use spirulina (10 g per day) and Chlorella (5 g per day). How much DHA-EPA is in Spirulina-Chlorella as I would not like to overdose taking it together with fish oil ?
    Last question: how long can one stay on 2700 mg of DHA-EPA ?
    Thanks ,


    • Hi Teddy – there may be very small amounts of EPA and DHA in spirulina and chlorella. Taking that algae will not push you over the top on dosage. 2700 mg Omega-3 per day should be fine – I would not take more. If you’re getting the same benefits at 2000 mg, back off to 2000 and stay there.

      – Vin Kutty

  22. Hello Vin. It sounds like I take the same capsule Tom does which combines the omega 3’s with the plant oils and vitamin D. I read your response and link for taking more EPA than DHA. While the article is very clear, I’ve also read info that promotes more DHA than EPA. Along with so many other supplements its noticeable that the opinions and science seem to vary. How does one determine which advice to follow? By the way, why don’t you like the plant oils? Much thanks for the website and your thoughts and opinions.

    • Hi Joseph – if you re-read my posts on why OmegaVia is high in EPA, you will note that I have also suggested a high-DHA supplement for some segments of the population. What you need depends on your life stage and health goals. Opinions may vary, but science builds on previous science and is fairly constant. Plant oils like Flaxseed oil contain ALA Omega-3 which is not easily converted to usable EPA or DHA. But mostly, seed oils from soy, corn etc. are exceedingly high in Omega-6 – this contributes to inflammation, chronic disease and artificially increases your need for Omega-3. Ideally, we should not get more than 3 or 4% of our daily calories from Omega-3 and 6. When it is higher than 4%, you start seeing toxicity issues from Omega-6. But most of us get about 10% of calories from Omega-6.

      – Vin Kutty

  23. What do you think about coconut oil as a way to lower blood lipids. Some people swear by them vs fish oils. I have some people that use both. Thank you.

    • Hi Charlotte – coconut oil has something called medium chain triglycerides. They are, shorter fat molecules than fish oil fats like EPA and DHA. About half the fats in coconut are these medium fats and the science on them is certainly positive. Enough so that I MAKE SURE I eat some coconut fat every day. As a matter of fact, I make my shakes using coconut milk. It should not be coconut VERSUS fish oil. You body needs Omega-3 from fish. Use both! I have no idea why someone would choose one over the other!

      – Vin Kutty

    • Hi Lynda – the biggest difference is that OmegaVia is a capsule and Coromega is a flavored ‘squeeze’ that you can spread on other foods or take directly. OmegaVia has 1105 mg of Omega-3 while Coromega has 650 mg. If you have difficulty swallowing pills and don’t like eating fish, then Coromega is a good choice. It’s also well-absorbed. But if swallowing pills is not a problem, you may be better off with OmegaVia or another pharma grade fish oil capsule.

      – Vin Kutty

  24. Hi Vin
    I really appreciate your patience and knowledge in answering the queries

    Please suggest the dosage of of Omega 3 with EPA + DHA combination for healthy male ,female and 12 year old boy


    • Hi Subramanya – there is no one ideal formula for the three groups you mention. For adult male and non-pregnant adult female, a daily dose of 1000 to 2000 mg Omega-3 with an emphasis on EPA should be fine. For the 12 yo boy, 1000 mg should be OK. Should adult female become pregnant, things change – then, the EPA-DHA balance should be tilted towards DHA.

      – Vin Kutty

  25. Dr.Oz suggests to buy an omega 3 capsule with at least 600 mg of dha in a 1,000 total omega 3 capsule. This is hard to find. I am 80 yrs and have atheroscerosis in my arteries with elevated small particle LDL and palpitations. I no longer take statins because of side effects, but my total cholesterol is only 220. Where can I purchase a capsule with 600 mg of dha?

    • Hi Carole – we don’t believe Dr. Mehmet Oz is correct in his recommendation. Still, if you want high-DHA supplements, I suggest you get Carlsons Super DHA Gems.

  26. Vin,
    Thank-You so much for educating me on the realities of omega 3’s.
    Would you please advise me on the difference between the Webber Naturals Liquid Omega 3 and OmegaVia. The specs for the Webber Liquid (5ml per day) is:
    Fish Oil concentrate = 4550mg
    Omega 3 fatty acids = 2383mg
    EPA = 980mg DHA = 545mg
    Vitamin D = 200IU
    Vitamin A = 2500IU
    Also, would you recommend liquid over pill?

    • Hi Todd – this is applies and oranges to an insider like me. Let me back up a little and say that if you are OK taking liquid fish oil, then I would stay with the product. If you don’t like liquid fish oils, then OmegaVia is an option. 5 ml is about a teaspoon and that is about 4 times what a capsule of OmegaVia holds, so the comparison is not easy to make.

  27. Hi,
    2 questions. One, my triglycerides are 240. How much fish oil should I take? Two, my son is autistic and I have read that fish oil/omega 3 is helpful for anxiety. Any recommendatiods? We don’t drink soda, eat potato chips or high sugary foods.


    • Hi Amy – Omega-3 dosage for triglyceride is 3000 mg of Omega-3 per day when combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan. I’m not sure how much Omega-3 helps with autism, but it certainly can’t hurt in appropriate doses. My recommendation is to start on a Whole Foods diet, sometimes called Ancestral diet or Paleo diet. Eat only vegetables, meats, seafood, eggs, nuts and fruits. No sugar or grains. Get a copy of Perfect Health Diet by the Jaminet.

  28. Hi i’m 18 and i’m taking pill per day (300mg) and i’m too
    Skinny i need to get fat (49kg)and (168cm) how many pill should i take per day?

    • Hi Sera – fish oil is for getting healthy. It’s not for getting fat – sorry! Not sure how to help you!

  29. Hello i have one question please
    i am 33 years old i want take omga–3 but i am confiuse what power is bet for me like 350mg or up like 1000 mg please any help thanks

    • Hi Mian – definitely go for the 1000 mg of Omega-3. 350 mg is better than nothing but may not be enough.

  30. Hi
    iยดm 51 old woman and 74 kilos
    how many capsule of omega 3-6-9 (fish oli ) is recommend for my ages pr day ?

  31. Hi Vin,

    This is great info! Thank you! I use to eat an average American diet.

    I recently shifted my diet to Paleo (Feb 2013) and I began juicing raw vegetables twice a day, 8 oz in each glass. I grind 1.5 tables spoons of organic flaxseed = 2.9 g of Omega-3 and 1 table spoon of organic chia seed = 2.5 g of Omega-3 for a total of 5.4 g of Omega-3 and I add it to each of my vegetable juices. Grand total of 10.8 g of Omega-3 a day.

    Three questions…
    1. Is getting my Omega-3’s via flaxseed & chia seed equally as sound or good enough as getting them through a fish oil pill? (I do eat fish twice a week usually salmon or cod).

    2. How many grams or milligrams can a body absorb in one serving? And how long does that take? After making my 8 oz vegetable drink, I drink half of it right away and the other half an 1 to 1.5 hours later with the idea that I might better absorb 2.7 g than 5.4 all at once. (this is my most important/burning question)

    3. Is it okay to have 5 grams to 10 grams of Omega-3’s via pill or plant based each day? (after reading your site it appears you stop at 3000 mg as a maximum for triglycerides so I thought I’d ask)

    In Feb 2013 I learned about the benefits of adding Omega-3’s from Jon Gabriel (The Gabriel Method). He recommends 5 g – 10 g of fish oils a day and to sprinkle flax seeds/linseeds on most of my foods through out the day.

    The goal is to coat our cells with Omega-3’s and overtime, as new cells are born, the cell has a healthy Omega-3 fat versus a hard saturated fat coating the new cells. I learned from Jon that Omega-3’s are very permeable and allow for proper communication with the hormones, insulin and neurotransmitters in our brain. That’s why I am adding a lot of Omega-3’s.

    Jon says that after about 6 months of 5 g to 10 g of Omega-3’s added each day that most or all of our cells will have the Omega-3 coating through out our body. I don’t recall reading how much he’d then reduce the daily amount to after 6 months but I’m just guessing I’d reduce my intake to the amounts you recommend above? (I guess that makes 4 questions — I hope that is okay ๐Ÿ™‚ -thank you.

    • Hi Curt – go easy on the seeds. They are usually high in Omega-6.

      Granted that chia and flax are high in ALA Omega-3, only about 5% of ALA Omega-3 is converted into usable EPA and almost none of it is converted to DHA. Not good. You are much better off sticking with just salmon and cod. You could even drop the seeds-in-veggies habit since you are eating seafood fairly regularly.

      Your body can absorb a lot of Omega-3 per serving, so no need to worry about that.

      5 to 10 grams of Omega-3 per day is not advisable. Anyone who gave you that advise does not understand the science behind polyunsaturated fats and oxidative burden. For most of human history, we did fine on a blend of saturated fats and monounsaturated fats. It’s only recently that we’ve gone to a high polyunsaturated diet – a disturbing trend. There is so conclusive evidence that saturated fats are harmful.

      I suggest you read Perfect Health Diet by Jaminet or something by Robb Wolf or Loren Cordain to understand Paleo. Robb Wolf has stopped recommending high doses of Omega-3 too. The only time you’d need such high levels is for a few days after a stroke or brain injury. Otherwise, 3-4% of our calories should come from Omega-3 and 6 combined. I suggest you cut back dramatically on Omega-6 from seed oils.

      This is the blog of a for-profit-company that sells fish oil and when we (of all people!) tell you to take less fish oil, it’s worth noting.

      • Thank you Vin for your feedback. I will heed your advice and lay off the seeds ๐Ÿ™‚

        Three very short questions… I want to purchase Omegavia. My triglycerides are out of range at 188 (should be below 150). Is it okay to take 4 Omegavia soft gels a day? Doing the math I believe that is 4,420 mg of Omega-3.

        Second… do you have a ball park guess to how long it takes to bring triglycerides back into range (for the average person) if I’m on the Paleo diet as a way of life and taking 4 Omegavia pills each day?

        I figure once it comes down below 150 I can then drop my dosage to two soft gels a day (2210 mg a day) for general heart health.

        Three… can the body absorb me taking them all 4 at once? I’d prefer to just take them in the am and be done unless it will not absorb. Thoughts? ๐Ÿ™‚

        Thank you again!

        • Hi Curt – ideal triglyceride level is below 100. 4 capsules of OmegaVia is the highest dose that we recommend. So, yes, 4 is OK. It usually takes 6-8 weeks. You can take all 4 at once as long as you don’t have any stomach discomfort. It’ll be absorbed well, especially if you take it with a large meal.

  32. I’m taking Nature Made super Fish Oil 1200mg/EPA180mg/DHA120mg it is advisable? I’m 35 years old and I had a hypertension. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you!

    • Hi Jonathan – it’s OK. Just OK. The quality is fine. But the potency is very low. Get something with a lot more Omega-3 per pill. If you like NatureMade brand fish oil, they make other products with more Omega-3. Aim for 2000 mg Omega-3 per day.

  33. Hi there –

    My husbands doctor wants him to increase his fish oil consumption. Currently he is taking one MegaRed 500mg fish oil capsule per day. The doctor wants him to increase to 3000mg per day. I found the OmegaVia online and we want to order it, however my husband is concerned about “fish burps”. With MegaRed he has NO fish burps, which is awesome. He’s had problems before with other brands. Do you know if the OmegaVia is easy to digest?


    • Hi Erica – OmegaVia is enteric coated, so there are usually no fish burps. Enteric coating prevents the pill from dissolving in the stomach. Instead, it dissolves in the intestines, where the Omega-3 is absorbed into the body. Once a pill is in the intestines, you cannot burp it up. He will need 3 OmegaVia per day. Or he can take 10-12 MegaRed Krill oil pills a day but then each bottle will only last him for 5 days.

  34. i am 29yrs.
    i am taking fish oils basically for the floaters in my eyes and the headaches. Lately I have also bought gingko supplement along with eleutheurcoccus inside in capsule. my question is if i could use them both ( gingko and omega 3) during the day and if so , which are the recommended doses? thanks a lot!

    • Hi Christos – please have a doctor evaluate you to make sure there are no undiagnosed issues that is being overlooked. Besides that, you may take both supplements together. Target 1000 mg of Omega-3 per day.

  35. I have microalbumin in my urine (ACR <30mg/mmol). My nephrologist suggested that intake of high dosage of Omega-3 will help reduce the albumin level. Dr, what is the recommended level for it to have any effect in the albumin reduction?


    • Hi Bala P – the dosage levels for lowering albumin levels has not been thoroughly studied. I am surprised that your doctor did not suggest a dosage. So what I am about to suggest is educated guess. I would start at 1000 mg Omega-3 per day. If that does not budge the numbers, try 2000. Beyond that, you will need to reduce dietary Omega-6 levels by changing the fats in your diet from vegetable seed based to animal based.

  36. Hi. I was just diagnosed with aggressive RA. How much fish oil should I be taking? Is OmegaViA the most recommended brand?

    • Hi Kelly – you will need a very high dose. RA typically does not respond unless you take 5 to 7 grams of Omega-3. That’s 5000 to 7000 mg of Omega-3 per day. This is higher than I like to recommend, but that’s what the research shows. You may want to consider an elimination diet, removing all grains, sugar and dairy from your diet. A whole foods diet like paleo diet may help as well. OmegaVia has about 1105 mg of Omega-3 per pill, so it makes it easier to get that much Omega-3, but there are other brands available with about 1000 mg Omega-3 per pill.

      • Thanks for advising that Doc. Sticking to my low carb diet, with my fatty essentials, has created my body into this safe haven where I haven’t been sick for approx. two years. If I had a cold, it would no more than two days.

  37. Ive been taking fish oil for 3 months now and notice a substantial difference mentally. I see advertisements for red krill oil, is red krill better than fish oil?

  38. Hi! I’m s 20 year old male and i’m currently fighting my acne with a healthy diet/lifestyle. No sugar, processed foods and I almost never eat wheat. My carbohydrate intake mostly comes from brown rice, quinoa, vegetables and fruit. I eat fish for lunch almost every day and some grass-fed chicken or meat for dinner. My acne is almost cured but I want to improve my overall health and at the same time reduce the risk for new inflammations. I’ve found a great fish oil supplement (420 EPA/ 270 DHA) but i haven’t started taken them yet. I’m wondering if i would get to much of EPA/DHA if i eat fish every day? If not, the pills won’t make my acne worse right? Also, I eat probiotics and vitamin d3, is it okey to take these supplement together? Lastly, does it matter when i take the pill? Can I take with my post-workout dinner?

