OmegaVia Reviews & Testimonials: What Others Like You Are Saying

Reality Check:

  • These are real testimonials from real people.
  • Your results may not be this spectacular.
  • All our customers aren’t this happy. But most are.
  • Equally spectacular results, particularly changes in blood

    lipids, require a significant change in diet and activity.

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“Works well”

Your product is great. No fishy odor or taste. Well tolerated. Works well. In addition to lowering triglycerides, my patients have noticed decreased arthritis symptoms.

Please send additional samples.

– Dr. Susan Lee M.D., North Yarmouth, Maine

“I’ve been recommending OmegaVia to my patients”

I just wanted to say a BIG Thank You!

I like and trust OmegaVia fish oil, along with your knowledge & expertise on the subject. I have been recommending OmegaVia fish oil to my patients as being the best out there on the market. (And I did a lot of research before and after I found your product.)

– Dr. Silvia Halpern D.C., Palm City, Florida

No more statin medication for me!

I believe that Omegavia is a BIG reason why my cholesterol dropped from 243 to 202, LDL dropped from 141 to 104 and best of all…my triglycerides dropped from a whopping 321 to a fantastic 105!!!!!! Yes, I have made some diet and exercise improvements, but Omegavia is an integral part of those lifestyle changes.

OmegaVia Pharmaceutical Grade fish oil

Both my general doctor and my ophthalmologist were impressed with Omegavia’s quality and dosage. The best part is that I proved I can be healthier and happier off the statin that was ironically making me feel worse. I plan to stay the course and make Omegavia a regular supplement.

Plus I have been very pleased with the customer service of Innovix Pharma Inc. that supplies the product. My auto ship service arrives on time and the cost is reasonable. I appreciate talking to nice, helpful people on the phone. The website is also extremely user friendly and very informative.

Thank you for a great product and I look forward to even better results in the future.

– Paula Bull, Abilene, Texas

‘I’ve noticed a significant impact on my mood!’

“After seeing a program on PBS about the benefits of fish oil, I did my research online and found OmegaVia to measure up in all areas that were mentioned in the program: purity, potency, enteric coating, and the DHA/EPA ratio.

Renee_B OmegaVia Review Shortly thereafter, I met with a neurologist at Mass General Hospital who recommended taking fish oil! I told her about OmegaVia and she looked it up right there and then. She was impressed with the quality of the product and gave her full blessing and recommended dosage. I’ve noticed not only a big difference in my cholesterol – all measures, especially LDL which was down 14 points in just 3 months—but I’ve also noticed a significant impact on my mood!

Life is never without its challenges, and having a positive outlook can make all the difference. Thanks, OmegaVia!”

– Renee Buck, Massachusetts

As a pharmacist…OmegaVia is always my #1 choice

I love your product and recommend it to several people every day!

As a pharmacist, I get questions on a daily basis about all kinds of supplements and nutritional products. OmegaVia is always my #1 choice. Not only because you provide the highest quality fish oil product on the market, but also because your website is a great resource for providers as well as patients on several aspects of health and wellness. Keep up the great work! Thank you.

– Kristi Kavanaugh, Pharm. D., North Liberty, Iowa

It Really is Working!

Fish Oil & Triglyceride Reduction“My triglycerides were in the 400s prior to your fish oil, and are now around 120, so it really is working! I’ll keep you posted on my next blood panel.”

Follow-up message:

Hey, great news, just got my latest blood work – it’s been three months since the last.

Here are my numbers:
Total Cholesterol: 132 (Last year: around 340)
Triglycerides: 106 (April: 120; January: 443)

I’ve always had a very difficult time with my triglycerides being above 400, and now they just keep dropping. I have to say it’s got to be the fish oil! My HDL was always around the 200 mark, and my LDL has always been too low. These numbers have been way off my entire life, until now. It’s pretty amazing.

My wife was a little concerned at what I was spending on what she considers vitamins. As she has seen my last couple of blood tests, she has totally changed how she feels about this.

I’ve convinced my mother, who has RA, to start taking 3 grams of fish oil a day (I’m still working on her switching from Kirkland’s Best to OmegaVia), and she’s already feeling relief in her hands. I’ve referred her to your articles and blogs, which helped convince her.

Thanks for all your help and support. I really do appreciate it! Keep up the good work, and take care!

– Keith Barham, Carson City, Nevada

[Editor: Keith is being too kind. It wasn’t just our fish oil that did all of this. One of our nutritionists also counseled him on some diet matters, which we’re sure played a part in his great lipid panel numbers.]

“WOW! I will tell my patients”

I am in the medical field and have been taking OmegaVia for 2-3 months. My triglycerides went down from 70 to 52. My cholesterol from 237 to 209. WOW! I will tell my patients. Waiting for my auto-ship. Hurry!

– Lorelei Llabres, Sarasota, Florida

“My daughter has not had any asthma attacks since”

Christine fish oil testimonial “I was unfamiliar with your product but I was told by my doctor that I needed to give my daughter pharmaceutical grade fish oil, so I tried your product after talking to you. I am happy to say that my daughter has not had any allergy or asthma attacks since.”

– Christine Garcia, Palmdale, California

Your product is great! No fish burp ever.

– Barbara Levitan, New York, NY

“It lowered my Triglycerides. But the first thing I noticed was the pain in my joints started to disappear”

J. Cardwell fish oil testimonial“A friend recommended I take fish oil supplements for my triglycerides. I don’t like taking pills. But after talking to your technical person for half an hour, I felt comfortable trying OmegaVia. It lowered my triglycerides but the first thing I noticed within a few days was that the pain in my joints started to disappear. That’s a nice bonus!”

– Jeff Cardwell, Indianapolis, Indiana

Incredibly happy with OmegaVia

Hi Folks,
I just wanted to take a moment to pass on some REAL results and to say how incredibly happy I am with OmegaVia product.

In Jan 2012, my Triglycerides were reported to be 376 mg/dl
In Feb 2013, my Triglycerides were reported to be 595 mg/dl

When I received the news that my Triglyceride had increased 224 mg/dl in one year, I began taking OmegaVia and on 4-12-13, after just 6 weeks of taking the supplement, my Triglycerides were reported to be 85 mg/dl!!! – a 510 point drop in just six (6) weeks. Thank you so very much!!

