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Fish Oil For Joints That Need A Little Extra TLC

When you take fish oil for joints that are troubling you something magical happens inside your body . . .

The body transforms the original Omega-3s into a super compound that is 10,000 times stronger at keeping your joints working smoothly!*

These super joint compounds are called resolvins.

Resolvins are chemicals that work to stop the production or transport of pain-causing compounds.

And when your body can make these resolvins easily thanks to a good supply of fish oil, good things happen . . .

  • In one clinical study, people found they felt ready to get moving each morning without a hitch . . . movement was comfortable throughout the day . . . and fatigue didn’t hit their bodies as soon as it used to.1*
  • Similar results were observed in 16 similar clinical studies reviewed in a meta-analysis published the journal Pain.2*

Other research has revealed fish oil’s Omega-3s

  • Help preserve joint cartilage by inhibiting the production of cartilage-eating enzymes*
  • Improve grip strength*
  • Can even increase your walking pace*

For years we’ve known that fish oil’s Omega-3s, particularly EPA, compete with inflammatory molecules like arachidonic acid. Omega-3s essentially keep these pain-triggering molecules from having much of an effect by occupying common receptor sites.*

Now – with the discovery of resolvins – we’re starting to see how truly powerful Omega-3s can be for joints in general.*

Ready to get your joints moving comfortably? Try our different forms of fish oil for joints . . . and for keeping inflammation healthy throughout your body.* Our Ultra-Concentrated Omega-3s has a very high concentration of EPA along with DHA. If you need even more joint support, try our pure EPA 500.

“A friend recommended I take fish oil supplements for managing my triglycerides*. I don’t like taking pills. But after talking to your technical person for half an hour, I felt comfortable trying OmegaVia. But the first thing I noticed within a few days was that my joints felt better and my golf swing was comfortable! That’s a nice bonus!”*

Jeff Cardwell Indianapolis, Indiana

We are thoroughly enjoying the benefits of your product – in the 6 months since we have been taking OmegaVia fish oil we both have happier shoulders and knees, more balanced mood and energy levels. And I have maintained healthy triglycerides! in spite of my love for rich dairy products and cheese.* Thank you so much!

Anne Connecticut

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