Fish Oil & Your Health

The benefits of fish oil come from the healthy Omega-3 fats found naturally in wild fish. EPA and DHA are the two main types of Omega-3 fats in fish.

Scientifically Proven Fish Oil Benefits

Comfort Your Joints

Omega-3s are powerful at soothing your achy joints:

  • Reduces joint discomfort
  • Reduces morning stiffness
  • Reduces enzymes that destroy cartilage

Keep Your Mind Sharp

The brain is mostly made out of fat. And most of the fat in the brain is DHA Omega-3. So, brain performance and function (cognition) isstrongly influenced by the amount of Omega-3 in your diet.

Increased levels of Omega-3 helps:

  • Enhance memory
  • Support thinking speed
  • Manage age-related brain decline

Maintain Your Eyesight & Prevent Dry Eyes

Low levels of Omega-3 and high levels of Omega-6 (from seed oils in our diet) have been linked to dry eyes. Several studies have shown that 2000 mg of Omega-3 can help soothe dry eyes.

Manage Triglyceride & Cholesterol Naturally

A diet low in sugar, juices, and processed grains along with 3000 to 4000 mg of Omega-3 per day can help bring your triglyceride levels down naturally.

Protect Your Heart

Fish oil helps:

  • Promote healthy heart beat
  • Moderate growth rate of atherosclerotic plaque
  • Naturally balance triglycerides, an important

This is why the American Heart Association recommends that you take 1000 mg of Omega-3 everyday.

Lift Your Mood Naturally

EPA Omega-3 is crucial in maintaining mood health. In several studies, EPA has been found to be as effective as prescription anti-depressants.

Several studies have shown that persons with depression have low Omega-3 levels and high Omega-6 levels.

Keep Your Skin Supple

Modern diets are high in Omega-6 and low in Omega-3. This can cause inflammation in the skin. Increasing Omega-3 is a critical step in reducing redness and scaling.

Manage Blood Pressure Naturally

Several studies have shown the taking 2000 mg of Omega-3 in combination with a plant-rich diet and exercise can help moderate blood pressure.


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