    • Hi Filip – no, it’s hard to get too much EPA from eating fish and supplement every day, at least not the at the dose you mentioned. Yes, you can take all these supplements together – take with meals.

  39. Hi Vin,
    A close relative of mine has type 2 diabetes. She is quite young in her 40s. Despite working hard on diet, the sugar readings are high. What dosage of omega 3 woild you recommend. Also, is it ok to take coconut milk for diabetes. . How many times can she take it in a week. I guess coconut milk has sugars! Thanks

    • Hi Priya – she needs to look into low-carb diets that are low in or free of all sugars and grains. Look into a Paleo type diet. 1000 to 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day should be fine. Coconut milk is fine.

  40. Thanks for a quick reply Vin. Paleo diet suggests no lentils. She tries to have lentil pancakes and lots fresh vegetables for lunch. Evening she takes dal/ lentil soup/ veg/ curries/ fish.
    The lentil pancakes are made in olive oil. My point here is that she is trying to substitute grains with lentils. Is that ok.
    Would really appreciate your opinion on this. Regards. Priya.

    • In the spectrum of things to avoid, lentils are not as bad as sugar, wheat and refined seed oils. Olive and coconut oil are fine.

    • Hi Munira – please talk to your doctor about high blood pressure. It should not be self-diagnosed or self-treated. But it is always a good idea to watch your diet – reduce sugar, processed foods and grains and aim for 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day.

  41. Hi I’m a 28 year old healthy female (5’3 and 107 lbs) and I’m pretty confused as to how much flaxseed oil, Fish oil, and Omega 3 &9 vitamins to take. I’m so glad I came across this site as you are so helpful! I want to take the correct dosages without

    • Hi Angelina – pass on flaxseed oil unless you’re using it as salad dressing. Omega-9 is found in large quantities in olive oil, so no need to supplement it…also, Omega-9 is not essential. SO focus on fish oil based Omega-3. Aim for 1000 mg Omega-3 per day. 2000 may be better if you are trying to address some chronic health issues.

  42. My triglycerides are high, so I know I need to take 2000-4000 Omega- 3. I bought “Omega-3 Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil” 1000 mg. Label says:
    Salmon Oil (100% natural from Wild Alaskan Salmon) 2000 mg
    Total Omega fatty acids, supplying: 600 mg
    DHA 220 mg
    EPA 180 mg
    So, does this mean that each pill contains 600 mg of Omega 3?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Annie – no, you are NOT getting 600 mg per pill. The math above does not seem quite right. You’re getting 200 mg per pill. So you need 10 pills per day to get to 2000 mg Omega-3 and 20 pills per day to get to the more-effective 3000 mg of Omega-3 per day. This is why people trying to lower triglycerides should take concentrated fish oils with more than 1000 mg Omega-3 per pill combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

  43. Hi Vin,
    I’m taking Garden of Life Minami Nutrition MorEPA . It conatins 765 mg EPA , and 240 mg DHA. is it ok to take 2 pills per day or is it too much? i’m using it to get a better complexion. the bottle states to take 1 pill per day. Thank you

  44. I have anxiety problem and have a sleep disorder and also high blood pressure, how many fish oil capsule i should take? i have here 360 mg omega 3 + vitamin D 1000IU?

    • Hi Victor – your situation may not be caused by Omega-3 deficiency, but to rule it out, I would take 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day and also a magnesium supplement, preferably a magnesium citrate pill.

  45. hi. my mom’s triglyceride is 1100 whereas her cholesterol is normal. Can she decrease her T.G with omega3? And if so can you pls tell me how much omega3 per day. thnks

    • Hi Farid – that’s a dangerous level. Please talk to her doctor right away. At this level of triglyceride, she will need a combination of medical and dietary intervention. I can only help you with the latter. I suggest you tell her to stop taking all soft drinks, juices, wheat and grains.

  46. Good Day Vin,

    I’m trying to lose some weight due to medication. I read somewhere that fish oil may be able to. I just purchased a bottle of Nordic Naturals Daily Omega 1000mg, 1 capsule per day.

    640mg = 325mg of EPA, 225mg DHA & 90mg of other omega3s.

    how much do you recommend?

    • Hi MissR – I always recommend Nordic Naturals products…Omega-3 will certainly make you healthier, but I am not certain it will help you lose weight gained from other medications.

  47. Hi Vin,

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Noted on your message.
    But do you think 1 capsule per day is enough or should i increase the dosage?

    • Hi Troy – there is no quick and easy conversion, but if you must, try this: 150 mg of fish oil Omega-3 is about the same as 100 mg of krill oil Omega-3. Notice that I’m not talking about oil, but rather Omega-3 content within the oil. Krill oil has very little Omega-3 in it, so you need to take a lot of krill oil to equal Omega-3 in concentrated fish oils. And if you want to feel any benefits with krill oil, you will need to take at least 4 to 6 pills per day, which conflicts with krill oil marketing message, but such is life.

  48. I have general anxiety disorder, ocd and depression. I’ve read a lot on how the omega 3’s are really good for people who have mood disorders and things like this. How many milligrams should I take ? I’ve read that too much fish oil can be bad for you because it thins your blood thanks!

    • Hi sam – Omega-3 from fish oil can help with mood disorders, assuming you have some Omega-3 deficiency. I would suggest 1000 to 2000 mg of EPA Omega-3 per day. More here:

      And just because Omega-3 is good for you, does not mean more is better. You can start seeing some blood thinning at doses 10X higher than what I recommended. You should be fine at 1000 to 2000 mg of EPA per day.

  49. Hi vin, I purchased nature made fish oil 360 mg EPA , 240 mg dha and 120 per two soft gels. It says to take just two soft gels per day. I have been taking 8 softgels. I’m 32 and taking for brain function and joints. I’m 32 years old. Is there anything that I should be worried about taking 4 times the dose that the bottle recommends such as blood thinning or other dangers?

    • Hi Michael – you’re taking between 2000 and 3000 mg of Omega-3 per day. This is a reasonable amount, although 8 pills a day is more than most people want. NatureMade makes more concentrated products – I suggest you look into it, if you want to take fewer pills. The FDA recommendation for triglyceride reduction is between 3000 mg of Omega-3 per day when combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan…and at that dose, the risk of blood thinning is still low. If you were to take more than 10,0000 mg of Omega-3 per day, you may notice blood thinning but that would mean you taking 25 or 30 pills per day. So your risk with your current dosage is minimal.

  50. Is it safe to take 1 tablet of Omega-3(750mg)-fish oil concentrate-1250 mg,EPA 425 & DHA 325mg +Vit E-7.5 mg as I am having microalbumin loss through urine & type 2 diabetics

    • Hi Troy – I assume you’re under medical care for the issues you mention. If not, get medical care right away and check with your doctor about adding Omega-3 to your regimen. Having said that, there is minimal risk to taking the fish oil dose you mention and quite a bit of upside.

    • Hi Guilherme – I don’t know of any studies where they studies kidney protection with Omega-3. However, a general guideline is to take 1000 mg of Omega-3 (not 1000 mg of fish oil) per day.

    • Hi Tom – sounds like the oil is rancid. I would not take it. Rancid oil does more harm than good. Hope the VA can supply you with something fresher.

  51. Hi,
    I’m 16 and just start taking omega-3 for acne and was wondering how much should i take per day for the best results

    • Hi Tray – 1000 mg Omega-3 per day may help. But if you really want to reduce acne, eat whole foods only. Get rid of all sugar, wheat and dairy for 1 month and see what it does. For just one month, eat ONLY veggies, meats, seafood, fruits, nuts and eggs. Nothing processed, packaged or marketed. I think you’ll find that your skin clears up almost completely and that Omega-3 is just a small factor. Your diet is driving the acne, not just your age.

  52. How much omega 3 is required in a day for faster hair growth and for health hair n skin ..I m using fish oil containing 700 mg of omega 3 ?

    • Hi Abhinav – not sure there is any proof that Omega-3 will increase hair growth. Healthy skin, well, most people notice some improvement in about a month with 1000 mg Omega-3 per day.

  53. Hi,
    I have a pinched Ciatic nerve and the physio has recommended me to take 7000 ul a day for 4 weeks and then reduce it to 3000 ul. Isn’t that too much? I’m scared I’m gonna out on weight! ๐Ÿ™



    • Hi Connie, I assume you mean 7000 mg of Omega-3. That’s a bit high if you were to stay on it forever. But you should be OK for 4 weeks, especially for reducing inflammation, if that’s what you were diagnosed with. 2000 mg -3000 mg per day after that is Ok as a daily dose.

      How many calories you get from 7000 mg of Omega-3 depends on the concentration of the oil. If you buy regular (low-end) fish oil pills, you will need 23 pills or about 200 calories per day. If you get a pharma grade fish oil, you can get 7000 mg from about 6 pills or about 70 calories. Still, even at 200 calories per day, I’ve never met any one who gained weight taking fish oil. If you want to gain weight, try sugar and grains. Eating fat does not necessarily make you fat – this is a tough concept for people to accept.

  54. Hi Vin,
    I am 32 years old male, 5’8 and 165 lbs. I’ve just had annual check up and everything is fine except the number of triglyceride is a little bit high. I forgot the number but the doctor said it is ok, just reduce salt intake and do exercises. I have been working out 6 days a week and 45 – 60 mins per day in 4 months. I bought fish oil supplement which says Fish oil 1000 mg, EPA 180 mg and DHA 120 mg per capsule. I take 4 capsules everyday. Is it ok or do I need more ? My goal is improving general health. Does fish oil help me to gain muscles?

    • Hi Nguyen – exercise will help with triglycerides but salt-reduction will not. But then again, I’m not a doctor and I can’t give out medical advice. You doctor probably had a good reason to tell you to reduce salt. You are taking really weak, possibly low quality oils. Aim for the more concentrated ones. Aim for 1000 mg Omega-3 per day. I don’t think it will help you gain muscle.

  55. Hello Vin,

    I wish to check if I am a suitable candidate for taking OmegaVia to reduce LDL. I am a 39-year old male with the following lipids profile:
    TC: 256 mg/dl
    HDL: 77 mg/dl
    LDL: 156 mg/dl
    TG: 113 mg/dl
    As recommended by my physician, I just started Simvastatin (10mg/night). I am open to other advice you might have for me to reduce my LDL levels. Thank you.

    • Hi Kris – LDL reduction is technically a medical process and since I’m not a doctor, I cannot advise you on this. However, fish oils usually do not reduce LDL. DHA actually increases LDL a little bit. TG reduction is usually what you notice with Omega-3. Try eliminating sugar and/or reducing refined carbohydrates from your diet and see what that does to your LDL – usually has a very positive effect.

  56. hi , i am healthy 41 yrs old male and have just started taking omega-3 300mg, two capsules a day I have no health issues but just in anticipation i’m taking those pills…is it ok to continue having them without any doctor recommendation?

    • Hi Manish – yes, it is perfectly fine to take a 600 mg of Omega-3 per day. That’s a low to medium maintenance dose.

  57. We are a strict Vegetarians. I am 41 with Pre-diabetic stage and tendency to High Trigyceride (250). My wife is 41 and is healthy
    My elder son is 13 and younger one is 9.

    Please advice daily Omega 3 intake for each of us.

    • Hi Ashish – since you’re ‘strict’ vegetarians, I assume you do not eat eggs. I highly recommend adding eggs to your diet if possible. If not, aim for 1000 mg of Omega-3 per day per person and also supplement with B-vitamins, especially B12. Your high triglyceride is possibly a result of genetics and high-starch/sugar/grain consumption.

    • Hi Jack – not sure there has been any research done on increasing ‘sexual power’ with Omega-3. If you want to be generally healthier, aim for 1000 mg of Omega-3 per day.

  58. Hi, I take 1200 mg fish oil (0mega 3: 720 mg, epa 396 mg and dha: 264 mg) daily because I have meibomian gland disorder on my eyes along with dry eyes . I purchased viviscal and they don’t say it (I e-mailed the company that makes Viviscal) but I believe that it has fish oil in it too as it says 600 mg marine complex in it which is basically a fish protein so there should be some fish oil there. Anyway my question is that would it be too much if I take these two together. I’m thin so do you think that it will create a problem to take these two supplements together? Thanks.

    • Hi Laila – you can definitely take that much Omega-3 along with your Viviscal. I don’t think there is any Omega-3 in the Viviscal products I looked at. It is shark-derived, which is not something that makes me comfortable due to sharks typically being high in environmental pollutants etc. I’d double up on the number of fish oil pills to two per day. Take it with a meal. It may help with dry eyes a little more.

  59. Hello,
    My friend has very high triglyceride levels (above 500) and she finds the fish oil pills too large to swallow. The only product that she can possibly handle is NN Ultimate Omega Liquid (total omega 3202mg). EPA (1626mg) and DHA (1126mg). My question is does she really need such a high concentration of DHA? Are there risks? I feel she does suffer from depression and can use a high dose of EPA but will the high dose of DHA be counter effective?

  60. Hello Vin Kutty,
    I forgot to ask one more thing. I understand that OmegaVia is an Ethyl Esters form of “fish oil” and really isn’t fish oil. The only fish oil that I feel safe with is that of Triglycerides form. Can you clarify? Thanks.

  61. Hi Vin,
    I was taking cymbalta for 90 days and decided to stop cold turkey. I was experiencing adverse effects and am confident I no longer need the drug. I was having some minor depression due to my mother dying and suffering with endometriosis for 2 years. I’d like to take a completely natural attempt and stop the rx’s completely. I’m getting off topic though, I’ve been having these awful “brain zaps” as a result of the withdrawals from the cymbalta. I’ve purchased omega 3 fish oils after junking the omega 3-6-9 after reading your posts about it. The omega 3 contains 1000mg concentrated fish oil, 180mg of EPA and 120mg DHA. I’d appreciate your advice on how much I should be taking and when. Also of you can recommend any other supplements for endometriosis chronic pain. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Alisha – I understand your wanting to pursue a natural approach to your health. I really do. But it is a very bad idea to stop these drugs cold turkey. It’s part of the reason why you need a prescription to get them – you need medical guidance on gradually stepping up and/or down. Please talk to your doctor. Your doctor could have worked out a plan to do this gently.