You make a wonderful product and I want to confirm that I am signed up for auto delivery because my 60 day supply is just about gone ( I take 3 pills / day )

— Michael Jennings, Monterey, CA


OmegaVia review & testimonial October 2013
Started taking 4 pills OmegaVia early July 2013 and after 2 1/2 months my results are below:

Triglycerides 157 to 96: down 39%
Total Cholesterol 189 to 167 down 12%
HDL ‘Good’ Chol. 22 to 35 up 59%
LDL ‘Bad’ Chol. 136 to 113 down 17%
Chol/HDLC ratio 8.5:1 down to 4.8:1 = 44% reduction
Non HDL Chol. 167 to 132 down 21%

Added OmegaVia only – no other medicines changed.

Lipitor was stopped 5-23-13 due to possible muscle problem which is apparently not an issue. Lipitor 10 mg now resumed 3/wk to reduce Tot Chol.

Will continue OmegaVia 4/day.


– Robert Green, Murfreesboro, TN

Healthier skin…I have definitely seen results

First, I want to thank you for providing such an amazing product!

OmegaVia review

I really believe that this product has assisted my acne complications thus providing healthier skin. My friend recommended your fish oil product, which I was skeptical about at first. I figured what have I got to lose. After 3-4 months of using your fish oil twice a day I have definitely seen results. Along with this added supplement I’ve also decided to eliminate dairy in my diet. Combining these changes in my everyday diet has amazed me with the results.

Thank you so much for letting me gain my confidence again!

-Chad B., Florida

Very positive effect on my lipids

OmegaVia fish oil testimonial

OmegaVia has reduced Susan’s joint pain dramatically and it has had a very positive effect on my lipids.

Before using your product I was using Lovaza that was costing me about $2.00 a capsule. My cardiologist reviewed the contents and dosages of OmegaVia, telling to save my money by switching from Lovaza.

That was two years ago and I don’t regret the change.

– Edward Mamet, New York, NY

I ordered your product with great skepticism…


I would like to share a brief testimony as to how your product helped me immensely.

I ordered your product with great skeptism because I had previously invested in so many others that didn’t work. So I said this would be the last time that I would order anything else that claims to work.

I ordered your product because I suffer with severe asthma and thought it could assist me by decreasing the inflammation in my bronchial tubes to assist me in breathing with ease. Well, I wasn’t surprised it didn’t work. I again was quite disappointed.

But to my amazement while taking the product, I notice that the severe pain and stiffness that I had throughout my body had dissipated. I thought it was all in my mind. So I intentionally stopped taking the product for several days just to prove my point. Well, shortly thereafter, the pain returned. So I started taking your product again and the pain disappeared. I immediately placed another order and shared it with some friends. They too were very impressed with this product.

On a very serious note, I ordered it for one thing, but it assisted me in many other areas in which I was totally amazed. For those of you, who are reading this testimony, please believe me when I say this product is so awesome! It really works! There is no exaggeration or embellishment of these facts. Once you place your first order, you will be hooked for life. I will continue taking this product via the automatic shipments for life. I do believe, that eventually this product will assist me in the area of asthma because it has assisted my body overall. Please try the product; you have nothing to lose. Omegavia is the best and purest product on the market. There is absolutely no product out there that is better.

P.S. The customer service department is second to none. They are extremely friendly and knowledgeable of the product. You can call them for the simplest of questions and they are always willing and able to assist. The bottom line is that they are customer friendly.

Oh and by the, I am not a paid spokesman for this product. LOL

– Jim Evans, Glenn Dale, Maryland

“Three OmegaVia gives me the equivalent Omega-3 as four Lovaza…and saves me $327 a year!”

“According to my research, I’d have to take twice as many Nordic Naturals AND it would cost more. My cardiologist has prescribed Lovaza (4 per day), and my coinsurance would put me at $84.50 for 30 days. (With their $20 off coupon, $64.50.) Taking 3 OmegaVia per day would get me equivalent omega-3 and cost me only $37.11 for 30 days. I can use the $327 saved in a year to help pay for my Crestor.

I also want to mention that one of the main reasons I’m interested in OmegaVia over other available brands is the fact that you are willing to recommend other brands. I will be placing more orders for OmegaVia. Thank you.”

– Sandy Eyer, Edmond, Oklahoma

Editor: The $20 off coupon that Sandy’s referring to was a 2010 promotion that is no longer offered.

“The results were nothing short of a miracle”

After researching many different brands of fish oil I found OmegaVia. I found it to be by far the most informative web site on Fish Oil I have ever read (and I had read them all.)

I was searching for something to help reduce the joint pain my wife was suffering with as a result of having to be on her feet 8hrs a day 5 days a week with no lunch or break of any kind.

After reading all the testimonials and studying the facts about joint pain and your product I ordered 3 bottles and started her on one pill a day with breakfast. Within two weeks I noticed she was no longer complaining about the pain and her mood had improved considerably.

I then increased her dosage to 2 pills a day one with breakfast and one with dinner and within four weeks – the results were nothing short of a miracle….She is totally pain free and her mood is one of peace and tranquility unlike anything I have ever seen in the 35 yrs we have been married.

After witnessing such dramatic results in my wife’s case I have decided to take OmegaVia to help lower my Triglycerides and have recently placed an order to Autoship three bottles of OmegaVia every month….

There is no question in my mind that OmegaVia has developed and maintains the highest quality product in the market.

– Jack and Janice Bagley, Granby, CT.

“Insurance would no longer pay for my Lovaza…your Omega-3 works”

I found out my healthcare insurance would no longer pay for my Lovaza.

I started looking on the internet and saw a website for Krill oil and decided to try it. I took 4 krill oil caps a day for about a year with no reduction in my triglycerides.

I saw your website and decided to give it a try. My triglycerides were around 330 in early Oct 2012. Taking 4 caps a day, by late Dec, it dropped to 243. I changed my diet, kept exercising and by January it was down to 193. I am feeling good about the results. Your Omega-3 works with a good diet and exercise. Thanks!

– Steve Linza, Lewiston, NY

“HDL, LDL, triglyceride and blood pressure, were very good because of taking Omegavia”

“My husband had been taking Omegavia for ten months, his blood pressure had been very good, until two months ago when I replaced it with MegaRed from Costco recommended by Dr. Oz. Recently I found his blood pressure is gradually creeping up. Then I noticed that the EPA and DHA concentration of MegaRed is extremely low compared to Omegavia.

I believe my husband’s numbers, such as HDL, LDL, triglyceride and blood pressure, were very good because of taking Omegavia, which has the highest EPA and DHA concentration of all the fish oil I know. Besides, it exceeds IFOS standard on purity.”

