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Why Our Omega-3s Are Powerful Mood Supplements

If you’re looking to keep your mood steady using supplements and a good diet, you’ve come to the right place. Nearly 4 decades of research reveal Omega-3s nourish a healthy spirit.*

Epidemiological studies show people who eat a lot of Omega-3-rich fish tend to be happier people. In clinical studies, people struggling with mood feel pretty good after supplementing regularly with fish oil Omega-3s.1* In fact, the evidence is so strong, the U.S. army has been considering adding Omega-3s to standard rations as a way to help soldiers deal with the mentally grueling conditions and after-effects of military service.2*

Much of the research doesn’t distinguish between DHA and EPA. It just identifies Omega-3s in general for their mood buoying benefits. However, lately more research suggests EPA might be more effective in supporting good mental health.*

Wouldn’t you love to get up each morning mentally charged up to take on the day? OmegaVia EPA 500 gives you concentrated EPA for optimum mood support.* Our Ultra-Concentrated Omega-3 gives you a big supply of unopposed EPA that will help you feel upbeat, along with some DHA as well.*

After reading all the testimonials and studying the facts about your product I ordered 3 bottles and started her on one pill a day with breakfast. Within two weeks I noticed she was no longer complaining and her mood had improved considerably. I then increased her dosage to 2 pills a day one with breakfast and one with dinner and within four weeks – the results were nothing short of a miracle….and her mood is one of peace and tranquility unlike anything I have ever seen in the 35 yrs we have been married.*

Jack and Janice Bagley Granby, CT

I’ve suffered from mood health for years. My latest episode happened this past spring.  I started looking for supplement to help. I spent days, many of which on your website, researching fish oil. Your blogs are very informative. I’ve been taking two Omegavia pills a day for about three weeks now and I feel great. The lingering soreness from spraining my ankle and shoulder a couple of months ago has practically subsided and my mood has improved drastically. Here’s a note to potential buyers: Please don’t waste your time contemplating which brand of fish oil is better. As mentioned in the blogs, there’s only a few manufacturers out there that have a product of similar quality, but you’ll end up spending nearly twice as much. Choose Omegavia, you won’t be disappointed!*

Mike McGee Santa Monica, CA

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