      Your ‘concentrated’ fish oil is not very concentrated. You need a more potent formula. Aim for 1000 mg of Omega-3 per day, mostly from EPA. More on that here:

  62. Hi Vin,

    My 5 year old son is hyperactive, I want to give him fish oil, 1000mg Omega Supreme (sardine, tuna) with 700 mg Omega 3; DHA 700 mg + EPA 200 mg. its in a soft gel capsule but can’t tolerate to swallow, is it safe if i prick and mix it with his soup?


    • Hi Maj – I would not do that. Instead, try to buy liquid fish oils or flavored fish oil ‘smoothies’ from either Nordic Naturals or Barleans. Also, I strongly (STRONGLY!) urge that you eliminate sugars, juices, sodas, wheat, pizza, cereals, sweets etc. Nothing processed. Nothing in packages. Feed him real foods – meats, veggies, eggs, seafood, nuts, fruits. Look into a Paleo type diet. Limit fast-food and take out foods. Taking fish oil is only a very small part of the solution. The biggest change has to be in his diet.

  63. Hi Vin,
    Thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate it. I just want to ask what is the side effect if I mix the fish oil in his food? Just curious because a friend of mine does it and her daughter seem to respond well with the trick.


    • Hi Maj – no side effects other than he may not eat his regular food now smelling and tasting like fish oil. Also, the oils in capsules are a different form than the oils in liquid form. The oils in capsule form are not pleasant to taste and start going rancid when exposed to air. I’d pass on that idea.

  64. Hi Vin, last month I stopped all my steroidal creams oral medication for my eczema after 4 yrs when I learned about the red skin symptoms condition, came across the benefits of fish oil omega 3 , recently I purchased a fish oil which is 1500mg EPA 540mg DHA 360mg , my skin is now red dry n has very bad glass cracks , what would be the best dosage recommended?

    • Hi Agnes – assume you are working with a dermatologist – you need to. There may be several factors here besides just Omega-3 deficiency. For most people with eczema, 2000 mg of Omega-3 (EPA+DHA) per day will make a difference. You may have other dietary deficiencies or allergies or sensitivities. I suggest you try a Paleo type diet for a month or two – no sugar, no wheat or grains and no dairy. You are probably not consuming enough healthy fats – olive oil, coconut oil, butter etc.

  65. Thanks so much Vin for the info, I wished I came across all this 4 yrs ago, but still I hope I’m nt too late to start ! Appreciate it~

  66. Hello Vin,

    Very informative posts on Omega-3’s. I have been reading all the posts and references for the past 3 hours now ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have high triglycerides. My doctor recommended Omega-3’s 2000mg per day. I started taking Kirkland Omega-3 fish oil 1000mg but after reading all these posts I realized I am not getting enough.

    I came across Nutrigold – Omega 3 gold in Amazon:

    And then I bumped into this site when I was searching for the right dosage of Omega-3 for tri glycerides.

    With Nutrigold I am getting 180 soft gels at $33.95. It has EPA – 800mg, DHA- 400mg and Other omega-3 fatty acids – 200mg.

    Where as Omegavia is $28.89 for 60 gels at Amazon. This has EPA – 780 and DHA – 260

    What is wrong if I prefer Nutrigold to Omegavia? What is NutriGold lacking that Omega – 3 offers apart from the enteric coating. I really don’t care about that.

    Thank you for writing such informative articles. Really appreciate it.


    • Hi Madhuri – as far as we can tell, there is nothing wrong with Nutrigold.

      OmegaVia is made to be used as an alternative to prescription fish oil, so we do things slightly differently. However, if cost is an issue, then, you should still be OK with Nutrigold.

  67. Hello i resently got the 1000mg of fish oil it tells you to take 3 but than i would be geting 3000mg i do think this is alot….im only taking this to grow my hair but what do you think i should be taking?

    • Hi Shantel – 1000 mg of fish oil probably only has 300 mg of Omega-3. You’re after the Omega-3. It does not matter how much fish oil is in the pill. What matters is the amount of Omega-3…you have to look on the back of the bottle to dig up that info. So if you took 3 pills, you’d get about 900 mg of Omega-3 per day. That’s a good dose. It is not too much. Although it may or may not do anything for your hair. It’ll make your skin smoother, but hair…well, let us know if it helps.

  68. I have sickle cell anemia ss and I feel that the high omega 3 could help in preventing blood clots of the red blood cells hence preventing attacks. please advise if there is any research going on fish oils .I also feel it gives like an aspirin like effect which may be beneficial.

    • Hi Sabry – I am not aware of any research focused on the benefits of Omega-3 for sickle cell anemia. However, you are right that fish oil can give an aspirin-like effect at high doses.

  69. I found out that I have elevated liver enzymes. I am taking olmetec, statin and aspirin as the doctor prescribed. I want to stop statin and aspirin and move to fish oil. Does this make sense? Will my liver enzyme increase with fish oil?

    • Hi Jotaime – all decisions to start and/or stop prescription medications should be made with your doctor’s guidance. I see no harm in adding fish oil to your daily routine and I am not aware of fish oil increasing liver enzymes.

  70. Hello Vin,
    I don’t live in America and I was suggested to use Omega-3 from a doctor. My sister bought me a bottle of NatureMade Fish Oil 1200 mg (360 mg omega-3) in America. I’m 17 years old and I can’t find the dosage for people of my age. How many softgels should I take daily or shouldn’t take them at all.

    • Hi Ulix – you should be fine with one or two of those capsules a day. You don’t need American fish oil – any fish oil from Europe should be fine.

  71. I am currently taking Omega 3 2 pills per day add up to 740 EPA. Is this enough for mild depression? I also quit smoking 4 months ago and i am still having nicotine withdraw, but haven”t smoke. I do want to quit but it so hard. Also my granddaughter has hydrosyllis and has a shunt, can she take omega 3 ? she is 6 years old.

    • Hi Bernice – I’d increase the Omega-3 dose to 3 or 4 per day because it sounds like you are using a low-potency product. About your granddaughter, please check with her pediatrician, but most 6 year old kids should get about 500 mg of Omega-3 or so per day from their diet or through supplements.

  72. Thanks for the information. I am asking for my mother, who has diabetes. I have bought Omega-3 fish oil for her: each capsule weighs 1200 mg, containing Omega-3 (360 mg), EPA and DHA. What’s your suggestion for her dosage daily? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Peter – Omega-3 can help a little bit with insulin sensitivity, but if your mother is already diabetic, Omega-3 will not cure or reverse the disease. The best thing she can do, besides taking the prescribed medications, is to eliminate sugar, grains and some fruits. However, taking about 1000 to 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day will help with several other health issues.

  73. Total cholesterol = 248mg/dl
    HDL =45mg/dl
    Non HDL cholesterol=203mg/dl
    Cholesterol/HDL ratio=5.5
    Blood sugar(fasting)=102mg/dl
    What is the dosage for omegavia? For how long shall I take it to see results? I was recommended to take simvastatin 40 mg by my dr everyday but after continuing for couple of months I discontinued due to a lot of side effects. I have been taking omega 3 about 1800mg everyday for the last 2 months from a Company called Spring Valley available at Walmart. Prior to that I was taking omega 3 about 1000gm everyday since the last 8 years. Now I want to take omegavia.

    • Hi Rita – Spring Valley is not a good fish oil brand. Find something (anything!) that has more Omega-3 per pill. Aim for 3000 mg of Omega-3 per day. It takes about 6-8 weeks to notice full benefits.

  74. I will be ordering the OmegaVia Fish oil 60capsules for myself. Can i give Omegavia to my son who is 12 years? Which one do you suggest? What dosage is required for a 12 year old? Below is the report of my husband:
    Cholesterol 149mg/dl
    HDL 53mg/dl
    Triglyceride 99mg/dl
    LDL 76mg/dl
    Non HDL cholesterol 96mg/dl
    Cholesterol/HDL Ratio 2.8
    Fasting glucose 117mg/dl
    My husband is 42 years old.
    Please suggest a dosage for him so that it helps with his blood sugar. We both have a history of diabetes in our families. Please let me know so that I can order omegavia for all of us. Thanks Vin.

    • Hi Rita – whether your 12-year old can take OmegaVia will depend on if he can swallow it. If he can, then one per day will be fine. If the pills are too big, look into OmegaVia EPA 500. Or this:

      Omega-3 may have a small effect on insulin sensitivity, but with a fasting blood glucose of 117, he needs to cut out sugar, grains and starches. And begin a vigorous exercise regimen. You can prevent diabetes, but you can’t cure it. Now is the time to do something about preventing it.

  75. One last question. How do you take 3 omega 3 capsules? Do you have to take it together or can you take one at a time thrice everyday? Will taking 3 capsules together work better? Please clarify. Thanks again.

    • Hi Rita – all this information will be provided if/when you purchase the product. However, you can take one or all capsules at the same time, as long as it is with a large meal.

  76. Hi Vin,

    my wife has met with accident 8 weeks and has head injuries on left side of brain and in brain stem. She is in coma even after 60 days. my brother who stays in Canada has searched an article on internet on which says that fish oil helps in bringing such patients out of coma and overall recovery. My brother says she should be given 10-15 gms ( 10000 mg to 15000 mg ) of EPA and DHA per day .
    Is it safe for us to give this dose. There are various articles on internet which suggest excessive fish oil may not be good. Please advise us

    • Hi Vikas – I’m so sorry!

      Dr. Barry Sears of the Zone Diet has suggested using high doses like this for brain trauma. For short durations (1 or 2 months), I dont see much harm in doing this, considering the upside you may be giving up by not trying this. Ultimately, the decision is between your family and your wife’s doctor.

  77. Vin – After comsuming Omega 3 capsules , the TG levels will (hopefully)come down to normal levels , over a period of time. What next ? Do we need to discontinue the daily comsumption of 1000 mg ?

    • Hi Ritz – if your doctor is OK with discontinuing the 1000 mg per day dose, then you should. But without a diet change, if you stop taking the Omega-3, your triglyceride levels will go back to where they were in a few weeks.

  78. Hello Vin,
    I came across this site and I’m so thankfull. I just ordered Omegavia for my son. He is 14 yrs old, has asthma and ADHD (not taking meds). Would you please suggest how many pills of omega 3 he should take?

    • Hi Ximi – asthma is an inflammatory condition and needs medical attention. Please check with your son’s doctor about what the next steps should be. However, Omega-3 in fish oil helps reduce inflammation. An anti-inflammatory diet with reduced Omega-6 fats (vegetable oils), sugar and processed foods will help a lot too. I suggest taking 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day or 2 pills.

      With ADHD, as well, you will need to get him medical attention. People with ADHD have very low Omega-3 in their blood. Of course, this does not meant that Omega-3 deficiency is the only cause of ADHD, but that there is a link. Usually, taking Omega-3, a good multivitamin and changing diet will help improve the condition. Again, I suggest 2000 mg Omega-3 per day. As far as diet, same as above, but focus on eating vegetables, meats, seafood, fruits, nuts and eggs. The traditional diet of 14 year olds (pizza, fast food, soda and junk food) is perfect for developing ADHD and several other problems. Hope this helps.

  79. Hi Vin,

    Awesome blog! Learning a lot, and had a question I haven’t seen answered. I currently take 1,800 mg of EPA+DHA (plus 300mg Krill oil that doesn’t label them separately, so let’s say ~2,000 mg EPA+DHA…total oil content would be closer to 3,000 mg) and have seen a quite nice reduction in my cholesterol levels. It’s now in the good range, with the only number needing work HDL (which needs boosted)! Besides cholesterol, I also take fish oil to help manage blood pressure (currently prehypertension that’s also improving), dry eye and inflammation, support my joints, and possibly help with weight loss and virility.

    I recently came across some warnings about large doses (>1g) of fish oil causing oxidation stress and damage, and this concerned me. I’ve seen wildly varied recommendations, from only a few hundred mg of fish oil per day to avoid this, to saying this isn’t a concern and more than 4g is fine (which I’m uncomfortable with). Am I “safe” from oxidative damage at ~2,000 mg DHA+EPA (~3,000 mg total oil) for long-term usage, or should I reduce to 1,000 mg?

    (Note that I am getting 100% RDA Vitamin E, 200 mg CoQ10, and 50mcg + whatever’s in the Krill oil of astaxanthin, plus other antioxidants, which should in theory help prevent oxidation.)


    • Hi Shaun – great question. 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day is just fine. You won’t be at added stress of oxidative risk from just that. But if your diet is low in antioxidants, you may be in trouble, not from the Omega-3 but mostly from the Omega-6 that’s so high in most people’s diets. Besides lots of colorful veggies and some fruits, you a lot more than just Vit E. If you take a Vit E family (all the tocopherols and tocotrieneols), then you’ll be a little better off. If you get rid of most of your sugar, sweets, juices and refined grains and flour, your blood lipids and pre-hypertension will likely go away by itself. And you may only need 1000 mg of Omega-3 per day as opposed to what you’re taking.

      • Hi Vin,

        Thanks so much for the amazing response!

        I do take plenty of antioxidants in the form of fruits/veggies (plus a daily fruit/veggie supplement for a bit extra, though I don’t rely on that alone of course) and am trying to minimize processed foods and Omega-6’s where I can. Thanks for the tips and clarification that I’m fine at 2000 mg fish oil and am not at increased oxidative risk.

        I notice you say I may only need 1000 mg if I address my pre-hypertension, but if I like the 2000 mg for some of its other benefits (such as mood and joint health), should it be fine to stay on 2000 mg long-term?

        Thanks again,

        • Hi Shaun – you may need (and be fine with) 2000 mg Omega-3 per day given your current state of health. My point was that if you get your diet under control (think sugar, vegetable oils and grains) and your inflammation markers are dropping, you may find that you don’t NEED 2000 mg Omega-3 per day. Lower Omega-6 and sugar intake invariably reduces your need for high dose Omega-3. Having said that, 2000 mg of Omega-3 is not a high dose…it’s still moderate. Some traditional cultures like the Inuit of Greenland were taking 12,000 mg Omega-3 per day. Average American gets about 100 to 150 mg. Just putting things in perspective.

          • Awesome – thanks so much. This information helped me immensely, and your website/blog is great. Your responses are very much appreciated!