– Sylvia Y., Porter Ranch, CA

I just had my first triglyceride test since taking your sups and my good levels are up, bad levels are down. Thanks for making it so easy to take four a day.

– Kevin Watts, Chicago, IL

“I know for a fact that it is helping with inflammation”

I have been using Omegavia since approximately October of 2012. I just recently purchased more because I do notice a difference in my general well being.

I suffer from depression and I find omegavia helps. And, I have Crohns Disease and I have felt much better since taking omegavia…I know for a fact it is helping with the inflammation. And I truly believe that since I started using omegavia, my hair loss has decreased immensely.

– Maureen Lang, Canada

“Last blood test did not even raise any red flags for Triglycerides”

My Dr. prescribed Lovaza for about a year and it worked OK. I switched to Omegavia because it was more economical and convenient to have it mailed to me.

My last blood test did not even raise any red flags for Triglycerides and my triglycerides were three times what should have been before I started taking any fish oils.

I am not sure who replies to my emails each time I make a request but I get a quick response and you always do as I ask…I appreciate this and it is why I stay with your company. You may not feel like this is a big deal but with other companies you have a lot of red tape to deal with. THANK YOU for making this simple for your customers! Good job!

– Matt Kress, Bensalem, PA

“Happier shoulders and knees, more balanced mood…”

We are thoroughly enjoying the benefits of your product – in the 6 months since we have been taking OmegaVia fish oil we both have happier shoulders and knees, more balanced mood and energy levels.

And I have had a significant reduction in my triglycerides! in spite of my love for rich dairy products and cheese.

Thank you so much!

– Anne, Connecticut

“OmegaVia is cheaper than Lovaza and works just as well”

Hi – I just wanted to say how pleased I am with OmegaVia!

After I found out that my insurance wouldn’t pay for Lovaza for the rest of the year I was scared about how I was going to maintain my cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

I turned to the internet and learned about OmegaVia. After reading the facts and speaking with representatives about the product I felt I needed to give it a try. I am so glad I did!

I’ve been on OmegaVia for a couple of months now. I recently had a doctors visit which included a lipid panel to check my cholesterol levels. I was unsure and a little anxious considering I was off Lovaza!

To my surprise my HDL was higher (good cholesterol) and my LDL was lower (the bad cholesterol)! My triglycerides were even lower than my last visit!

Considering that OmegaVia is cheaper than Lovaza and works just as well I plan on remaining on this regimen.
That you for this wonderful alternative to prescription medicine!

– Sue Schiller, East Windsor, NJ

Cost effective compared to prescription fish oil

I have seen a 10% improvement in HDL cholesterol (From 40 up to 44mg/dl) and a 20% reduction in triglycerides (From 100 down to 80 mg/dl) per blood tests dated Nov 13, 2012, after using OmegaVia Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil compared to prescription fish oil.

Also your product was cost effective compared to prescription fish oil as you advertized.

Please use my comments as a testimonial for your product so others may see and benefit from the results I have seen.


Michael Fraytet, Conroe, TX

I did massive amounts of research when I was looking for a quality Omega 3 supplement. I’m so glad I found OmegaVia!

“Hi Vin,

I wanted to share the good news about my Triglycerides, which have been high since I began keeping records in 1999.

You probably know better than I do when I started ordering OmegaVia. I took 3 caps/day for quite a while…then was a little inconsistent for a couple of months at the time of my knee surgery and recovery last fall…and finally settled on 2 caps/day around the first of this year.

My labs at my annual physical (4/12) showed that my triglycerides had dropped from 166 to…wait for it…EIGHTY-FIVE! I attribute that dramatic drop entirely to OmegaVia.

I plan to continue the 2-per-day dose until I do more labs to see if it’s enough to maintain the low TG number. At least now I know how to get the number back down if I need to! Tomorrow, I’m starting my last bottle…so it’s finally time to re-schedule my automatic shipments…

Thanks so much for formulating such a truly amazing product! I did massive amounts of research when I was looking for a quality Omega 3 supplement. I’m so glad I found OmegaVia!”

– Laurie M., Henderson, Nevada

Mind numbingly pleased that my Triglycerides fell 192 points

It’s been nearly a year since I first reached out to contact you following the results of my last lipid profile, which revealed my Triglyceride level to be 257.

Almost immediately I started on two OmegaVia capsules a day. (I eliminated the daily double dose of skim milk and chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast and gave orange juice the heave-ho.)

I had another lipid profile last Friday, and met with my physician this morning for the annual check up.

My Triglycerides tumbled dramatically down to a staggering 65. SIXTY-FIVE!!!!! from 257. A 192 point drop!

I nearly fell off the table. HDL was 40 and LDL was 137. Not horrible (albeit I would like to get that HDL up a bit…)

There is no doubt in my mind that diet alone did not bring down my Triglycerides to that amazing level. OmegaVia had a heck of a lot to do with that, and I am grateful to you for your advice and recommendations you made to me a year ago.

I still LOVE breakfast cereals and have not cut back on my consumption one bit. I have however, opted for better and (hopefully) healthier choices and don’t reach for the sugary stuff as often.

I am on the auto-shipment plan for my OmegaVia, and for anyone out there considering giving OmegaVia a try, I would simply say, DO NOT DELAY IN ORDERING.

If you have an elevated Triglyceride issue, by all means adopt a ‘common sense’ diet and make the necessary lifestyle changes and TAKE OMEGAVIA!

I am still mind numbingly pleased that my Triglycerides fell 192 points.

God Bless,
– Dave Parker, Weirton, WV

I’ve been very happy with your product.

I have dropped my triglycerides from over 160 to 75. Thanks again.

Ray Holt, Albuquerque, NM

A die-hard fan! I am spreading the word to anyone and everyone who will listen

I come from a line of bad genes…both folks, minimally overweight in the gut area, died at 55 of heart attacks after taking statins and following the doctor’s orders.

I found OmegaVia after looking for an Omega 3 comparable to Lovaza. After reading all your blogs and watching the video by Dr. Dave Diamond…that was it, I knew I found what I had been looking for!

I have been thru your entire site and I am spreading the word to anyone and everyone who will listen.

