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Why Use Fish Oil For Skin Health

How does smooth, resilient, youthful skin sound to you?

If you want beautiful, healthy skin, you need Omega-3s in your diet.*

  • Eating lots of seafood, pastured eggs and grassfed meat can help you get closer to the amount needed. And diet is certainly the best place to start.

But even with an excellent diet, it’s hard to get enough.

  • That’s why so many people concerned about their skin health use fish oil supplements. Supplement with Omega-3-rich fish oil for skin health and you’ll love what you’ll see in the mirror.*

How do we know this works?

In part because we see it in practice . . . Aestheticians make up one of our largest groups of professional customers. They have their clients use our fish oil supplements to help them achieve smooth, flawless skin that glows with health from the inside out.

Because it works so well, they keep coming back for more. Emerging research confirms what their happy clients are seeing . . .

Fish Oil’s Omega-3s Work Wonders Beneath Your Skin’s Surface 

Throughout your body, Omega-3s, particularly EPA, competes with the Omega-6 fatty acid arachidonic acid (AA) for receptor sites. By doing so it helps keep the body’s inflammatory response healthy and balanced. *

  • No less than 10 clinical studies have shown that thanks to its role in a healthy inflammation response, Omega-3 supplementation can help people worried about their skin maintain clear, beautiful skin.1*

Omega-3s moderating influence in the body may also explain how taking Omega-3 fish oil for skin health may delay sunburn after UV exposure.*

  • In 3 clinical trials, when people upped their Omega-3 intake through supplementation (anywhere between 2.8 g to 5 g) it seemed to help strengthen their skin’s healthy resistance to sunburn.2*

Sounds good, huh?

But let’s dig a little deeper . . . Let’s look at how Omega-3s may be impacting the structure of your skin . . .

In 2005 a group of Korean researchers conducted two experiments on skin and Omega-3s – one testing skin cells in petri-dishes and the second using human volunteers.

And they found that when they applied the Omega-3 EPA directly onto skin after the skin was exposed to UV rays, the skin continued to function in a healthy, beautiful way.

  • Enzymes that ordinarily would appear and start destroying the collagen of the skin after UV exposure did not emerge.

Nope, the skin kept humming along – healthy and beautiful – with no interference from these collagen-eating enzymes.*

  • Better yet, a whole other set of enzymes started to become more active . . . Enzymes linked to increasing production of collagen, fibrin and elastin in the skin started to show up.3*

Now it’s important to note this experiment involved slathering the skin with Omega-3 oil. It’s a great study for confirming why a sardine-oil skin cream might work – if you can stand the smell! But when it comes to supplementation, it doesn’t necessarily prove anything. This research just suggests possibilities.

That being said, we know supplementation can deliver Omega-3s to the skin.

  • In one of the sunburn studies mentioned above, when people supplemented with 4 g of EPA over 3 months, they saw an 8-fold increase in EPA in the skin. So with supplementation, your skin is getting more Omega-3s – perhaps enough to make a difference.

Clearly we have more research to do to understand how fish oil helps the skin.  However, you can’t argue with the confidence-boosting, beautiful results many of our customers see with their skin when they start using our fish oil regularly.*

Ready to see what Omega-3-rich fish oil can do for your skin? Our Ultra-Concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil gives you lots of EPA along with a good supply of DHA. And if you feel the need for some extra EPA-power when it comes to keeping your skin’s inflammation response normal*, try our ultra-pure EPA 500.

I really believe that this product has assisted providing healthier skin. My friend recommended your fish oil product, which I was skeptical about at first. I figured what have I got to lose. After 3-4 months of using your fish oil twice a day I have definitely seen results. Along with this added supplement I’ve also decided to eliminate dairy in my diet. Combining these changes in my everyday diet has amazed me with the results.

Thank you so much for letting me gain my confidence again!

Chad B. Florida

Just letting you know that I’m really impressed with those results! At the risk of sounding like a walking commercial, my hairdresser has remarked how shiny my hair looks and I have noticed that my skin is less dry. Dry hair, skin and lips are a problem in this hot dry climate. This seems to have helped more than all the topical products I’ve used.

Thanks for your help and I’m certainly happy I’ve found you. Take care, appreciate the blog and the good product at an affordable price.*

Karen Walker St. George, Utah

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