  80. I’m 47 with many issues from Desert Storm Illness. I had and l by-pass 6.5 yrs ago. I have fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, PTSD with sever depression, diabetes, degenerative neck & low back, & thyroid prb. My SED Rate is 89 and my CRP is 38, so I have very high Inflammation. I’ve been told by my doc to take omega 3 to help with my heart but I could never find any with the right ratio. How much of OmegaVia should I take with all these health issues? I really want to get the inflammation down so my pain will go down. The joys of serving your country in a war only to go from a 24 yr old to 54 overnight. I’ve been like this for 20 yrs and I want to feel 40 not 80.

    • Hi Sherrie – so sorry to hear that you are dealing with a lot of physical ailments. Some of it is probably Desert Storm-related. Other issues seem like a diet change and gut-healing may help.

      Sure, a couple of OmegaVia pills a day will help, but frankly, supplementation is not the way out of this. I don’t see a dramatic change occurring without a full on diet and lifestyle change. I highly, HIGHLY recommend that you find an integrative physician or nutritionist from this website and have them help you get your inflammation under control. It won’t be easy, but I promise you that it will be worth it.

      For now, start with eliminating all sugar, sweets, juices, processed foods, grains and vegetable oils (olive oil, coconut oil and butter are fine.) If you have a leaky gut – I strongly suspect that you do, then you may have to completely eliminate all wheat/gluten. Start looking into a high-veggie version of a paleo diet. Hope this gives you a place to start.

  81. Hi,
    I had contacted you in Dec 2013 asking for help in reducing triglycerides. My first reading was 290 mg/dL in July 2013; I started following an oatmeal and no fat diet and lost about 15 lbs. When I went for my second test in Oct 2013, there was an increase in triglycerides from 290 mg/dL to 354 mg/dL. I was alarmed and I contacted you; After reading through the blog and taking into consideration the response I received from you, I started following the diet with tablets. Now my triglycerides are well within the normal range of 117 mg/dL. I just to thank you for the advice. Thank you again.

    • Hi Mini – this is great to hear. I wish everybody would read your comment!

      If you want to INCREASE triglyceride and risk of heart attack, eat the following for breakfast everyday:

      – Oatmeal with brown sugar
      – Banana
      – Glass of orange juice
      – Dry toast

      If you follow this routine, you will increase your triglycerides by about 100 points in less than a year. I almost guarantee it. If you go to a hospital and watch what they’re feeding people recovering from heart attacks, you will see the menu listed above. It’s so shocking that it blows my mind!

  82. Thanks for these dosage suggestions!


    Does your body WEIGHT matter also in determining how much Omega-3 to take?

    I understand things like your Omega-6 intake are important too, but how about your body weight? Should a person who is say 132lbs take as much as someone who’s 264lbs? Is there something like a factor to multiply based on your body weight or similar…?? Any other tips or ballpark suggestions?

    Thank you!

    • Hi James – yes, body weight does count a little bit. If you’re 100 lbs, you may be able to get by on a little less. But there are no hard and fast rules. My suggestion is to not over-think it. Cut back on Omega-6 as much as you can and take at least 1000 mg of Omega-3 per day.

  83. I have had some advice given to a friend by their doc to take 4, 000 mg of Omega-3 per day, 2 pills in am 2 pills in pm. To help naturally curb ADHD symptoms. Thinking of having my husband try it. Also my son who is 13, only one pill though. I am worried this could be s too much? Thoughts?

    • Hi K. Rorie – 3000 mg per day is OK. I would not go higher. You’ll notice a LOT more improvement by changing diet than just taking supplements. You may notice improvements from taking Omega-3. But if you eliminate sugar, cereals, sodas, juices, grains and artificial colors, you will notice a dramatic improvement. It’s most likely that diet got them there and only diet will get them out.

  84. Hi Vin,
    I have eczema, which is severe sometimes and other times not so much. I’ve changed many things about my diet such as eating whole foods, and lessening sugar intake. Right now I’m also taking 900 mg of omega-3 supplements with 600 mg EPA, and 300 mg DPA. Do you think that is good, and will I see results?

    • Hi Jasmine – you are on the right path. You need to do a drastic and strict diet makeover. I would eliminate all sugar, sweets, juices, vegetable oils except olive and coconut oils, take-out and restaurant foods, wheat and anything made with flour. Focus on eating only fresh vegetables, meats, seafood, fruits, nuts and eggs. Don’t shy away from butter and animal fats. Basically an anti-inflammatory diet like Paleo or Zone diet. Even with a diet like this, you may have several nutritional deficiencies that you may need to address. Stick with this diet for a couple of months and while do that, take 2000 to 3000 mg of Omega-3 per day, mostly EPA. Take B-vitamins, Vitamin K2, probiotics, Zinc, Vitamin A and seleneium. Taking just the supplement will probably not help much. You need to get strict with the diet for two months. If you notice benefits, then you know what to do.

  85. Hi Vin – I had one other question that seemed confusing to me. I had asked about oxidative stress and fish oil before and you alleviated my concerns at moderate dosages of 2,000mg, but I was wondering what your opinion is on fish oil’s effect on the immune system. I’ve seen contradictory studies – an older study suggested large doses of fish oil suppress the immune system, while a more recent one suggests it may actually boost it. Do you have an opinion on this, and is 2,000mg still safe from possible immunosuppressive effects (if you think they could be a concern)? Thanks!

    • Hi Shaun – I don’t see a concern with 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day at all. You will always find some conflicting data on this kinds of stuff. That does not mean you ignore it, but that you have to put things in perspective. But sadly, that is hard to do without reading the study protocols and figuring out confouding variables etc. Immunosuppressive effects rarely happen in a vacuum – with just Omega-3 – there are several other things going on. Regardless, 2000 mg is way too small a dose to have that effect. My suggestion is still to reduce total polyunsaturates by lowering Omega-SIX first and then reducing the need for balancing Omega-3.

      • Thanks much! Glad to know I should be okay with the 2,000mg. You’re definitely right about it being a balancing act; noted on the Omega 6’s and I’m trying to balance as is realistic for me. =) Thanks again!

  86. Hi Vin – I had ordered and just received Omegavia 500 . I had some issue while ordering and was given a discount on account of the same. Thank you ! I have few questions –

    1. I am also consuming Iron(65mg), Zinc(50mg) and B12(500mcg) , one capsule each, every alternate day. These are all Spring Valley products. I am just taking these for general wellness (these are not prescribed by any doctor). Now, can I continue consuming these, along with Omegavia 500 mg capsule per day?

    2. I am 40 yrs old, My TG is 277 , Glucose F – 99 and PP -148 mg/dl. HDL is 30 , VLDL is 55 mg/dl. So how many EPA 500 mg capsules do I need to consume in a day?

    3. By what time duration would I see any significant difference in TG? When do I need to visit my doctor go for a recheck up on my TG levels? (I understand the diet factor and I am working on that too!)

    4. On the Omegavia bottle, it says storage at room temperature. The room temperature in India is very high around 30 deg to 40 deg C. Is it safe to store at this temperature?


    • Hi Ritz – you supplement regimen seems really random. But I’d stop the iron, unless you have anemia. Zinc may be OK but seems a bit high. B12 is low. Make sure B12 is the methylcobalamin form. Why are you not taking magnesium, D3, K2, a multi?

      Your numbers look like you could use a drastic starch/carb reduction, starting with all grains, soft drinks and juices. And a lot more exercise. I’d go with 4-6 EPA 500 per day for the triglycerides. You’ll need 6-8 weeks before you notice a difference.

      Yes, you may refrigerate the product.

    • Hi Louie – yes, you can take 1000 mg of Flax seed oil daily, but you’re better off taking 1000 mg of fish oil instead. Unless you’re a vegan (bad idea), you’re better off with concentrated fish oil.

  87. Hello Vin,
    I am 40 years old and have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and taking meds for it. I can see my hair has been breaking due to this and have started taking Fish Oil (1200 mg) with Omega-3 (300 mg). I heard that eating fish is good for hair health, but I don’t like fish so I bought the capsules instead. I’m also taking it for the overall health benefits of it.
    Will this help my hair at all and how much should I be taking? Can I buy the Omega-3 capsules only with out Fish Oil and get the same results?? Also, will taking these before or shortly after taking my meds cause either of them not to work correctly??
    I have seen mentioned EPA and DHA…?? What should I be looking for with these??
    Thank you!

    • Hi Steph – you’re taking a very low dose of Omega-3, so I don’t know if you’ll notice much difference. Frankly, I don’t know if you’ll notice much difference with your hair even with say 1000 or 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day. But it is worth trying if your doctor OKs it. Omega-3 do not interfere with any medications that I’m aware of. But ideally, it is best to take these supplements with a meal. For now, don’t worry about EPA or DHA – increase your dosage to three pills a day (of what you’re taking) and that should get you to 900 mg of Omea-3 per day.

      Look into a functional medicine MD in your area – they may be able to help in ways a regular MD may not.

  88. my doctor said one pill a day so i bought the webber naturals,has 900mg of omega 3,fish oil 1407mg,AEP 600MG,ADH 300MG and vit D3 1000 UI,i have my cholesterol,(the bad one,and the not so bad,but bad too,lol) high so she recommended omega3,but my pharmaceutic was the person who considered to sell me this one,she said is the best,what do you think i should do,keep on this one or take more ,thanks

    • Hi giselle – the product you’re taking is fine. I would follow your doctor’s advice.

      However the dosage for triglyceride reduction is higher than 900 mg Omega-3 per day. As you see in the article above, you will need 3000 mg per day. Talk to your doctor about this.

  89. Hello; I’m a 57 old man and i take 1 1200 mg fish oil capsule a day 600 mg of omega-3 324mg EPA and 216mg DHA also has D3 2000IU is this the right amount for my health also i have lost 30 LBS and iam feeling better. Thanks for your help

    • Hi John – losing 30 lbs is not easy. So congrats! 600 mg of Omega-3 per day will keep you from experiencing any deficiency symptoms. But it is optimal? Is it enough? Well, hard to say without knowing your diet. If you cook with vegetable seed oils (soybean, corn, canola oils etc.), if you eat out a lot, if you eat processed foods…then you consume a lot of inflammatory Omega-6. The higher your Omega-6 consumption, the higher your Omega-3 need. If I were to take a guess, I’d say that you’re probably not getting enough Omega-3. May be take 2 pills instead of 1. More importantly, reduce your Omega-6 consumption.

    • Hi Dylan – Omega-3 may not help you build muscles, but it will certainly keep you healthy. I think you should be fine with 1000 to 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day.

  90. Hello, i take 2400mg epa and 2040mg dha per day, i have burps sometimes… can it hurt me? I take omega 3 beacause i dont eat fishes And because nutritionist told me it enhances the explosive power..

    • Hi Sean – you’re taking a fairly high amount of Omega-3. Not sure you need that much unless it’s temporary and you’re using it to get inflammation under control. As far as the burping, that’s quite normal. You could switch to an enteric coated product if you want to avoid burping. I would also switch nutritionists if he/she told you that Omega-3 will ‘enhance explosive power.’

  91. He told me that because nervous system myelin is affected by fat, and fat is dha…. How much should I take per day?
    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Sean – nervous system health is definitely affected by fat, myelin, DHA etc. I think you’d be fine at half the dose you’re taking. While Omega-3 is essential and good for you, more is not necessarily better.

  92. Hi Vin, I have a 5 year old autistic son, which only taking therapies and
    multivitamins. I would like to know how much the allowed or MAXIMUM dosage
    of EPA and (or) DHA for his condition.
    Your reply is highly appreciated, thank you!

    • Hi Randy – at this age, 300 to 500 mg of Omega-3 per day is a good target. See if you can get that from seafood instead of supplements.

  93. Dear Vin,
    Any data you can share in regards to Megadoses of Omega 3’s used to treat Endometriosis? I have read it is very effective but can’t find dosing information. I have a friend with Adenomyosis (related to endometriosis) and has been directed to get a hysterectomy which seems very extreme and as I have learned can be devastating to a women’s overall health.

    • Hi Mark – I am not surprised that some doctors want to throw megadoses of Omega-3 at endometriosis. This is likely due to the role inflammation plays in the severity (and/or development) of the condition. The thinking then goes ‘Since Omega-3 are relatively safe anti-inflammatories, why not try it at high doses.’ To some degree, this makes theoretical sense. And based on this study it is probably OK to do for a short duration (weeks.) But I would not be comfortable taking 8,000 mg or 10,000 mg of Omega-3 every day endlessly. Those are artificially high dose of Omega-3 and our bodies are not meant to function that way. Sure, it may reduce the severity of the problem, but you may not know what other problems you are causing due to the higher oxidative stress.

      Here is what I’d do:
      1. Take 5,000 mg Omega-3 for 2 weeks. This is the top of the EU Omega-3 safe level.
      2. Cut back to 3,000- 4,000 mg per day after that.
      3. Begin a dramatic Omega-6 and sugar elimination. Sugar is self-explanatory. Omega-6 comes from seed oils – corn, soy, canola, sunflower, peanut etc. Virtually everything cooked outside the home is made with these oils. Increasing Omega-3 MUST BE paired with reducing Omega-6. There is no pill to reduce Omega-6. It has to come from dietary changes.

      Hope this helps.

    • Hi Sean – talk to your doctor. This may be just fish oil related or something more serious. This is now a medical decision and I am neither qualified not authorized to make medical decisions.

  94. Hello, I am a 14 year old teenager and I was wondering how much should I take a day ? Just to stay healthy. I have fish oil 1000mg (total Omega-3 Fatty Acids 300 mg)

  95. I take synthroid and I wanted to try garden of life oceans 3 beyond omega 3. I see it has two other ingredients like seaweed and algae. Is that brand of omega 3 ok while taking synthroid?

    • Hi Jenn – since Synthroid is a prescription medication, you will need to ask your doctor or pharmacist about interactions. I am neither qualified nor authorized to discuss Rx meds and their interactions.

      However, if you’re worried that the seaweed and algae has iodine, that should be easy to find out from Garden of life. I am almost certain that there is no iodine in that supplement.

  96. My 8 yr old has anxiety issues that often induce gagging. How much Omega-3 would he need to help with anxiety? He is small weighing 45 lbs. He currently takes liquid Natures calm for kids multivitamin.

    Thank you!

  97. Thank you! I just ordered the Natural calm magnesium. Will he need a full dose being 8 yrs old? Also, what omega-3 brand do you recommend and does it come in liquid?

    Thanks again!

  98. how much fish oil can the body absorb in a sitting? Ex. Can the body absorb all the omegas at once, or is it best to take them throughout the day?