I wanted to personally thank you for how OmegaVia presents themselves. You are a diamond in a crowd of aggressive vitamin sales that do not have people’s best interest at heart, just their bottom line. I really appreciate not having the sales pressure of asking me on top of my OmegaVia if I want to buy a juicer, a subscription to a cheesy magazine or thermodynamic heat pads for my waist that will miraculously shed all my weight while sitting here and typing this email! Your low key approach makes me want to raise my OmegaVia flag even higher for being so credible.

So thank you Vin Kutty and everyone else at OmegaVia…please don’t ever change your approach of just keeping it real.

A diehard fan!

– Rebecca Balian, Stamford, CT

Omegavia has played an important part in the success

I first started taking Omegavia because my doctor told me my cholesterol and triglycerides were at a dangerously high level.

He wanted to start me on meds but I told him I wanted to try to lower my numbers with dietary changes. It’s been six months since that visit. Taking Omegavia along with other dietary changes has all of my “numbers” within the excellent health range.

I have also lost eighty pounds. I believe Omegavia has played an important part in the success of my health changes!!

– Kara Williams, Sebring, FL.

Thanks for making a great AND affordable product!

I’ve been using Omegavia for several months now. My triglycerides & cholesterol have dropped dramatically.

I shared my last order with my mother & good friend because they both complained of fishy burps with other products. I assured them they wouldn’t experience that with Omegavia as long as they take it with a meal… Both are hooked & I believe you’ll have some new customers. My brother has recently been advised to start fish oil & I’ll be sending him a bottle from today’s order….

I feel SO much better! Thanks for making a great AND affordable product!

– Christina M. Pensacola, FL.

My arthritic knees have never felt better

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your wonderful product.

I’m 66 years old and have had high triglyceride levels for years, even though I’d been taking a drug store brand of fish oil. Around six weeks ago, I switched to OmegaVia – two pills a day. Yesterday I had my yearly ‘labs’ and was amazed to learn that my triglyceride level had fallen from 244 to 118! My HDL reading had also improved dramatically.

What’s more, my arthritic knees have never felt better. I’m also impressed with your Customer Service. Your reps are never too busy to answer questions, and are more than willing to share their amazing nutritional knowledge. With all the hype and misinformation on the internet, I am thrilled to have found a product that works beyond expectations!

– Maria Norris, North Richland Hills, Texas

She loves this product!

I researched and found her the best fish oil on the market. This being yours. And there was a surprising side effect. She has had chronic back pain for years and nothing no mater what she did or a pill she took would change it. Now within a month of taking this product the pain is gone. Like not even there!!

I am an ex personal trainer and I understand the benefits of fish oil for anti inflammatory properties for the body but this was far beyond what I thought would come from this. She only takes one a day and she forgot to take it for 4 days in a row. Yea she is a dork. Then the pain came back. She started right up and from then on she was hooked and she never forgets now! So this pill is amazing!! Just wanted to let you know that you have a lifetime customer on your hands!!

– Benjamin Kenobi, Fife, WA

Pain in now lessened to the point that I can now sleep

I began taking your product 2 weeks ago for high triglycerides. (4 pills per day).

Before I took this product I was unable to sleep on my left shoulder due to an injury from restraining my 120 lb dog. The pain in now lessened to the point that I can now sleep on my left side.

I am ordering a bottle for my brother-in-law who also has joint pain. I am referring you to any one that will listen. I hope it will work as well on the triglycerides. I will let you know after my next blood test. Thanks

Andrew B., Georgia

“A note to potential buyers:…Choose OmegaVia, you won’t be disappointed”

I’ve suffered from Depression for years. My latest episode happened this past spring. Not wanting to be put back on anti-depressants I started looking for alternatives. I spent days, many of which on your website, researching fish oil. Your blogs are very informative. I’ve been taking two Omegavia pills a day for about three weeks now and I feel great.

The lingering soreness from spraining my ankle and shoulder a couple of months ago has practically subsided and my mood along with my memory have improved drastically.

Here’s a note to potential buyers: Please don’t waste your time contemplating which brand of fish oil is better. As mentioned in Vin’s blogs, there’s only a few manufacturers out there that have a product of similar quality, but you’ll end up spending nearly twice as much. Choose Omegavia, you won’t be disappointed!

To Vin: thanks again for all of your help. I really appreciate your time and expertise.

– Mike McGee, Santa Monica, CA

Your Omegas produced noticeable reduction of aches in joints.

“It took about 2 months to really feel the difference. Whether it is helping elsewhere such as cardio and vascular system I will probably never know!

Also, I have had a small but painful bunion on my right foot. So painful that I had to wear special shoes. No more pain. Totally gone. Sure beats surgery!”

– Larry W. New Jersey

“Triglycerides are at 140…down significantly!”

“I have been taking 2 OmegaVia capsules in the morning and another 2 in the evening. My last blood work indicated that my Triglycerides are at 140 and my A1C is 6.2%; both down, significantly!

I would like to tell you it is because I lost 30 pounds and walk an hour each day, but I can’t. There has been a minor weight loss and I am exercising more, but at this point, the credit goes to 4 capules a day of Omegavia.

– DP, Georgia (Name limited to initials per request)

My Dr. told me my recent lab results were ‘remarkable’

“I just wanted to shout out a quick thank you. I’ve been on meds for high cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure for years. This year, I lost 27lbs, started an exercise routine and starting taking Omegavia.

Yesterday my Dr. told me my recent lab results were ‘remarkable’ and that I was in fantastic shape – and took me off the meds. He told me to just keep on doing whatever it is I’ve been doing. After telling him about Omegavia, he told me he is aware of the product and gave it his approval. In addition to the obvious benefits, I’ve noticed that the joint pain that I’ve had for years is greatly been reduced too. So, today I just signed up for the auto-ship and plan to go long term with you guys.

My wife has now joined me in taking OmegaVia after seeing the changes I’ve experienced. I also wanted to let you know that two people I referred have ordered their first bottle this past week. I’m usually not this outspoken about products I use but these results have been remarkable. Its’ too good not to share.

Thanks again for your product and wonderful service.
Thanks a million!”

Scott Westbrook, Buford, Georgia

Reality Check:

  • These are real testimonials from real people.
  • Your results may not be this spectacular.
  • All our customers aren’t this happy. But most are.
  • Equally spectacular results will require a change in diet.
    But we can help you with that too.

“The difference is amazing.”

“I just wanted to take a second and tell you that you have a new hardcore fan. I’ve tried several other fish oil supplements and none of them come close to the quality of Omegavia! I’ve been using Omegavia for the last few months and the difference is amazing. You guys definitely have a customer for life! Thanks for caring enough about your customer to do it the right way!”

