About Us

Why OmegaVia got started…

OmegaVia was born while two of us were standing in line at a Costco pharmacy, waiting to pick up our Lovaza prescription for high triglycerides.

Lovaza is an ultra-concentrated prescription fish oil that cost us $160/month. Right next to the pharmacy, there were lots of regular fish oil (for $15) that we’d tried but didn’t improve our triglyceride numbers. There had to be a better option!

That’s when OmegaVia was born.

We needed an affordable, over-the-counter product equal to or better than Lovaza.

Since most of us were already working in the fish oil industry and with our extensive experience in nutrition, health and pharmaceutical industries, it was just a matter of making it happen.

And it happened in 2008. We’ve been delighting customers ever since.

We are located in sunny Calabasas, California, with offices in Missouri and Michigan.

We needed an affordable, over-the-counter product equal to or better than Lovaza…and it happened in 2008.

The People Behind OmegaVia

Sue Mehta

Sue Mehta, JD

The co-founder and organizing force behind OmegaVia is a master of many arts. She is an attorney, designer, writer, award-winning poet and let’s not forget scholar of East Asian languages and a mother of twins. While training to run the San Diego marathon in 2004, she discovered the value of Omega-3 and healthy nutrition. The rest, well, is history.

Just don’t get between her and her first cup of coffee!

Liz Grant

Liz Grant

Liz has razor sharp marketing insight and really understands what OmegaVia customers want. Liz assists with design, copywriting and website functionality. When she’s not busy working, she’s out and about with Horatio, her Old English Sheepdog. We love the fact that she’s so nice, normal and grounded. Every office needs a Liz!

Did we mention that we love Liz?

Sam Grant

Sam Grant

Sam brings his expert project management and risk management skills to OmegaVia. Sam makes sure that any job that involves an element of time or urgency is nudged along. He’s been known to wake up at 3 am to watch Manchester United games and to fire up the grill at the drop of a hat.

He’s also an uncomplaining victim of Vin’s Omega-3 & 6 rants.

Vin Kutty

Vin Kutty

Vin is a nutritionist, writer and Omega-3 evangelist. He’s OmegaVia’s co-founder and has worked in the health care industry for over 20 years. When he is not ranting about fish oil, he is scouring scientific journals for the latest research on Omega-3. Vin is an avid traveler and lover of nature and is the owner of a non-profit rainforest preserve in Bolivia’s Amazon region. He does not know when to shut up about Omega-3. Seriously!