    • Hi Alyssa – if you take it with a meal, your body can easily absorb more than the highest dosage that we recommend, which is 3000 mg Omega-3 per day. But it is rare when you’d need more than that. So you can take it all at once or split up during the day if that is more convenient.

  99. Hi Vin,

    I would like to ask how many pills of Nordic Natural Ultimate Omega 3 should I take if I have a triglyceride level of 306 mg/dL? I read from your previous posts that Oatmeal is not good as breakfast with high triglyceride level, so, should I not eat Oatmeal at all?


    • Hi Nat – the usual dose for triglyceride reduction is 3000 mg of Omega-3 per day. Each Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega has 640 mg of Omega-3, so you will need about 5 pills a day.

      Oatmeal, cereals, toast, orange juice, pancakes, bagels, croissants and all the other grain-based breakfast staples will all make your triglycerides worse.

  100. According to the search criteria, this article was to include how much fish oil a body could absorb in one serving! Where is that information???

    • Hi Shirley – no researcher/scientist has calculated exactly how much fish oil is absorbed in one serving, but I can share some thoughts. How much your absorb is certainly far more than what is available in a pill or teaspoon of fish oil. Fats and oils are very easily absorbed by the body and unless you’re deficient in lipase (the enzyme that the body uses to digest fat), you’ll have no problem absorbing virtually all of the Omegas in fish oil. Fish oil capsules contain 1 to 1.5 grams of oil while liquid fish oils contain about 5 grams of oil per teaspoon. Most people don’t have problems absorbing 1 or 2 teaspoons of fish oil.

      There is a lot of marketing out there with fish and krill oils and many brands claim to have better absorption than others. These claims need to be taken in context.

  101. Hello Doc,
    I am 28 years old guy and I am suffering from high blood pressure. I am taking one tablet of Sevikar HCT (Combination of amlodipine, olmesartan, hydrochlorothiazide) every morning.

    Recently my doctor advised me to take Omea-3, however he did not specify the dosage.
    I looked up online there are products with different ratio of EPA DHA. Two products I came across with (1. Omega-2 [1000] EPA: 640, DHA:360; 2. Omega-3 [1100] EPA: 720, DHA: 380).
    All said, what dosage of Omega-3, ratio of EPA DHA and tablets per day would you recommend considering my condition.
    Thank You.

    • Hi Dan – take a product that has both EPA and DHA. Make sure that you take a total of at least 3000 mg of Omega-3 per day. From a diet and lifestyle perspective, eliminate sugar, reduce grains and increase vegetables and exercise.

  102. Thanks for the reply,
    So the ratio of EPA-DHA is not a big deal in my case?
    I just bumped into couple of articles online referring to the fact that DHA has more to do with reducing high blood pressure than EPA!!

    • Hi Dan – both DHA and EPA are important for this benefit. Take any pharmaceutical grade fish oil that contains both EPA and DHA – it will do.

  103. Hi Vin

    Below are my latest numbers after being on high dose omega 3’s for about 3 months. Is there any way to improve on those values? I’m taking Nordic natural liquid omega 3. Thanks

    Your Total Cholesterol of 207 is BORDERLINE
    Your LDL of 147 is BORDERLINE
    Your HDL of 48 is NORMAL
    Your Triglyceride level of 60 is NORMAL


    Your Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio is: 4.31 – (preferably under 5.0, ideally under 3.5) GOOD
    Your HDL/LDL ratio is: 0.327 – (preferably over 0.3, ideally over 0.4) GOOD
    Your triglycerides/HDL ratio is: 1.250 – (preferably under 4, ideally under 2) IDEAL

    • Hi Sam – wish I had your numbers! Your Triglyceride/HDL ratio is enviable. Total cholesterol is a somewhat useless number because it is a combination of numbers that are supposed to be both high and low. My suggestion is to find out how much inflammation you have with a high-sensitivity CRP test. Focus on inflammation reduction, more veggies, more sun exposure, more sleep, more activity, and stress reduction. Read this:

    • Hi Sam – high dose fish oil helps, but to get to the root of the problem, you will have to target both diet and lifestyle causes of inflammation. Fish oil alone is a band-aid.

  104. Hi Vin

    I emailed my doctor asking him to order the crp, omega 3 and insulin tests. His response was basically, these are not standard tests and wants to know what my concerns are as to wanting these tests. Before I respond back to him, I wanted to see if you have any specifics I can use to convince him. Thanks.

    • Hi Sam – CRP is for measuring inflammation. That’s self-explanatory. Omega-3 index is something you can do yourself. You need to go with your doctor’s guidance on insulin, as he will know if you have glucose/insulin issues.

  105. My mother is a diabetic 2, and has had multiple strokes in the past. How much of the omega 3, 6, 9 should she consume?


    • Hi Ms. White – I would suggest 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day, but I would check with your mom’s doctors as she is probably getting a lot of care already and you need to let the doctors know.

    • Hi MG – I think both doses are sufficient to prevent deficiency symptoms but 600 mg is not big enough to make a big difference when it comes to major chronic health issues. I can’t speak for Dr Oz, but women get pregnant and the growing fetus needs a LOT of Omega-3.

    • Hi Matthew – it is safe, as in there won’t be any lasting negative effects. You may have some temporary digestive discomfort.

    • Hi Roma – fish oil probably will not help with irregularity. Lots of vegetables, tubers, fruits, nuts, exercise, probiotics, can all help. Go on a whole-foods-only or paleo-type diet.

  106. Hi Vin

    I do get exercise and all that you mentioned. Can extra colon possibly be a problem? I’m 6 foot tall about 175lbs. I feel like the water is completely absorbed at the lower end of the alimentary tube which contributes to the problem. I’ve tried all diets and routines, nothing really works consistently.

    • Hi Roma – to be blunt, I don’t know. This is a bit out of my area of expertise. Have you worked with a functional medicine doctor? They have a refreshing approach to healing – getting to the root cause of issues as opposed to covering up symptoms with drugs.

    • Hi Roma – Functional Medicine is not like traditional Chinese medicine, although there could be some overlap. Most functional medicine doctors in the US are MDs. Functional medicine tries to get to the root cause of disease and prevent problems whereas traditional modern medicine is geared towards treating symptoms (for the most part.)

  107. I take 2 1200 mg with 360 mg omega 3. A day I have had my gall bladder out. should I take one at a time or two at once I heard the body doesn’t absorb it.

    • Hi Lisa – since you have your gall bladder out, you’d be better off taking one pill in the morning and one at the end of the day. Also, your product contains a low amount of Omega-3. A 1200 mg pill should have well above 1000 mg of Omega-3 in each pill as opposed to just 360 mg. There is 840 mg of fish fat in those pills that is not providing you much benefit. It is especially important for people without gall bladders to take a more potent Omega-3 supplement because if your body is going to struggle to digest fats, you might as well make sure that the oils you take are mostly Omega-3.

  108. Dear Vin,

    I don’t have any problem with fishy burps or whatsoever. Indeed I like the smell and taste of fish oil, or whatever comes from the sea for that matter.

    Anyhow, I suppose the gelatine shell capsule shells of fish oil softgels can be, perhaps extremely minutely, detrimental to our health, at least in the very long term. For a supplement taken on a daily basis this minute hazard may accumulate to a relatively more dangereous state over a perhaps -very- long period of time. As a matter of fact I would prefer taking it this supplement as plain as possible. Therefore, on the one hand, I am considering penetrating the softgels with a needle and suck the oil out, despite the fact that this may lead to some wastage. On the other hand, contact of the tongue with the capsule shell while sucking the oil out might be equally detrimental as swallowing and digesting it.

    In short, could you please:

    1) tell whether, save for some possible wastage, penetrating the capsule shell and sucking the oil out is equally effective as swallowing the softgel; and

    2) comment on the possible health effects of digesting the capsule shell or its contact with our tongues in the very long term, even if it is very minute– after all Omega 3 is a supplement adviced to be taken even before our birth by our mothers!

    Thank you!

    • Hi mg428 – the gelatin used to encapsulate fish oil is pure, clean protein. Your body needs gelatin because it is high in glycine. Our diets are low in glycine and things like gelatin are very useful and healthy. There is absolutely no basis for avoiding gelatin. It is also a very bad idea to pierce softgels and to suck out the oil – there is no benefit in doing this at all. But you will waste some fish oil, some of it will squirt all over your house and slowly go rancid and stink up the house. Not to mention exposing concentrated fish oils to oxygen before swallowing. If you want, you may take liquid fish oil. If you buy the oil in capsules, swallow the whole thing.

  109. Hi. I would like to ask what happens if someone takes too much fish oil? I really need the answer. Please! Thank you!

      • I am a lactating mother (2 month old baby) and I take two Capsules in a day which is Nature’s Own FISH OIL natural (2g) 2000 mg containing Omega-3 marine triglycerides 600 mg equiv. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 360 mg and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 240 mg . Is it sufficient? should I take more capsules? I do not have any health problems.The main intention is baby’s well being. Please reply in detail with any possibility of health issues for the baby? Thanks

        • Hi Nancy – I would definitely take more. A lot more. This is one of the few times in your life when you will need to consumer very large quantities of Omega-3. I suggest you take 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day, either from seafood directly or from supplements. This might mean a lot of pills if you continue taking the pills you already have, but there are many highly concentrated fish oil products on the market with which you’ll only need 2 pills a day.

  110. Hi Vin

    My CRP level is 2.3, I’ve also recently had some trauma to my left upper back shoulder area during a soccer game and it’s been about 4 weeks now, I’m still felling numbness in my left finger tips with muscle spasms and nerve pain. My doctor prescribed oral steroids, they help alleviate the sharp pains but it comes back once the prednisolone wears off.

    My question is: I’m taking omega 3s right now that has about epa 800 DHA 550 and total omegas of 1725mg.

    Will upping my dose help with my condition?

    • Hi Sam – go to a good chiropractor. Increasing the Omega-3 may help with some inflammation, but will not fix structural damage. Also, I suspect your high CRP is unrelated to this – could be a diet, gut health, sleep thing.

  111. Hi Vin

    Ive recently rejoined the gym in an effort to get fitter and lose weight. The gym instructor has recommended I get cla, green tea extract, vitamin c aswell as taking 12000mg of omega 3 a day for a short period. This would appear to be too high. Do u think it would be ok to try for 2 weeks, then reduce to a normal level of omega 3 ?


    • Hi Mark – bad news: you won’t lose weight at the gym. You lose weight in the kitchen and get healthy/strong at the gym. CLA and green tea can’t hurt too much, but won’t help you lose much weight. 1200 mg of Omeaga-3 per day is a good maintenance dose you could stay on for a long time.

  112. Hi vin .. I am 21 , currently on a 1200 calorie diet . i don’t eat fish much .
    How much dose of fish oil should i take ?

    • Hi Kalsoom – why are you on a 1200 calorie diet? I assume it is for weight loss. This is dangerous if you plan on doing this for much longer than a few days. You lose weight by reducing insulin levels in your body and you do that by reducing sugar and refined grains. You will not lose weight and KEEP IT OFF by eating less or exercising more. For what it’s worth, you probably need about 1000 mg of Omega-3 per day. Note Omega-3 is not the same as fish oil. Fish oil contains Omega-3. Fish oil is not Omega-3.

  113. hello….my 5 year old son was diagnosed with glomerulonephritis, he was taking steroid for 3 mos readying for withdrawal and imuran for 1 month……after sometimes of observations…. i decided to look for alternatives medications so as to avoid other organs damage…… doing alot of research i accidentally bumped on fish oil and tried it for him and eventually stopped his steroid and imuran slowly……… in my observation with laboratory test his protein in urine is slowly decreasing……..he is taking 1000mg fish oil per day…..shall I add more to be more effective? or it just ok for him?……tnx so much

    • Hi Josie – this is a question best answered by your pediatrician. Other health issues aside, 1000 mg of fish oil per day is generally an acceptable dose for a 5 year old.

  114. Hi, my 9 year old son is having some trouble focusing and a friend mentioned fish oil with the dha/epa..It is called Carlson’s Super Dha gems with 500mg dha and 100 mg of epa. Is this okay to give to him? Or shall i consult with my pediatrician first? Thanks so much

    • Hi Leanne – definitely talk to your pediatrician. But taking this product can only help. ‘Trouble focusing’ is not unusual for even healthy 9 year olds, but if you suspect ADD/ADHD, then definitely talk to your doctor…but also make a point of cutting out sugar, grains, processed foods and anything with artificial colors and flavors. Yes, this means going off soda, pizza, pasta, cereals etc.

  115. Hi Vin, I have been eight years on medication for Lupus, and I am trying to look for natural aids for joint inflammation. On the other hand, I have hypothyroidism and don’t know exactly what dosage of fish oil to take to help both of my health problems.

    • Hi Claudia – there is a book about to be released that I think you should pick up: It will be worth the wait. You will get lots of tips on helping improve autoimmune conditions. Fish oil can help with inflammation, but will not cure lupus or hypothyroidism. Going on an anti-inflammatory diet like paleo or zone can help a lot. Yes, this means giving up wheat. As for Omega-3 for inflammation, get a pharma grade product and start at 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day. Autoimmune conditions don’t show much relief until you get to much higher doses, but start at 2000 mg and see how you do. Fish oil wont cure lupus but it will help you deal with some of the inflammation associated with it.

    • Hi Basit – a LOT of nutritional and lifestyle factors affect memory. Omega-3 is just one of those factors. To answer your question, about 1000 mg of Omega-3 per day may help, but start optimizing sleep, stress and diet first. No amount of Omega-3 will make up for poor sleep habits or disrupted circadian rhythms, poor diet that’s high in sugar and grains.

  116. Hi, I bought from the Vitamine Shop a Carlson brand Super Omega 3. It says it’s 1000mg but when I read the supplement facts it said that Total Omega 3 fatty Acid is 600mg, EPA is 300mg and DHA is 200mg.

    I have Cholesterol and high blood pressure, are 4 pills enough which will give me 1,200mg of EPA and 800mg of DHA, that makes it to a total of 2,000 or should I take more. Please advice.



    • Hi Joe Z – yes, 4 pills a day should help. It won’t do much for cholesterol. Omega-3 is not supposed to do anything for cholesterol, but it will lower triglyceride at twice the dosage you’re taking it at. The blood pressure change will be subtle but noticeable at your dosage. Both triglyceride and blood pressure effects will be more pronounced at twice your dosage or 8 pills a day. I know that’s a lot of pills…that’s why you should be looking for products with 1000 mg of Omega-3 per pill.