– Scott Smith, Mt. Juliet, TN

Worth the price to me

“My husband and I have been ordering OmegaVia for at least six months.

I have had part of my pancreas removed due to a tumor and I suffer from lupus and fibromyalgia.

My mood has improved so much with your product, it is never the same with any other product I have tried, the other benefits are not as pronounced because like I said I have fibromyalgia and lupus, but if I am not on OmegaVia I will feel horrible by just missing one pill.

It helps a lot to regulate my moods and to make me feel better and that alone is always worth the price to me.”

– Caro McArthur, Bothell, WA

“Clean! Even my picky wife takes your OmegaVia Fish Oil”

The one word that comes to mind when I think of your product is “Clean”!

Even my picky wife takes your OmegaVia Fish Oil, when she remembers or I remind her, and that’s saying something.

Thank you for your product.

Name Withheld, Grass Lake, MI

Great results!

I just received my lipid profile results from the doc. Pleased to note that my triglycerides have dropped from over 900 to 178. And this is after only 2 months of use. No other changes in diet. Remarkable.

One of the medications I take causes a significant rise in triglycerides. I tried the fibrates (tricor) but had minimal results.

It is indeed a blessing to have a product that is actually good for you and works so well.
I have done considerable research into the EPA/DHA ratio thing and am convinced that low-Omega-3 is causing many other ailments yet to be researched fully.

Also I tried another brand of Omega that did not contain enough EPA to do any good. The dosage and ratio are indeed very important. Feel free to use my endorsement. I appreciate your service and product.

Al Simmons, Killeen, TX

“Thanks for such a great product!”

– JA, Rocky River, OH

A friend recommended I try OmegaVia Fish Oil and I am so glad I did. It is such a pure high quality product. It is exciting when I see it has arrived! OmegaVia has excellent customer service as well. Thank you OmegaVia!

MP, Monmouth County, NJ

I am on my 12th bottle of OmegaVia!

My union insurance stopped covering Lovaza.

As a result of blood chemistry and lipids test done every 6 months, I am happy to report that my triglycerides are at 54 (acceptable range 35-150), and declining. After one recent exam, my cardiologist called me with the results and stated that my blood work testing was better than his!

This, I believe, is a realistic testament to my ongoing use of OmegaVia over the last 8 months.

Thank you for the informative discussions and literature provided me as a result of numerous telephone calls.

– Edward Rybak, Beechhurst, New York

The best for depression and triglycerides.

I have tried soooooo many fish oils and I love this one. Have gone back and forth a few times but have been faithfully taking this now for a few months and the difference is unbelievable!
– Rose K. Ohio

It is the Best!

I am a 37 years old and have always taken fish oil supplements from the local drug store.

I never knew the importance of pharmaceutical grade though. I stumbled upon OmegaVia after researching “the best fish oil supplement”. I agree…it is “The Best”!

I have been taking it for a month now and feel amazing! I have tons of energy and I don’t get overwhelmed in stressful situations which my employees really appreciate. LOL! I have been recommending OmegaVia to everyone!

My 80 year old grandmother has arthritis so bad she can’t walk without pain. Today she started taking OmegaVia. I am eager to see how she does on it! I’m sure another testimonial will be coming soon!

Thanks so much for such a wonderful, healthy product with no side effects!

Lisa Richards, Titusville, PA

“Lovaza was sending my into the “DONUT HOLE.”

“I have had many discussions with my doctor over the use AND COST OF LOVAZA.

Obviously, I trust his judgement when making the best decisions regarding my health. He insisted on Lovaza; I wanted something less costly – Lovaza was sending my into the “Donut Hole.” He kept saying that my health was more important than the money…UNTIL I SHOWED HIM THE COMPARISONS between OmegaVia and Lovaza which I found on your website and photo-copied to bring in to him. My doctor READ IT THOROUGHLY and agreed that OmegaVia was THE BEST CHOICE! I have since heard that he is recommending OmegaVia as a viable option! Thank you, OmegaVia!”

– Marlene Sabba, Farmingville, NY

Had a great blood test…we are so pleased with his results

“My husband Vinnie just had a great blood test this week regarding his numbers. His cholesterol went from 270 to 219 within 6 months of taking your product every day. I will email you back with the full list of numbers. We are so pleased with his results. We had been impressed with how your product explained the level of fish oil in it as opposed to the krill oil controversy. We will continue to autoship Omegavia into our home and are sharing it with others as Vinnie celebrates the fact that he once again avoided having to take Lipitor for life!”

Vinnie & Christina Donato
Boca Raton, Florida

Thank you for making your high concentrate EPA/DHA Omega 3 product.

It’s comforting to know I am getting this dosage with just one pill a day. The autoship program makes it easy to keep an adequate supply.

KBV, Michigan (Name withheld by request)

Don’t let the pill size scare you – it’s really manageable and the benefits are sooooooooooooooo worth it!

“I recently bought a bottle of OmegaVia because I did all my research and found this product to be just what I wanted in an omega 3 supplement. It has been been independently tested to be pure and free from mercury, and it has a very high amount of EPA. Plus, it has a NATURAL enteric coating, not yucky chemicals like the others have. I need an enteric coating because I get heartburn from the regular pills.

Anyway, when I received the product, I noticed HOW LARGE they were, and I freaked out! I called the company right away and asked the woman who answered my call if she had any suggestions on what to do. Julie was so very helpful and gave me a suggestion on how to use visualization to swallow them. It worked! I can swallow the pills with absolutely no problem. They really do slide down easily despite their horsey size.

I love this product and take it every day. Don’t let the size scare you- it’s really manageable and the benefits are sooooooooooooooo worth it! I’m super nervous when it comes to swallowing big pills, and if I can do it, anyone can! Customer service at this company is FANTASTIC. I love dealing with them, and they really are extremely knowledgeable about the science of fish oil.”

– Sharon Rosman


I have been doing extensive research on Omega 3 supplements for weeks and last week came across your website. It is THE MOST informative and easy to understand site I have been on.

I’ve been recommending your site to friends/family that have questions about Omega 3s.

Wonderful job to your team!!!

– Mitchell Turek, Jacksonville, FL

Combination of Omega-3 and the diet you recommend is truly a miracle!

