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The Story Behind These Fish Oil Pills Is Unique

OmegaVia is not your average fish oil supplement company. 

Nutritionist, chemist and company founder, Vin Kutty, had one thing in mind when he embarked on developing the best Omega-3 supplement possible…

He wanted to nourish the people he loved.

He started this company because he couldn’t convince his aging parents to make changes in their diet. He decided if he couldn’t transform how they ate, at least he could give them an incredible supplement. They were willing to take a supplement every day. 

It wouldn’t replace a healthy diet. But it could help.

So he set out to find one super pure, super concentrated Omega-3 softgel they could take on a daily basis. A self-described “Omega-3 evangelist” he knew this one nutrient in high enough concentrations could make a huge impact on their health.

Unfortunately he couldn’t find that pill. It didn’t exist.

As a product developer for a supplement manufacturer, Vin knew what it would take to make this the right way. 

So he decided to make it himself. 

And because it was for his parents – because he wanted it to be as beneficial as possible – he didn’t spare any expense. He went for the best raw materials, the best processing technology – he went for the best Omega-3 you can make short of shifting the orbit of the planet.

You can find out the details of how they are made right here.

After years of research and meticulous formulation, he developed an ultra-concentrated ultra-pure Omega-3 fish oil pill. So he could nourish his parents as they nourished him all his life (even now!)

That is why OmegaVia exists.

As Vin puts it:

“This company is about getting the best nutrition for my family. If I sell some Omega-3 pills to people I don’t know – that’s icing on the cake. That’s how I started the company. And decades later I still feel that way. Every time a complete stranger tells me how much this fish oil helps them, I am thrilled . . . Having a viable business that supports my family – the best thing ever . . .

But simply put, it’s still just a bonus to why I’m doing this. To feed the people I love with good nutrition.” 

Over the years, the company has grown. We have more members of the team. And the complications that come with shipping, customer service and managing supply chains.

But the essence of who we are stays the same.

With every single batch of fish oil pills that comes off encapsulation line, Vin gets a case delivered to his door. And he gives these bottles of nourishing goodness to the people he loves. 

So know that when you buy a bottle of our fish oil pills, it’s kind of like you’re coming to a family dinner at Vin’s house. Each bottle is made with the kind of love and commitment to quality that only comes with family.

Enjoy. And live well!

To find out more about these Omega-3 pills and get some of this nourishing goodness for yourself, just go here.

The People Behind OmegaVia

Sue Mehta

Sue Mehta, JD

The co-founder and organizing force behind OmegaVia is a master of many arts. She is an attorney, designer, writer, award-winning poet and let’s not forget scholar of East Asian languages and a mother of twins. While training to run the San Diego marathon in 2004, she discovered the value of Omega-3 and healthy nutrition. The rest, well, is history.

Just don’t get between her and her first cup of coffee!

Liz Grant

Liz Grant

Liz has razor sharp marketing insight and really understands what OmegaVia customers want. Liz assists with design, copywriting and website functionality. When she’s not busy working, she’s out and about with Horatio, her Old English Sheepdog. We love the fact that she’s so nice, normal and grounded. Every office needs a Liz!

Did we mention that we love Liz?

Sam Grant

Sam Grant

Sam brings his expert project management and risk management skills to OmegaVia. Sam makes sure that any job that involves an element of time or urgency is nudged along. He’s been known to wake up at 3 am to watch Manchester United games and to fire up the grill at the drop of a hat.

He’s also an uncomplaining victim of Vin’s Omega-3 & 6 rants.

Vin Kutty

Vin Kutty

Vin is a nutritionist, writer and Omega-3 evangelist. He’s OmegaVia’s co-founder and has worked in the health care industry for over 20 years. When he is not ranting about fish oil, he is scouring scientific journals for the latest research on Omega-3. Vin is an avid traveler and lover of nature and is the owner of a non-profit rainforest preserve in Bolivia’s Amazon region. He does not know when to shut up about Omega-3. Seriously!

Lee Johnson

If you call us with a question or a problem, chances are you’ll talk to Lee. He’s in our St. Louis, Missouri office. (Yes, our customer service team is in Missouri and not in Philippines or India because we want you to hear a familiar voice.) Lee is an early riser, so you early birds in New York and Florida can call us bright and early. Lee is also a numbers whiz. Before OmegaVia, Lee designed medical and commercial products.

In his off time, Lee dreams of elaborate spreadsheets, loves playing tennis, and bike rides.

Julie Johnson

Julie is our head of Customer Service. Her job is to make sure you’re happy with OmegaVia, whatever it takes. She is perfect for the job because she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She has a way with animals. They say animals are a good judge of character – your loyal pets will leave your side and magically flock to her.

When she manages to get away, you will find her at the lake paddle boarding.