  117. Hi Vin

    What do you think of coconut oil? The organic virgin type. I’m hearing lots of good things about it and it’s basically medium chain saturated fats. Are all saturated fats bad? Thanks.

  118. Good to hear. I’ve been reading a lot about it and have been taking about a tablespoon a day orally of the Virgin unrefined organic type. I also cook with it and use it on my skin and hair. I’m using the tropical tradition gold label brand. But I also remembered you stating from an earlier conversation that bringing down blood triglycerides was more important than total blood cholesterol. And that’s why I asked you about coconut oil.

    • Hi Myron – there is compelling evidence that shows taking a ‘baby aspirin’ with Omega-3 helps your body generate more/new natural anti-inflammatory compounds than when taken without aspirin. I’ve been taking aspirin with my fish oil for a while.

  119. I am 72 and my psoriasis has flared up. Omega-3 is generally recommended. Because of the severe condition of the skin, what is the maximum I can take per day. Can I add aspirin?

  120. Mr. Kutty,

    I am very much impressed with the effort and diligence you put in on your blog as well as the comments section. I tip my cap to you.

    I have a query and seek advice from your wealth of knowledge. I recently purchased Nutrigold Tripple Strength Omega-3 Gold with 750 EPA/250 DHA after narrowing it down to a few IFOS Five-Star products. (OmegaVia one of them I might add)
    I work out 4 times a week with weights(heavy) and also study at home in the computer programming field. So my physical and mental requirements are uphill most of the time.
    Will taking the 1250 mg fish oil softgel daily, help with those tasks?
    I plan to use up the 180 softgel bottle.


    • Hi RKuken – yes. I’d take 2-3 pills per day with a meal. Depending on your health, you may or may not notice much difference, but you’ll certainly be healthier.

  121. Hello, I m 27 yrs and two months pregnant. I am suffering from skin diseases , weak eye sight and regular body pain . Can I take omega 3 . Will it help in increasing immunity. Can u please tell me side effects of omega 3 .

    • Hi Neha – yes, you can and SHOULD take 500 to 1000 mg of Omega-3 per day. It sounds like you have a few other chronic health issues that may be nutrition related. I assume you are taking a prenatal vitamin. If not, you should. Also, eat two eggs every day.

  122. Hi Vin Kutty,
    I just read all your comment replies, and thanks for all these useful information, i learned a lot. I have a knee injury (fell of a bike in August), and i get an advice of using 2gramm of Omega3/day+OptiMSM 2000mg/day to stop inflammation/pain in my knee.

    Im also taking 500mg Vitamin C, plus 500mg NEM (Natural Eggshell Membrane)+Vitamin D/day at the moment.

    I got mรถllers tran code liver oil today which contains vitamin A and Vitamin D and Vitamin E. (5ml contains 0.6g DHA+0.4g EPA, 10mu_g Vitamin D, 250mu_g Vitamin A, 10mu g vitamin E) but im concerned about these vitamins higher doses.

    Do you think its good for me? Am I right when im thinking 10ml/day of this is just double in everything? Is it true that high vitamin E,A and D is cumulating in the body, and can be against my recovery? Whats your advice?

    Thanks for your opinion,

    • Hi Robbie – Mollers is a great product. Vitamins A, D and E are only issues if taken by themselves. If you take them together, you won’t have problems. By that, I mean, don’t take very high dose of one and none of the other. If you take a lot of D, make sure you get a lot A and K2. Does not have to be on the same day or even same week. As long as your body has enough of all of these, you will be fine.

  123. Thank you very much for your quick reply! Can you tell me is there any big difference between cod liver oil and fish oil? I got a medical advice of using Omega 3 fish oil 2g/day for a week, then 3-4g/day for 3-4 weeks against inflammation. Do you think it can be (quickly or efficiently) help to reduce my knee pain? Plus i am lost in the ml and gramm differences, i dont understand what does it mean exactly: “Fish oil density is about 0.92 so 5 mL of fish oil weights about 4.6 g. Note that this is total fish oil, not only omega 3s.” Do you know when im counting 2g/day it has to be Omega3 EPA+DHA together has to reach 2g/day? Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Robbie – yes, if you’re aiming for 2 grams per day, it is referring to EPA + DHA + the other Omega-3s. If you’re taking liquid fish oil, the amount of Omega-3 per teaspoon will be clearly listed on the bottle. If you were told to take 3-4 grams per day, yes, I think you will notice some benefits rather quickly. I would also strongly suggest working with an integrative physician to reduce your overall inflammation load with other dietary and lifestyle techniques.

      Unlike fish oil, Cod liver oil often contains some Vitamins A and D. Or at least they used to. Modern Cod liver oils have A and D removed during processing and then have it added back. For your purposes, any high quality Omega-3 will do.

  124. Hi, I want to know how much omega 3 should a 11 year boy and a 13 year old girl take. and which one do you recommend. thank you

  125. Was told to take 3000 to 9000 mg of pure fishoils daily the ones I take are 9 1000mg of 260mg split between EPA and DHA would that be good or should u be taking more or less I was put on it for concussion recovery.

    • Hi Kat – yikes! 9 big pills? There is a better way. You want Omega-3 that’s in fish oils. The rest if mostly just fish fats. So for now, focus on getting Omega-3. You should look at getting a pharmaceutical grade fish oil (OmegaVia is just one of many), that have at least 1000 mg of Omega-3 per pill. This way, you cut down from 9 pills to 3 pills per day, which is a habit you’re much more likely to sustain. A better option is to take liquid fish oils by the teaspoon. Get anything from Carlsons or Nordic Naturals – this is a better way to get a lot of Omega-3 quickly.

  126. I have 3 children who i would like to start giving fish oil to i have a 4 year old with somewhat speech delay, i have a 7 year old who has no issues and a 11 year old daughter that has dylexia, asthma and is over weight who i dont feed junk food to no pop ect she has lost some weight in the past but her dylexia is worry some. I did give my 7 year old fish oil when he was 2 for a short time period he had serever speech delay and now has no issues so i really would like to try this for my 4 year old and 11 year to see if it will help. its been so long i dont remember how much or even where i got the fish oil from and we have moved to a different state so icant get the info from his dr who i had talked about this before. What kind, how much do i give please help and thanks.

    • Hi Candace – while Omega-3 in fish oil can help kids with a lot of things, the science behind improving speech delay and dyslexia is very spotty. I’m not saying it won’t help…I’m just saying that the facts are not all in. Most of your questiosn are answered here:

  127. I have Polycystic Kidney disease…I’m taking (Telmisartan+amlodipine) at 80/5 mg once a day as maintenance for my hypertension…I’m 40 years old…I have read articles about fish oil and is good for my disease…Is 1000mg of fish oil omega 3 once a day good for me to take….THanks for the info…

    • Hi avigailh – no harm in taking 1000 mg of fish oil. But I think you’d be better off finding a pharma grade fish oil that has about 1000 mg of OMEGA-3 per pill. Regular 1000 mg fish oil usually has only about 300 mg of Omega-3 per pill.

  128. I have diabetes but my levels are ok my problem is i suffer from gout and neuropathy rhumetoid athritis i brought omega 3 2000mg what dosage should i be taking.

  129. Hi, I’m taking vitamin D3 2000IU every day with 5000 mg of Omega3 is that ok, I’ve heard that vitamin D3 shouldn’t be taken everyday.



    • Hi Joe Z – if you get plenty of full body sun exposure (like you should) in the summer time, you don’t need Vitamin D3 every day. But it’s a good idea to supplement with D3 in the Winter and Fall, based on what your blood level reveals – so talk to your doctor. My doctor has me on 5000 IU of D3 per day. The only thing I will caution you about is taking D3 without preformed Vitamin A…like the kind found in liver and animal fats. D3 and A work together and you need to take both. I take 25,000 IU of Vitamin A made by NOW Foods, a couple of times a week. D3 without A is not a good idea.

  130. Good day,

    I have a fish oil supplement that is 1000 mg and has 300 mg of Omega-3. On the bottle it says to take one cap 3 times a day.. Can I have them all at once with breakfast for example along with my multivitamin intake?

  131. Hi Vin,

    I recently had a lipid panel done. The good news is my total cholesterol (132), LDL (80), and Triglycerides (101) were all pretty good. Non-HDL is 100. The bad news is my HDL is only 32 (something that’s consistently low no matter what I do it seems) and I’m Pattern B with particle sizes that are generally in the bad ranges. On a positive note, ApolipoB (69), Lipoprotein A (28), HS-CRP (0.5), and LP-PLA2 (145) are all good.

    My doctor (who I won’t see in person til next month; a nurse relayed) suggested increasing fish oil. I already have been taking 1 OmegaVia and another gram of a GNC product that additionally has 300mg Krill in it. So I added another Omegavia pill to my regimen.

    This puts me at just over 3g (about 3.4 with the krill) of fish oil a day. I also eat fish fairly regularly, but it varies (might be two+ times one week and none the next). At this level of supplementation plus diet, am I risking immunosuppression?

    Is it likely adding this extra fish oil will boost HDL? I’m already doing most of the other suggestions (not smoking, eating lots of fruits/veggies, supplementing things like garlic, exercising regularly, trying to lose weight [probably the one area I still need to improve on]).

    Finally, my nutritionist suggested alternating days between fish oil and fermented cod liver oil (which I’ve been playing with 3X a week instead of the fish oil). I know I’ve read you’re not a particular fan of cod liver oil, so I take it you think this is probably a bad idea?

    Thanks much for your input – it’s so hard to sort out the right things to do with so many varying opinions out there!

    Also, I’m loving OmegaVia since switching most of my fish oil to it! Thanks for a great product and a great blog!

    • Hi Shaun – good numbers.

      HDL is tough to budge. Lots of activity isn’t effective by itself. You have to reduce sitting AND inactivity a lot as well. Lots of activity does not mean you are not inactive. BIG DIFFERENCE! In other words, if your work requires you to sit all day and then you run 5 miles at the end of the day, that won’t help. Sucks, but them’s the facts. Increasing fats of all kinds helps – saturated, mono and Omega-3.

      You are at about 2.3 grams of Omega-3 per day – if you experience immunosuppression, it won’t be from the Omegas. The added gram of Omegas may have a small effect on HDL, but not much. It will help inflammation and triglyceride. You already know my position on fermented cod liver oil.

      Things that help with HDL – activity, lack of inactivity, more fats (especially dairy), a little alcohol every now and then, and then there is experimental (but seemingly effective) tactic of intermittent fasting with coconut or MCT oil. Niacin increases HDL but I have concerns with high/effective doses of Niacin.

  132. Hi Vin,

    I recently had a lipid panel done. The good news is my total cholesterol (132), LDL (80), and Triglycerides (101) were all pretty good. Non-HDL is 100. The bad news is my HDL is only 32 (something that’s consistently low no matter what I do it seems) and I’m Pattern B with particle sizes that are generally in the bad ranges. On a positive note, ApolipoB (69), Lipoprotein A (28), HS-CRP (0.5), and LP-PLA2 (145) are all good.

    My doctor (who I won’t see in person til next month; a nurse relayed) suggested increasing fish oil. I already have been taking 1 OmegaVia and another gram of a GNC product that additionally has 300mg Krill in it. So I added another Omegavia pill to my regimen.

    This puts me at just over 3g (about 3.4 with the krill) of fish oil a day. I also eat fish fairly regularly, but it varies (might be two+ times one week and none the next). At this level of supplementation plus diet, am I risking immunosuppression?

    Is it likely adding this extra fish oil will boost HDL? I’m already doing most of the other suggestions (not smoking, eating lots of fruits/veggies, supplementing things like garlic, exercising regularly, trying to lose weight [probably the one area I still need to improve on]).

    Finally, my nutritionist suggested alternating days between fish oil and fermented cod liver oil (which I’ve been playing with 3X a week instead of the fish oil). I know I’ve read you’re not a particular fan of cod liver oil, so I take it you think this is probably a bad idea?

    Thanks much for your input – it’s so hard to sort out the right things to do with so many varying opinions out there!

    Also, I’m loving OmegaVia since switching most of my fish oil to it! Thanks for a great product and a great blog!

  133. Vin,
    Can the liquid fish oil be taken anytime? And must be same time every day? Can it be reduced to a few times a week?
    Thank you

    • Hi Ron – it is best taken with a meal. It does not have to be taken at the same time every day. You can definitely skip a few days or a week, assuming you are just taking it to keep Omega-3 levels optimum and not treating any specific condition.

  134. Hi vin,

    I have a few question only, I bought fish body oils 1000 with omega 3 fatty accids 1000mg. (Amount per serving) calories 10, calories from fat 10 total fat 1g (2%) , EPA 180mg, DHA 120mg and the bottle instruction it says I can take one or two softgel per day.

    My question, do you think this product I bough I will not gain weight if I take 2softgel per day? I scared I will gain weight ๐Ÿ™ right now I have 63kg 152lbs at age of 31 year old.
    Or do you think this product it help me to loose weight?

    Appreciate your response soonest.


    • Hi Bea – you will not gain weight. If you want to lose weight, focus on reducing sugar, processed foods, juices, sweetened beverages, grains, pasta, rice etc.

  135. Hello Sir, I bought Omega-3 gel tablets that consists of 600 mg EPA and 400 mg DHA. how many tablet should I take daily to reduce my triglycerides. My triglyceride (220 mg/dl) and my fasting blood glucose is border line (116 mg/dl)

    • HI Hassan – if each of your tablet contains 600 mg EPA and 400 mg DHA (make sure that is not for 2 pills!) then you will need 3 to 4 pills per day. By the way, there is nothing ‘borderline’ about fasting blood glucose of 116. Time to start watching sugar and starch very closely.

  136. Hi I have hidradenitis suppurative and I read on a website that fish oil helped with it .. I’ve just bought some high strength omega 3 fish oil 1000 mg 270 mg EPA 180 mg DHA and it say’s to take 1 a day .. how many would you say to take a day 1 or 2 ? and also do you take both together or 1 in morning 1 at night ? I’m also taking co-codamol 30mg for back pain ..
    Thank You

    • Hi Emma – I have not seen any research that shows Omega-3 can help this condition. Please work with an integrative physician to address the root cause. There may be genetic, autoimmune and inflammatory causes. Lots of medical and nutritional detective work will need to be done before you find permanent medical relief. Chances are that you will need to go on an anti-inflammatory diet like Paleo or Zone. You will need to work with a dietitian to nail down what works for you. You may need to heal the gut – this is long and complex procedure. Supplements may help. But the dose you’re taking now will not hurt, but I doubt it will make much difference. You are taking a moderate to low dose. You will need a product that contains twice as much EPA and DHA per 1000 mg. Expecting Omega-3 pills alone to heal this condition is unwise and almost certain to lead to disappointment.