I have been taking your Omega-3 for a while. And I have been following a diet low in Omega-6. This combo has stopped the progression of my arthritis. (My mother & aunt both have arthritis in the thumbs & so did I)

When I added a low carb diet into the mix, the arthritis completely disappeared!

The combination of Omega-3 and the diet you recommend is truly a miracle!

– Chris, Missouri

I recommend it whenever I can

“I will be ordering more as soon as I catch up on what I have. I am a big supporter of the product. Great value, ratio, and quality. I recommend it whenever I can.”

– Bryan S., North Wales, PA

“The results speak for themselves!”

“My name is Deb Lebbin and my husband and I have been taking your OmegaVia capsules since about October of 2011. I just had my blood checked today and am sending you the results from both last March and the one I just had done today. The results speak for themselves! I work in Cardiac Rehab at Kenosha Hospital, and the women in my department are AMAZED at my numbers. I wanted to share with you and thank you for a wonderful product!”

Total Cholesterol: 178
HDL: 58
Triglycerides: 66
LDL: 107

Total Cholesterol: 176
HDL: 92
Triglycerides: 49
LDL: 74

Data shared on January 31, 2012.

– Debra Lebbin, Kenosha, WI

[Editor: I would kill to have Deb’s numbers…if the numbers don’t kill me first!]

“I will definitely be ordering again. It’s the best fish oil supplement I’ve ever taken.”

– Sara Pauley, Charleston, WV

“Good ole fashioned customer service”

“I take it faithfully for high triglycerides and this was by far the best alternative to Lovaza (my insurance wanted a copay of $50.00 a bottle). Your good ole fashioned customer service…speaks volumes about your company and yourself/ coworkers.”

– Kerry Chromiak, Abingdon, Maryland

Within two months, my depression was gone

“Last Fall my doctor asked me to start taking Krill Oil (one pill a day) vs the fish oil I had been using, along with Red Rice Yeast for high cholesterol. I quit the Red Rice Yeast after a short time due to headaches but continued the Krill Oil.

After 4 months I was experiencing extreme depression (severe) and I didn’t know what was wrong. I searched the internet for an answer and discovered Omegavia’s blog on Krill Oil vs Fish Oil. I ordered a book on how to treat depression naturally and it stated to use a Fish Oil with high EPA. I immediately ordered Omegavia’s fish oil and within two months, my depression was gone. I had no idea Fish Oil could treat depression but I am living proof that it does.

I love what this product has done for me (along with the other benefits) and will never be without it!! Thank you Omegavia for saving my life…literally.

– Donna Collins, Lenexa, Kansas

Great product – our doctor is amazed! Thank you!

Name Withheld, Mapleton, OR

I have been using Omegavia since late last summer (2012).

I was told by my doctor to stop taking statins and to take 2 Omegavia pills per day and also take Slo-Niacin. My cholesterol is perfect and I feel great since I started this regimen. I also started my wife on Omegavia and she is also feeling great!!!

We will continue to be Omegavia customers for a very long time. Thank you for such a good product!!!

Michael Koskie, Clayton, GA

My doctor took me off Trilipix after my recent blood test.

I’ve been taking 3 OmegaVia every night and here are my BEFORE and AFTER numbers:

TOTAL CHOLESTEROL – Before: 247 and Now: 157
HDL – Before: 59 and Now: 50 (doctor said this was normal)
LDL – Before: 127 and Now: 83
TRIGLYCERIDES: Before: 274 and Now: 118

My doctor also lowered my Crestor from 20 mg to 5 mg. I am so happy!

– Chris G., Palmdale, CA

Editor: In subsequent emails, Chris mentioned that there was diet change – all sugar was dropped. Yes, OmegaVia reduces triglycerides, but in this case, we think getting rid of sugar had more to do with the results.

“In one month my triglycerides had dropped”

“Prior to taking OmegaVia, my triglycerides were above 660. I consulted my doctors about the product and they okayed me to add it to my daily routine.

I continued to watch my diet along with walking, as I had in the past. My only change to my daily routine was adding OmegaVia. In one month my triglycerides had dropped below 230. I can’t say ‘Thank you’ enough!!!”

– Mary Ross, Boron, California

“Love the product, and even got my Doctor to start recommending it (I was previously on Lovaza.)”

– Mark F., Seattle, Washington

“My triglycerides have dropped from 260 to 180”

August 10, 2011

Dear Omega Via

I am very pleased with your product. I have been taking it for two months and my triglycerides have dropped from 260 to 180.

I also found your website interesting and informative and your sales staff very helpful and cheerful.


– Lilla Leuchs, Cranford, New Jersey

“Dramatic improvement in my blood chemistry”

To: Customer Service

I’ve been taking OmegaVia at a dosage of six to eight tablets per day per doctor’s orders for six months now and have seen dramatic improvement in my blood chemistry results. My physician ordered me to take statins and when I refused, he recommended very high dosages of good quality fish oil as an alternative.

My triglycerides have dropped from 600 to 200, my C-Reactive protein number has dropped dramatically from above normal to well within the normal range and other inflammation markers have also improved to within normal range. My overall cholesterol has dropped from 300 to 220 and my “good cholesterol” number is now normal.

To be brutally honest I’ve not changed my diet which is admittedly poor and my exercise efforts are minimal. I would attribute the vast majority of my improved well being and blood chemistry results to taking high doses of OmegaVia. I’m certain with a bit more cardio exercise and some dietary changes that OmegaVia would be even more effective.

I highly recommend taking OmegaVia to battle triglycerides and for lowering inflammation and coronary risk indicators.

– Darrell Smith

Editor: please do not discontinue any prescription medication without thoroughly discussing the matter with your doctor. Also, we recommend no more than 4 capsules per day. Do not take more than 4 capsules without your doctor’s consent.

“Love Your Product”

– Wynton Dunford, Salt Lake City, Utah

“330 drop in my triglyceride level in 4 months is pretty remarkable!”

“Just letting you know that I’m very happy with the change in my triglyceride levels since taking Lovaza, then OmegaVia since last July. I started out with a level of 438 on July 13th. Then on Aug 30th, I was down to 124. Last week (November) my level was 108. I’m really impressed with those results! I think a 330 drop in my triglyceride level in 4 months is pretty remarkable!

My diet consists mainly of fruits and vegetables, a couple of pasture eggs a week and wild Alaskan Salmon twice a week. I eat steel cut oats almost every day. (I know you don’t have a high opinion of those) Any suggestions you might have will be appreciated. I’m working on cutting down on the carbs. That’s challenging because I don’t eat animals, birds and dairy. I’ll keep you posted. I plan on getting blood work done again in a couple of months.

