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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Omega-3 Handbook

written by Vin Kutty

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Omega-3 Handbook by Gretcen Vannice
The internet is full of information about fish oil and Omega-3.

Very little of it is unbiased.

Omega-3s are not simple. It’s complicated stuff.

And there is so much to know! Who has time for that?!

We live in a soundbite world where bits of knowledge need to fit on a bumper sticker. Anything more complicated is just ignored.

So where can you get unbiased information about Omega-3?

Gretchen Vannice MS, RD has written a book just for you. She is an author, speaker and researcher, specializing in Omega-3. She’s worked with several universities, corporations and health care providers.

Clearly, this work feels like the result of a few dozen questions that she must hear over and over.

Unbiased Information About Omega-3

I ran into Gretchen a couple of weeks ago at a trade show and I noticed that she was holding a book about Omega-3. So I pounced and asked her about the book.

“Oh yeah, it’s my new book. It just got published,” she said.
Gretchen Vannice, author of Omega-3 Handbook
I’ve known Gretchen (right) for a while and visit her Omega-3 blog regularly.

“But I didn’t know you were working on a book,” I replied.

“I wrote the book secretly because I wanted it to be completely unbiased. I didn’t want to endorse any brands or have manufacturers ask me to mention their fish oil product.”

How ’bout that?

I made an immediate mental note to get a copy of the book and blog about it here.

When I first read the title ‘Omega-3 Handbook. A Ready Reference Guide for Health Professionals,’ my first reaction was that the book might be too technical for regular folks.

It isn’t.

Useful Information in Simple Language

The book is written in simple, clean language with lots of Q&A sections.

The author answers several of your most common questions:

  • How much Omega-3 you really need?
  • What should you look for in an Omega-3 supplement?
  • Amount of Omega-3 found in commonly consumed fish.
  • Omega-3 recommendations for kids and pregnant women.
  • Can you get too much fish oil?
  • The difference between plant and marine Omega-3.

And when the answer is ‘we don’t know,’ she says so. How refreshing!

To Krill or Not to Krill?

Based on the sheer numbers of emails I get about krill oil, public interest (infatuation?) in krill has not peaked. The book briefly (albeit fairly) discusses krill oil, but krill worshippers are going to be left a little thirsty at the end of this book.

It’s possible that the space dedicated to krill oil reflects the amount of science available on the subject. Even though most of the science on krill is positive, from a scientific discovery perspective, there’s a lot less to say about it than regular fish oil. This may be part of that unbiased approach that Gretchen was going for.

Teaching you how to Fish

Please don’t let the words ‘Guide for Health Professionals‘ hold you back from buying this book. You will easily understand and appreciate the contents of this book even if you are not a health professional.

If you were looking for an expert to hold your hand and tell you which fish oil brand to buy and how many pills to take, well, look elsewhere.

This book prefers to teach you how to fish instead.

A noble achievement.

You can buy a copy for $18 at

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