    • Hi Glens – I’d stay under 4 grams of fish oil per day. If you have OCD/bipolar, work with a dietitian to tailor your diet to reduce Omega-6 and increase probiotics and address gut health. This way, you will need less Omega-3.

  137. Is it safe to take a total of 4414 EPA and 1546 DHA daily for a total of 2868 unopossed EPA to treat my bipolar/ocd?

    • Hi glens – this dosage is OK for a few days or a few weeks max, but I would not feel comfortable staying at such a high level for an extended time.

  138. Hi Vin,

    I have started your auto ship program, after reading a lot of good info. I have a couple of questions:

    1. I plan to take 4 capsules of the omega via everyday – that would be about 4.4grams of omega 3 per day, and about 2080 mg of “Unopposed” EPA. I also take a spoon of hemp oil, but that has other omega 3 other than EPA/DHA. Hemp will have more ALA/GLA omega 3 (plant based omega 3).

    I wanted to ask if the dose of 4 pills of omega via will be within the upper limit that you would recommend? I saw in your blog that beyond a certain level of unopposed EPA, we do not get the benefits with respect to mood. So I want to make sure that I stay within the certain limits. I read that the ideal limits are within 1000 and 2000 mg of unopposed EPA. So if I take 4 capsules of omega via, I think I am fine as I am at the upper range of unopposed EPA. Can you please confirm this?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Anonymous – you are fine with the dosage. A few hundred mg this or that will not make much difference. Since you’re taking hemp oil, you could always take less OmegaVia if you want. But Hemp has ALA, which is not going to help you much since it needs to get converted to EPA and that does not happen efficiently. May be 5% of the ALA get converted to EPA. GLA is an Omega-6 and a fairly good one. But too much GLA and you could have issues. If I were you, I’d keep the 4/day dosage of OmegaVia and reduce the hemp oil to every other day or every third day, so you’re getting some GLA.

      • Thanks Vin.

        Is it possible to get tested for the qty of omega 6 and omega 3 in our blood? That should tell us exactly how our conditon with omega 3 and 6 is. I assume in some cases, we might have good omega 3 but also very high omega 6, which might be causing the issues with respect to the mood problems and anxiety? You have stressed a lot about not just increasing omega 3 intake, but really controlling omega 6 intake. So I am assuming that the testing can be done?

  139. Hello, I am a skin care therapist and regularly recommend my clients to take omega 3 supplements. When I started doing this initially, the information I had been given was that you could easily take 3000mg of omega 3 to improve skin health so that was what I was recommending. A couple of my clients had to have their colons looked at for independent reasons (one had a colonoscopy and the other had a colonic) and they both came back with the information that they had a build up of lipids within their gut. My instinct is that they had inflammatory gut conditions which stopped them from absorbing oil, but to be on the safe side I now recommend a lower dose. Could you please give me an idea of whether my thoughts are correct – ie is it the inflammatory condition impeding absorption, or is there another reason that the gut gets coated with oil? And are there problems associated with this??

    • Hi Barbara – your instinct is probably pretty close. But it’s probably the tip of the iceberg. Gut health and skin condition are VERY closely tied. Skin care experts must also be gut health experts. Most people (and even skin care therapists) are unaware of this. The 3000 mg of Omega-3 is probably the only anti-inflammatory component in their diet…so cutting it back isn’t doing them a favor.

  140. Hi Vin,

    I’ve read that taking fish oil/omega 3 supplements can help reduce seizures, particularly in children. Have you seen any studies on this that you could point me to?

    How much omega 3 do you recommend children between the ages of 2 to 5 take daily? Is there a brand that you can recommend for children in liquid form? I know you recommended Nordic Naturals and Barleans in another article, but that was a chewable form factor I believe.

    Thanks for your help. I appreciate the advice you share on this website.


    • Hi Brian – I have not seen anything convincing about Omega-3 and seizures in kids. I’m not saying it won’t do anything…but rather the body of evidence could be much better. In the meantime, I stand by the brands and products I recommend here: Go with about 300 to 500 mg Omega-3 per day. You will notice improvements in virtually all areas of health if you drop all processed, packaged, grocery store marketed food products and switch to a whole foods only diet consisting of just stuff that was alive last week.

  141. Hi Vin,

    I’ve read that taking fish oil/omega 3 supplements can help reduce seizures, particularly in children. Have you seen any studies on this that you could point me to?

    How much omega 3 do you recommend children between the ages of 2 to 5 take daily? Is there a brand that you can recommend for children in liquid form? I know you recommended Nordic Naturals and Barleans in another article, but that was a chewable form factor I believe.

    Thanks for your help. I appreciate the advice you share on this website.


  142. I have a question is there any side effect of fish oil and drinking coffee. or is there should be a gap if so how long and how much daily one should take if drinks 1-2 cups of coffee daily?

  143. Hi I’ve heard that taking fish oil will help my son with focusing during school. I have the rexall brand from dollar general called Omega-3 fish oil 1000mg with 300 mg of EPA & DHA. I was told through a friend of mine that she gave her 7yr old son 3000 to 4000 mg every morning for his focusing and it helped him a lot. Do you recommend me giving my 7 year old that amount as well?

    • Hi Crystal – if your son is low in Omega-3, it may help with focus. If he is having focus issues, that tells me that there may be many dietary issues. I’d start with cutting out sodas, juices, junk food, cookies, cereals, and other processed flour products. Feed him veggies, fruits, eggs, seafood, meats, and nuts. Basically things that were alive last week. Omega-3 alone may not solve the problem. But the dosage you’re looking for is 500 mg Omega-3 per day, the amount of oil is irrelevant. If you want, you can go up to 1000 mg/day for a month initially and then back off to 500 mg per day. You’ll need two pills of the product from Dollar General.

  144. Hi I’ve heard that taking fish oil will help my son with focusing during school. I have the rexall brand from dollar general called Omega-3 fish oil 1000mg with 300 mg of EPA & DHA. I was told through a friend of mine that she gave her 7yr old son 3000 to 4000 mg every morning for his focusing and it helped him a lot. Do you recommend me giving my 7 year old that amount as well?

    • Hi Crystal – if your son is low in Omega-3, it may help with focus. If he is having focus issues, that tells me that there may be many dietary issues. I’d start with cutting out sodas, juices, junk food, cookies, cereals, and other processed flour products. Feed him veggies, fruits, eggs, seafood, meats, and nuts. Basically things that were alive last week. Omega-3 alone may not solve the problem. But the dosage you’re looking for is 500 mg Omega-3 per day, the amount of oil is irrelevant. If you want, you can go up to 1000 mg/day for a month initially and then back off to 500 mg per day. You’ll need two pills of the product from Dollar General.

  145. Hi, I am 72 and trying to decide the right amount of Omega 3.
    Would like about 500-600 mg. DHA, but uncertain about EPA? Are 2 pills with 750 mg. of EPA each too much(as in Omegavia) ? I have no cholesterol/tryglyceride problem.
    Could use help with joints, heart and mood.

    • Hi Mary – if you have joint, heart, mood issues that could use help with, I’d say you need more than 500-600 mg. I’d say you need about 2000 mg Omega-3 per day. A little more or less is fine.

  146. Hi, I am 72 and trying to decide the right amount of Omega 3.
    Would like about 500-600 mg. DHA, but uncertain about EPA? Are 2 pills with 750 mg. of EPA each too much(as in Omegavia) ? I have no cholesterol/tryglyceride problem.
    Could use help with joints, heart and mood.

    • Hi Mary – if you have joint, heart, mood issues that could use help with, I’d say you need more than 500-600 mg. I’d say you need about 2000 mg Omega-3 per day. A little more or less is fine.

  147. Hi, I still find the figures on fish oil very confusing. I have ‘Natures Own’ 1 per Day Fish Oil (Australian Brand) which states it has ‘Concentrated Omega-3 Triglycerides-fish 1000mg containing Omega-3 Marine Triglycerides 630mg equil. EPA 310mg and DHA 210mg’.

    How much of these would I have to take for maximum effect (heart, brain, joints). Mental health benefits being the least of my concerns, but certainly a good thing as well.

    Also, I have recently had an issue with increased liver enzymes and read that too much Omega 3 can be bad for this. How much is too much?

    • Hi Danilo – that label sounds confusing. But if each pill has 310 mg of EPA and 210 mg of DHA, that’s roughly 500 mg Omega-3 per pill. I would take a minimum of 2 of those per day for general health maintenance. If you have specific issues that you’re trying to address, you may need as many as 6 to 8 per day. Talk to your doctor if you have health conditions that need addressing.

  148. Hi, I still find the figures on fish oil very confusing. I have ‘Natures Own’ 1 per Day Fish Oil (Australian Brand) which states it has ‘Concentrated Omega-3 Triglycerides-fish 1000mg containing Omega-3 Marine Triglycerides 630mg equil. EPA 310mg and DHA 210mg’.

    How much of these would I have to take for maximum effect (heart, brain, joints). Mental health benefits being the least of my concerns, but certainly a good thing as well.

    Also, I have recently had an issue with increased liver enzymes and read that too much Omega 3 can be bad for this. How much is too much?

    • Hi Danilo – that label sounds confusing. But if each pill has 310 mg of EPA and 210 mg of DHA, that’s roughly 500 mg Omega-3 per pill. I would take a minimum of 2 of those per day for general health maintenance. If you have specific issues that you’re trying to address, you may need as many as 6 to 8 per day. Talk to your doctor if you have health conditions that need addressing.

  149. My blood pressure is a bit high … upper one stays between 145-150 …lower one is below 100 … Doctor prescribed Losartan 25 mg …. Can I take 1000 mg containing omega 3 of 300 EPA and 200 DHA….And how long should I be taking it for overall health .. Can I take it everyday during my life ?

    • Hi Krishanu – from what I’ve seen, blood pressure is about 20% genetics and 80% diet and lifestyle. So you have a lot of control over it. Reduce sugar and grain consumption. Increase vegetable consumption. And then walk or move about a lot. Aim for 10,000 steps a day.

      As far as Omega-3, yes, you can take 300 mg EPA and 200 mg DHA every day, until the end of your life. No issues with that dose.

  150. I have been suffering from IBS for last 3 years. And along with it I’ve been suffering from eczema. I Have been recently diagnosed with severely low vitamin D3 levels. Supplements for vitamin d3 is not improving my eczema problem. Could I be omega 3 deficient? Could eczema be caused by that?
    Along with eczema, I also have oily scalp. I’m 25 years old.

    • Hi Niv – D3 and Omega-3 are essential. Getting both up to healthy levels is important. You need to get diagnosed by an integrative MD. But for now, you need to focus on an anti-inflammatory diet. Pills wont fix your problem. Diet will. For now, read as much as you can on this website to give you an idea of what to eat and not to eat.

      • Hi Vin,

        IBS is not given much importance by doctors I’ve consulted.
        I will consult with my doctor and get omega 3 levels tested. I will start an anti inflammatory diet as per your suggestion.

        Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.

        • Hi Niv – if your doctor did not recognize IBS, then it is very likely that he/she will not recognize or even know how to test for Omega-3 levels. You can do this on your own with Omega-3 Index testing. But it is not necessary. Simply assume you are deficient and take the recommended dose of Omega-3 and move on.

  151. Hello Vin, Last month, I had a Cardiac Bypass surgery and am wondering what you would recommend taking to keep things good. I have found a Fish Oil “Best Pharmaceutical” that delivers 3000mg of concentrated fish oil with 1080 EPA and 720 DHA in 3 capsules daily. Is this a good amount or should I change it? And are there any other supplements that you could recommend to lower the chances of the arteries re-blocking?

    • Hi William – your product is OK. If you are happy with it and its price, you can continue taking it. But I think you’ll be better off taking a more potent Omega-3. In other words, more Omega-3 per pill. I wouldn’t call your pills quite ‘pharmaceutical grade’ but it’s close. If OmegaVia is too expensive, you could try products from our sister company, InnovixLabs on I think you’ll find the InnovixLabs Triple Strength Omega-3 to be a better choice. It has 900 mg Omega-3 per pill, compared to 600 mg in the product you mention.

      There is another good Triple Strength product made by Nutrigold as well.

      You might consider taking Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 (a full spectrum one) and magnesium as well. Of course, this goes without saying, but I’ll say it: talk to your doctor and make sure it is OK with him/her for you to take these items.

  152. Hello Vin, Last month, I had a Cardiac Bypass surgery and am wondering what you would recommend taking to keep things good. I have found a Fish Oil “Best Pharmaceutical” that delivers 3000mg of concentrated fish oil with 1080 EPA and 720 DHA in 3 capsules daily. Is this a good amount or should I change it? And are there any other supplements that you could recommend to lower the chances of the arteries re-blocking?

    • Hi William – your product is OK. If you are happy with it and its price, you can continue taking it. But I think you’ll be better off taking a more potent Omega-3. In other words, more Omega-3 per pill. I wouldn’t call your pills quite ‘pharmaceutical grade’ but it’s close. If OmegaVia is too expensive, you could try products from our sister company, InnovixLabs on I think you’ll find the InnovixLabs Triple Strength Omega-3 to be a better choice. It has 900 mg Omega-3 per pill, compared to 600 mg in the product you mention.

      There is another good Triple Strength product made by Nutrigold as well.

      You might consider taking Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 (a full spectrum one) and magnesium as well. Of course, this goes without saying, but I’ll say it: talk to your doctor and make sure it is OK with him/her for you to take these items.

  153. I’m 15 years old and I want to know is that will 1000mg of fish oil that is to be concentrated fish oil providing 300mg omega-3 fatty acids will be recommended for my age…

  154. If the recommended dosage is 2000 mg a day, can you take 2000 mg at once (2 1000 mg pills) or should you spread them apart?

    • Hi Anna – taking 2000 mg at once or two pills is perfectly acceptable. You do not need to spread them apart.