At the risk of sounding like a walking commercial, I have to add,… that since taking the fish oil, I’m not taking as much medication for my arthritic back and knee. My hairdresser has remarked how shiny my hair looks and I have noticed that my skin is less dry. Dry hair, skin and lips are a problem in this hot dry climate. This seems to have helped more than all the topical products I’ve used.

Thanks for your help and I’m certainly happy I’ve found an alternative to Lovaza, which would be costing me lots. My insurance finally said they would cover it….with a $90 copay for 120 pills every 30 days. No thanks.

Take care, appreciate the blog and the good product at an affordable price.

– Karen Walker, St. George, Utah

Editor: Karen exchanged several emails with one of our nutritionists who helped guide her with dietary tips. Results like these are achievable only if you combine Omega-3 with a good diet that’s low in sugars and starches. Taking OmegaVia alone may not produce such impressive results.

“You assured me that this would work or you would refund all my money”

“I remember first ordering your product and being very skeptical. Well two months later, my friend’s triglycerides are down from 800 to 211. He also has limited his bacon and such from his diet. The doctor was delighted so we left the empty bottle with the doctor to tell others about it.

Thank you for all your good help. You assured me that this would work or you would refund all my money. I am happy that you were telling me the truth and wish all my dealing were as honest as this one.”

– Sharon Guerrieri, Brick, New Jersey

The product is well worth the cost

Physically, I love being pregnant and I am blessed to be a mom.

But my hormones seem to have trouble finding their balance following my pregnancies. Over a year ago, I was diagnosed with post-partum depression/anxiety (aka PPD). I tried a variety of “natural” remedies, including exercise and a different brand of fish oil, st. john’s wort, an estrogen patch, etc. Unfortunately, these other remedies were not working and all medical advisers recommended sertraline (zoloft).

The first two weeks of sertraline were extremely difficult as well and then my body seemed to balance and I was back on the road toward health. The plan was never to be on sertraline long-term but weaning off can have its own challenges. At my doctor’s invitation, I was allowed to attempt weaning off about six months ago. However, that was before I had OmegaVia as an ally and weaning didn’t work. About seven weeks ago, I began to wean again, this time with OmegaVia.

I appreciate the helpful information that comes with an OmegaVia shipment and I took 1-2 tablets of OmegaVia per day as I was weaning. Now, by the grace of God helping the good people at OmegaVia, I am completely off of sertraline and sticking with 2 tablets of OmegaVia per day. The product is well worth the cost. I am so excited to be feeling healthy with natural fish oil rather than a chemical prescription.

I recommend OmegaVia. Please tell any friends you know who have post-partum mood challenges.

– Lisa Fitzgerald, Austin, Texas

“Blood work revealed a dramatic reduction in his triglyceride”

My husband is on a statin drug, takes niacin tablets, watches his diet and excercises regularly; yet his high tryiglyceride levels weren’t decreasing. Since taking OmegaVia 3 months ago his blood work revealed a dramatic reduction in his triglyceride levels and the HDL (good cholesterol) spiked 10 points. We are thrilled with the results of this product and will be lifetime users. Love reading the blog with all the useful information. Thanks team Omegavia.

– Pat Stueck, Canton, GA

“OmegaVia is the only fish oil that doesn’t make me burp”

“I’ve always hated fish oil because of the horrible aftertaste (burps). I was really nervous about trying OmegaVia because I didn’t know if it was going to taste fishy. I know I really need to take Omega-3 every day. I tried your free sample and I’m relieved to report that OmegaVia is the only fish oil that doesn’t make me burp at all! Thanks!”

– Angela O’Connell, Torrance, California

“I have experienced tremendous benefits to my heart and joints”

“Since I started taking OmegaVia 2 months ago I have experienced tremendous benefits to my heart and joints.

I was diagnosed with Suprventricular Tachycardia 9 years ago, it is a condition that causes frequent heart palpitations, arrhythmia and very rapid heart beats (BPMs.) I have not had any episodes since taking OmegaVia!

I also was in a rear-end collision 2 years ago which left me with back/neck pain, pain in my joints and stiffness upon awakening…well, I am happy to say that is all gone now! Other fish oil supplements did not help. I feel so much better since taking this supplement…thank you Omegavia! :)”

– Rachel Kachun, Portland, Oregon

“Lipid Profile Showed Remarkable Improvement”

“I am happy to share with you some really good news relating to my recent blood tests.

I have been taking OmegaVia for approximately 5 months, the results are fantastic…my entire lipid profile showed remarkable improvement:

This is a first for me…I have never had a normal Triglyceride!

Thank you OmegaVia!


– Dolores Otis, Leesburg, Virginia

“Love This Product!”

“Thank you for such a high quality product…in just a few short months, my triglycerides have dropped 15%!!!!”

– Linda Sullivan, Daphne, Alabama

Reality Check:

  • These are real testimonials from real people.
  • Your results may not be this spectacular.
  • All our customers aren’t this happy. But most are.
  • Equally spectacular results will require a change in diet.
    But we can help you with that too.

“Thank you again for your miraculous product, and your extraordinary customer service”

“…my triglycerides went from 228 to 109 in less than 9 months with the addition of your product.

My blood glucose went from 139 to 89 (without the Metformin that I was supposed to have taken; but, did not. Of course, I also take high strength prescribed Crestor and Tricor as well. But these results cannot be disputed; I took them (Crestor and Tricor) prior as well!

Thank you again for your miraculous product, and your extraordinary “customer service”. I still cannot get over the fact that you sent my order via “courier” because it did not arrive in time, and I was afraid to miss even one day’s dose!”

– S.L., California (Name limited to initials per request)

Has dramatically assisted me with mood/depression problems

It might sound fishy (had to say it) but this stuff is GREAT! Can’t tell you how much it has helped me, and I lower my cardiac risk on top of it. Has dramatically assisted me with mood/depression problems.

Oh, and there is NO fish odor, taste or burping! Might be a coincidence but I am feeling better than I was. I also have reduced sugar and a few other things in my diet. I know I feel better than I did.

– Debra C., Monterrey, CA

“Better or at least equal to Lovaza at a fraction of the cost”

We love your product. It is better or at least equal to Lovaza at a fraction of the cost. Your customer service is second to none and your knowledge of the product is very reassuring. Keep it up.

