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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Fish Oil Emails and Questions

written by Vin Kutty

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fish oil supplement

fish oil emails and questions

Over 25,000 people read this blog every month.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that we occasionally get a hate mail or two. Why keep the good stuff just for me? So I’ll share some with you.

But fish oil hate mail!? Can you believe it?

Most of you are super nice, with comments like:
Love your product. Can I give it to my dog?‘ or
Can I give it to my 2-year-old?

For the record, yes to the dog. And no to the 2-year old – the pills are too big. And besides, kids need more DHA.

But not all emails come from nice people.

Some are from cretins.

Super cretins!

But you can learn a lot from cretins.

A sampling of our hate mail

Cretin emails often go like this:

  • You guys are morons! How dare you disagree with Dr. Oz?! Hope he sues you!
  • Your product sucks! Because it’s not made from algae. My product is made from algae. My product is better than your product.
  • I run a Nigerian pharmacy. I want to sell your fish oil supplements. Please give me your bank account information.
  • I have a PhD. You don’t. You are not qualified to write blogs about Omega-3 and essential fatty acids.

Don’t mess with my Oz!

We get more hate mail about disagreeing with Dr. Mehmet Oz than about any other subject. A reaction to this blog. (That blog has been ‘removed.’ )

I’m not surprised. People love Mehmet Oz. We love him too! He’s done a lot to help Americans get healthier. But he is still partly wrong when it comes to Omega-3 and fats.

Six months after I wrote that blog, I feel even more strongly about the statements made in it.

Stirring the pot

Oh, speaking of Oz, a low-fat diet that’s high in whole grains is not the way to go if you have high triglycerides.

A diet consisting only of the right kinds of seafood, fats, meats, veggies, eggs and nuts along with daily exercise will drop your triglycerides like a rock.*

By ‘right kinds of fats,’ I mean the kinds found in fish and olive oil.

Be sure to stay away from Omega-6-rich corn oil, soybean oil, vegetable oils, sunflower and safflower oils.

And a 10-foot pole is too short to touch trans-fats with.

Your Product Sucks!

Then, there’s the your-product-sucks emails. These are usually from competitors. We like these. This just means there is plenty of competition. And you, the customer, have a lot of choices.

Whenever we can, we mention other brands that we really like.

Such as:
Nordic Naturals – most of their products are very high quality, but there are too many products to choose from.
Minami Nutrition – new to the US, they have one product that is as potent as OmegaVia. Minami Platinum plus Vitamin D3. I highly recommend it.
OceanBlue Professional – another very potent product.
OmegaBrite – excellent product. Whenever customers find it hard to swallow large pills, I send them to OmegaBrite. They’re always happy I did.

There are a couple of more brands, but these are basically the cream of the crop. And we never get hate mail from them.

Just sayin’.

Oh, and there are instances when we talk people away from buying OmegaVia.

It’s usually with pregnant women.

Prescription DHA Omega-3 products handed out by OB/GYNs are pathetically weak.

There isn’t enough DHA in them.

So we direct them to OmegaVia DHA 600.

Why the High-EPA Levels?

Another common email subject is why we have so much EPA in our product, and not as much DHA. Look for a blog entry in the near future that explains why in more detail.

In a nutshell, it has to do with how EPA dulls the effect of Arachidonic Acid.

The high-EPA nature of OmegaVia’s formula was designed to work very well for some (but not all) people.

Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil

And finally, we get lots of emails and phone calls about krill oil.

Is krill oil better than fish oil?
Short answer: yes.
Long answer: read this blog, but it basically says krill is better absorbed but it’s lousy bang-for-the-buck.

So, yeah, our inbox is often burning with angry letters. Most of them are amusing. But a couple of them, well, be glad you don’t live near the folks that wrote them!


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  1. dad had a 2nd grade prostate many grms of omega-3 wl he need?

    Will it also normalize the sugar in our body?

    • Hi Flora – this is a question for your doctor. I am a nutritionist and am not permitted by law or training to dispense medical advice. Having said that, I am not aware of any studies with Omega-3 on prostate enlargement. Omega-3 has very small to no effect on blood sugar. I’m sorry for not having more cheerful news, but it never hurts to take 1000 mg of Omega-3 every day.
      – Vin Kutty

  2. I came across an ad for om3gafort scc. Can you tell me where it is produced? It’s been difficult to find any information about the manufacturer and there is very little on the internet to research.

    • Hi Barbara – Omegafort SCC contains Peruvian/Chilean anchovy oil and is purified in Spain. I believe the pills are made in Canada. Good product. I like it.
      – Vin Kutty

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