  155. Hi there

    I was taking 2000mg fish oil one per day to start felt ok then bought 1000 mg cause was on special,so then I was taking 4- 6 per day but, was sweating omg
    But, I was good on the 2000mg I think I should go back to them.
    Any help would be great

  156. Hi vin
    I started taking 2 per day od 2000 mg fish oil but, I seem to be twitching more on 2 per day but one per day doesn’t seem enough.
    Once I took krill and was sick everywhere
    Thanks. Deb๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„โ˜ƒโ˜ƒ

  157. I use MegaRed which has 90 mg of omega 3 fatty acid per capsule. Do I really have to take 11 pills per day to get 1,000 mg of omega 3 fatty acids? Does the krill oil take the place of some of the omega 3 fatty acids? I am quite confused. Thank you.

    • Hi Roberta – your math is technically correct. 1000 divided by 90 is 11. But keep in mind that Omega-3 in krill oil is slightly better absorbed, so you can get the same benefits of 1000 mg of Omega-3 from fish oil from just 6 or 7 krill oil pills, not 11 pills.

      But 6 to 7 krill oil pills a day is still an awful lot of pills and very expensive to maintain over several years. On the plus side, krill oil has some nutrients that are good for your brain. If I were you, I’d take 2 krill oil pills and take one good high potency (or pharmaceutical grade) fish oil supplement along with it.

    • Hi Fisseha – a maintenance dose of 1000 to 2000 mg of Omega-3 should be fine. However, please note that you cannot cure or reduce diabetes with Omega-3…for that, you will need to work with your doctor and also eliminate sugar, refined starch and increase exercise.

    • Hi Jo-Ann – your diet only restricts iron and that allows you to eat many Omega-3 rich foods. Aim for 1000 to 2000 mg of Omega-3 per day.

  158. My triglycerides are at 266 how I’m taking fish oil pills 1200 mg and 360 mg of many pills can I take to help lower my triglycerides?

    • Hi Sylvia – it is much easier to lower triglycerides by reducing sugar, grains, and flour in your diet. Along with that, you need to exercise and take 3000 mg of Omega-3 daily to help maintain healthy triglycerides as well. You are taking a very low potency product, as a result, you will need to take about 8 pills a day to reach the 3000 mg target. This is one reason why people are starting to take higher concentration fish oils.

  159. Hi Vin,

    Weigh 95 lbs am petite and don’t want to loose more weight. Have OA on hands…how much EPA & DHA should I take. Not clear on Salom oil vs EPA and DHA?
    Thnxs for help

    • Hi Lou – aim for 2000 to 3000 mg of Omega-3 per day. And talk to a dietitian about how to go on an anti-inflammatory diet.

  160. my 15 year old was prescribe lexapro and minipress for depression and anxiety, l gave it to him 4 days and he was sick. l was told to try DHA, B12 strips and a multi you please tell me if this is true? and how much DHA should l give him?

    • Hi Gabby – Omega-3 can help, along with a sugar-free, flour-free diet. But Omega-3 alone will not cure the symptoms. Talk to a dietitian about going on an anti-inflammatory, whole foods only type diet. Something like a high-veggie paleo type diet. As for Omega-3, aim for 2000 to 3000 mg of Omega-3 per day. You will need some EPA as well as DHA.

  161. can i take fish oil omega-3 fatty acid and at the same time i’m taking also amlodipin 5mg daily?

    • Hi Nestor – fish oil does not typically interfere with this type of drug. However, please talk to your pharmacist before making a decision.

  162. Hi Vin, I have 11,13 and 17. Years old children how much dosage they will take in a day? I have fish oil “kirk land” 1000mg. 300mg of omega3. Thank you and God bless .

    • Hi Pamela – about 500 mg Omega-3 per day should be sufficient for most kids. If they’ll take one of those pills daily, that’s OK. Two is better. Then again, you are talking about a very low concentration product. These days, it is easy to get two or three times as much Omega-3 per pill than the 300 mg your product contains. More concentrated oils give you more Omega-3 with fewer pills.

  163. Hello Vin,
    I am a 50 yr old female 5ft. 2 in. Weight is 132lbs. My current fasting lipid profile is:
    Cholest = 264
    HDL = 56
    Glucose = 83
    LDL calculated = 177 (not much change from last year’s result of 169 even after losing 15lbs)
    Non-HDL Cholesterol = 208
    Triglyceride = 157
    Trig/HDL ratio = 2.80
    I’ve read so much valuable information on this blog but am a little overwhelmed. Should I be concerned with my unwavering LDL number? My physician wants to start me on a statin but I want to try to avoid this if at all possible. What are your thoughts on using plant sterols to lower LDL? What do I need to address immediately? Would the OmegaVia EPA 500 be the best product for me? Thank you for any guidance you may provide.

    • Hi Elle – your non-HDL is a bit high, but what did your doctor say? If you really want to dive into it, you should talk to an Integrative Medicine MD. They can get to the root cause of the slightly elevated numbers. I wouldn’t panic, but see if you can get to the bottom of this with your doctor. LDL could be result of several things. Could be higher-than-ideal level of sugar and starch in your diet. It is also possible that the LDL you have is mostly the benign stuff that your body needs to go about its business. If so, you’re worried about the wrong thing. Generally people worry about cholesterol instead of inflammation or their diet. That’s unfortunate. You may want to read this too:

      Do whatever you can to reduce chronic inflammation, blood glucose, increase gut microbiome diversity, increase soluble fiber intake etc. These are far better targets of focus.

      Do not take sterols. EPA Omega-3 may help with triglycerides and inflammation, but wont do anything for LDL.

      If you want to do something right now, do these three things: cut out sugar/flour/juice from your diet. Walk 5 miles a day, with 2 of those 5 miles in the mid-day sun. Sleep for 8 to 9 hour.

      • These are my doctor’s comments. (My HgbA1c is 5.3%): “Sugars are normal average- good work
        Normal liver and kidney function
        Cholesterol is up- the LDL is too high
        Ready to start a statin?
        Lipitor? Let me know and I will prescribe
        Normal thyroid and cbc”

        Do you still recommend following the Paleo diet? I will start walking 5 miles per day. I don’t sleep 8 hours straight -ever. I usually wake up after 5 or 6 hours then eventually go back to sleep for a couple more. Do I need a sleep aid?Thank you so much for your suggestions.

        • Hi Elle – if by ‘Paleo diet,’ you mean a sugar-free, flour-free, processed-food-free diet that is 80% vegetables and 20% seafood, meats, and eggs, then, yes, you should definitely be on such a diet.

          I don’t know if you need sleep aids – that’s another topic to discuss with your doctor. But before you try sleep meds (most of them don’t get you to REM state, anyway), try strict light control. By that, I mean, wake up and go to sleep at the same time. DO NOT expose yourself to bright lights, especially TV, cell phone, tablets etc. for 2 hours before sleep. If you do, wear blue blocking glasses. Blue light emitted by modern screens shut down melatonin production needed for sleep. Keep your bedroom very dark with no blue light on alarm clocks etc. And finally, make sure you expose yourself to sunlight for at least 15-30 minutes daily. If part of your 5-mile walk is during mid day, that’ll help your sleep a LOT.

          • I followed all of you advice and am so happy to report it worked! Since October 2017 (4 months ago), my cholesterol dropped 43 points to 221, LDL dropped 30 points to 148, and triglycerides dropped 71 points to 86! I also lost 7lbs! I sleep better (started walking outside without sunglasses – miraculous), too. I am so happy to have found your site and started using OmegaVia 500. Thank you thank you! I still have more work to do but I am so happy to know that it is working.

            • Elle – wow – you made our day! Thank you so much for sharing.

              BTW, if walking outside without sunglasses helped your sleep, that means your body was in need of circadian rhythm reinforcement. Things like watching TV or looking at our phones late at night and eating big meals late at night, combined with reduced sun exposure on our skin and eyes can disturb circadian rhythms and our sleep/wake cycles. Some people are less sensitive to this, but many of us are.

              You did the hard work, so, congrats! And please come back and share with us how you’re doing in a few months.

              Again, thank you so much for sharing.

  164. Hi can you please recommend right dosage of omega fish oil for 6 yr old. we are vegetarian ( no meat of any form including eggs) and i doubt we intake recommended dosage of daily protein as well.
    Also to add I m pregnant with my 2nd one and looking at your previous comments is 1000 mg of DHA and 1000 mg of EPA sufficient enough ?

    Can you suggest good brand for kids and Omega for pregnancy as well ?

    Thank much for your time . Appreciate your help.

    • Hi Tara – a 6 year old needs 300 to 500 mg Omega-3 daily. I strongly encourage considering eating eggs – for both you and your children. You don’t have to eat red meat, but your body has protein requirements that are very high during pregnancy. If you’re pregnant, I suggest one Omegavia and one OmegaVia DHA 600 daily. Nordic Natural is a good one too.

  165. I am suffering from a chronic tension headache but otherwise healthy so I thought I decided to take concentrated WOW Omega supplements which supplies of 1000 mg omega3
    350 DHA and 650 EPAand 100mg other Omega
    I want to ask whether it is a good company and shall I take it that much once or not
    thank you

    • Hi Manpreet – I have not heard of WOW Omega. But in case you meant NOW Omega, then, yes, they are a good company.

  166. Thanks for the reply .
    I Wanna ask whether I must take 1000mg once a day or twice.

    The product has 650 mg epa and 350 mg dha

    Also when i first had the capsule i got heart palpitations and slight pain in chest . Is this because of the omegas or something else not related with this.

    • Hi Manpreet – if your goal is to take a maintenance dose, then 1000 mg of Omega-3 (not 1000 mg of oil) once a day is fine. The 650 mg EPA and 350 mg dose is fine.

      Chest pain and palpitations must be immediately reported to your doctor. These are not known side effects of Omega-3. Do you get the same feeling if you eat seafood? If not, then it may have been caused by something else which may need medical attention.

  167. Hi Vin,
    I have 2 boys that are ADD and Iโ€™m wondering how many mg of fish oil they should each take. They are 8 and almost 13 years old. My 13 year old son is depressed and a little overweight as well. Thank you

    • Hi Jennifer – you can’t supplement your way out of ADHD or depression, but supplements, I feel, should be part of a secondary plan. Assuming you’ve already discussed with your pediatrician, the primary plan should be a COMPLETE diet makeover for your kid. I suggesting getting a whole food or paleo based dietitian to help you. Medications may put a band-aid on it and supplements may reduce symptoms, but only food and lifestyle changes can truly get to the bottom of this.

      Remove all sugar, grains, processed foods, foods with artificial colors and flavors. Stick with meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seafoods, and eggs. Notice absence of sugar, cereals, grains, and dairy. Everything they eat should have been alive a few days ago. Make sure everything is cooked at home with butter or olive oil. Studies have shown that such a diet will dramatically reduce or even eliminate ADHD in more than two-thirds of kids. For most (not all) kids food got them into trouble and only food can get them out.

      A lot more about this topic here:

  168. My boy 16 years old. He is a cp(cerebral palsy) patient. He can not use his hands and legs. If fish oil can help him your comment.

    • Hi Berhanu – fish oil contains essential Omega-3 fats. So, it can help everyone. But I don’t know if there are specific benefits for persons with cerebral palsy. No harm in trying it, but do not expect much.

  169. I have triglyceride level above 300. So i have decided to try this product for the next 3 months and check how effective it is! I am planning to take 2000 mg equivalent of Omega-3. Do you have any suggestion?

    • Hi Govani – I strongly suggest that you use diet and exercise in combination with Omega-3. Specifically, eliminate sugar, refined grains, flour, and juices. Add vigorous aerobic and resistance exercise. To that, add 3000 mg of Omega-3 daily. It’s the combination that’ll be most effective.

  170. Hello, I’m planning to take 1000mg fish oil with 300mg omega 3 because I’m suffering from hormonal acne. And many people are saying that it can help to clear up you skin. Can you suggest how many times should i take this each day? Because I’m worried that I’m only a teenager

    • Hi Jozef – we don’t have solid proof that Omega-3 has an effect on hormonal acne. Omega-3 can’t hurt. But if you want to improve your skin, start with your diet – eliminate sugar and dairy for a month. Increase vegetable and seafood consumption.

  171. Hi Vin.
    I have got wrist pain due to heavy machinery work(construction). Also I do keep forgetting things often, n very low memory power, as I come home feels lazy mood. So m planning to take a 1000mg of fish oil which contains 650mg of omega-3. 330mg of EPA and 220mg of DHA. This is the first time m gonna try it out. Wat do u suggest? N also I wanna know whether I can take this suppliment for a long period (how many months/yrs?) Need ur help

    • Hi Relbin – 650 mg of Omega-3 per day is a good maintenance dose. It’ll take care of most deficiencies. As long as you are consuming Omega-3s in your diet, you don’t need to supplement with fish oil, but most people do not consume enough fish or other foods with Omega-3. How long you supplement depends entirely on your diet.

  172. I am 15 years old . I have little memory problem. I am studying hard but I am forgetting fast. If I take omega 3 tablets any side effects is there? Please suggest how can I improve my memory power? Omega 3 is helpful for me?

    • Hi Binc6 – Omea-3 may or may not help. But first, start with lifestyle corrections such as 10-11 hours of sleep per night. 15 year olds are notorious for not getting enough sleep and too much screen time. At your age, you need two more hours of sleep than adults do. Optimize your sleep discipline first.

    • Hi Cindy – there is no known interaction between Omega-3 and newer generations of blood thinners, assuming you are taking the Omega-3 per label directions. However, we strongly suggest you discuss this with your doctor before taking them together.

  173. Hi, I need to take 7 pills (@ 300mg) of Omega 3 daily. For best result, shall I take them all at once in one serving or in separate servings like morning 2 pills, afternoon 3 pills and evening 2pills? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Allan – if you have to take 7 pills a day, I suggest two things:

      1. Take 3 in the morning and 4 with dinner. There’s a lot of non-Omega-3 fat in those 7 pills. This is about 70-80 calories daily that you do not really need.
      2. Switch to another product that has about 1000 mg Omega-3 per pill, so you can take one in the morning and one at dinner. Doesn’t have to be OmegaVia. Any good third-party tested brand will do.

    • Hi Fatima – the recommended dose of fish oil for eyes depends on what you are trying to address. If you want healthy eyes, 1000 mg of Omega-3 daily is sufficient. If you are trying to address dry eyes, 2000 to 3000 mg of Omega-3 combined with Omega-7 seems to help some people.

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