– Winifred Arends, Richland, MI

“I love your company and customer service”

“I love your company and customer service and I like the no hype, let the products speak for themselves approach. ”

– Anthony Weaver, Queens Creek, Arizona

“Triglycerides are way down”

“Triglycerides are way down. Numbers look really good. I will send you the report. No doubt the reduced sugar intake and OmegaVia knocked down the triglycerides. Thanks much!”

– James Nye, Alpharetta, Georgia

“Highest purity at the best price”

“Before purchasing OmegaVia I did a lot of research and found OmegaVia to have the highest purity and quality at the best price. You guys know your stuff and have a great product.

Thanks also for your great service.”

– Peter Leighton, Sandy, Utah

“It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes!”

“…a couple times, things have gotten hectic and I’ve missed taking OmegaVia for a couple days…it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes! When I stop taking it, I’m achy, my joints feel more inflamed, and I just feel generally icky. If I start taking the OmegaVia again, I feel better within a half day or so.”

– CM, Kansas City, Missouri (Name limited to initials per request)

“I never forget to take OmegaVia now”

“During the winter months I get a tightening or stiffness in my left knee. It made walking jerky and difficult. Climbing staircases was even more difficult. And then I started taking your product. Since I’ve started taking OmegaVia I have had no problem at all during the winter. I am able to climb staircases easily. The stiffness has completely gone. I never forget to take OmegaVia now.”

– Snehlata Pratap, Austin, Texas

“My blood pressure has really normalized!”

“I don’t buy fish oil vitamins online. But after a relative gave me his box of OmegaVia, I gave it a shot. My blood pressure has really normalized! Thank you!”

– S.M., Singapore

“I hope you don’t run out of OmegaVia”

“I have gone to 2 different doctors and have not had the great nutritional suggestions you have given me. I cannot thank you enough for all the information…and I hope you all don’t run out again. I am apparently going to be “hooked” on your Omegavia!”

– Diane Maxon, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

“Triglycerides were lowered by 241!”

I have high cholesterol. I cannot take statins due to serious side effects. I have tried various fish oils to help lower cholesterol but nothing has seemed to help!

I am under the care of a Lipidologist, Dr. Cromwell. He recommended that I try OmegaVia. I have been taking it since August 2012 and they have been successful!

I am so relieved that I found something that seems to work!

My LDL-P particles were 2,375; total cholesterol 235; triglycerides 387, HDL 51 and LDL 107 in July 2012.

By November 2012, the LDL-P particles were at 2,281; total cholesterol 230; triglycerides 146; HDL 60 and LDL 141.

The total cholesterol went down by just 5 but triglycerides were lowered by 241! This serves as proof that OmegaVia works!

– Diane Daniel, Zebulon, NC

[Editor: Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We value and appreciate it. OmegaVia’s best effect is with triglycerides, as you noticed. Omega-3 (our product or any other ultra-concentrated fish oil) will not typically reduce total cholesterol or LDL. This is not how Omega-3 works. Omega-3 is very effective at reducing triglycerides and reducing inflammation. That’s where the heart health benefits come from. More about fish oil and cholesterol here and here.]

Our numbers are way down. We love it!

“You guys are the best. My husband and I have both had high cholesterol for years and since we’ve been taking Omegavia, our numbers have gone way down. We love it!

We have shopped for other omega 3’s that offer more benefits for less money and there are none that we have found. Thank you so much!”

– Carolyn Rice, Westminster, Colorado

“Above and beyond good customer service”

“That is way above and beyond good customer service. Thanks!”

– Kevin Johnson, Springfield, Virginia

“Thanks for the great product!”

“I just got back from my doctor and the entire staff was very impressed (and jealous!) about my lowered Triglycerides! Thanks for the great product! I also told my doctor about your product and he was very interested in telling his patients about it.”

– Nick Medrano, San Antonio, Texas

“No after-taste!”

“The fish oil is great. No after taste!”

– M. Stevenson, Lancaster, CA

Joint pain has improved greatly

“After doing research on numerous brands, I have found that OmegaVia is the purest. I started taking this supplement after developing joint pain from intense athletic training. My joint pain has improved greatly. Thank you for a quality product at a reasonable cost.”

SK, Monmouth County, NJ

I would recommend this product to everyone because I tried it and it works.

I love this product. I’m actually trying to get my Mom to take it more often. A co-worker recommended it and he had great results.

I initially tried this product to lower my triglycerides, which it did. The side effect that I got was that it removed the pain in my joints.

After using the product every day regularly, I noticed that I could walk down the stairs without my knees hurting. Sometimes in the mornings, I would go down a flight of stairs in my home to do laundry and I would have to take each step one by one. Now, I can walk down it!

Also, I always had this pain in my right ankle and that has disappeared too. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t feel so rickety and fragile. I would recommend this product to everyone because I tried it and it works.

I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for making this product!

– Marisol Castellanos, Stanhope, NJ

“I went to my optometrist yesterday for my yearly exam. I told her I was using my reading glass less, and perhaps my vision had improved. She did the exam and said my vision had returned to what it was several years ago, and decreased my eye glass prescription. I asked what could have caused this, and her thought was the omega-3. Pretty impressive! I’ve shared some of my OmegaVia with three friends this week after they heard about my triglycerides and eye exam; I also gave them your website info and your name.

Thanks again for a great product!”

– Keith Barham, Carson City, Nevada

OmegaVia Complaints

Yes, we get complaints. Not many, but we do get them. We will never intentionally disappoint you.

Our Top 3 complaints:

  1. Pill size. We heard this complaint often enough that we released OmegaVia EPA 500, a mini pill.
  2. Availability. People want to buy OmegaVia at the corner Walgreens. Sorry, no plans to do this. If we did this, each bottle would cost $50. But it is available on if that helps.
  3. Cost. It takes 100 gallons of crude fish oil to make 1 gallon of ultra-pure Omega-3 that goes into OmegaVia. And raw material prices have gone up 20% in the last year alone. OmegaVia is not cheap. But it’s a great value.

Reality Check:

  • These are real testimonials from real people.
  • Your results may not be this spectacular.
  • All our customers aren’t this happy. But most are.
  • Equally spectacular results require a diet change. But we can help you with that too.

DISCLAIMER: Results shared on this page are not typical. This website is for your education and general health information only. This website is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any health condition or problem. Users of this website should not rely on information provided on this website for their own health problems. Any questions regarding your own health should be addressed to your own physician.