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Omega-3 Fish Oil For Eyes – Aging Eyes, Dry Eyes And Eye Fatigue

Our eyes need Omega-3s. Use Omega-3 fish oil for eyes – dry eyes, tired eyes, aging eyes, young eyes – and you’ll SEE the difference.

Multiple Clinical Studies Prove Omega-3s From Fish Oil Are Critical For Eye Health

The NIH’s groundbreaking eye nutrition study – AREDS 2 – put Omega-3s squarely on the map for eye health as we age.1 Since then a number of studies have confirmed Omega-3s can help keep us keep our vision sharp as we hit our golden years.*

But it’s not just for older people . . .

  • Pregnant moms are advised to take supplemental DHA to help with fetal eye development as well. *
  • And the importance for vision continues after birth . . . In one study researchers found 4-year-olds who had not breastfed had vision on par with breastfed children if they had the Omega-3 DHA added to their formula. The non-breastfed children who didn’t have this supplement had consistently poorer vision.2 *

How do fish oil’s Omega-3s help your eyes?

  • The Omega-3 DHA makes up 30% of the fatty acids in the photoreceptors of your retina. Get enough of it and your body can keep this essential part of your eye in tip-top shape.3*
  • In addition, the Omega-3 EPA may help maintain healthy inflammation and immune response to protect the eye.4 *

If dry eyes are bothering you,

  • A review of 17 clinical trials concluded that Omega-3 supplementation can offer effective relief.5 *
  • Omega-3s may help improve the quality of the oily film our eyelids produce for lubrication.6 *

So, if you’re looking for an Omega-3 fish oil for eyes in general as well as eye strain and dry eye, you’ve found it here. OmegaVia’s Ultra-Concentrated Omega-3s gives you plenty of DHA and EPA in every pill. Our DHA 600 gives you an extra boost of DHA. And if maintaining a normal inflammation response is a goal, EPA 500 may offer the targeted nutrition you need.*

I have very dry eyes which makes it hard to wear my contacts so I decided to take fish oil pills to fix the issue, I took normal fish oil vitamins that are sold at local retail stores and did not notice a different, within one week of taking Omega Via I noticed a significant change in the moisture in my eyes, I am extremely happy and satisfied with this product that I put my order on automatic shipment!*

Nousheen Khan-Memon

I’ve been using Omegavia for several months now. I shared my last order with my mother & good friend because they both complained of fishy burps with other products. I assured them they wouldn’t experience that with Omegavia as long as they take it with a meal… Both are hooked & I believe you’ll have some new customers. My brother has recently been advised to start fish oil & I’ll be sending him a bottle from today’s order….I feel SO much better! Thanks for making a great AND affordable product!*

Christina M. Pensacola, Florida

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