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How to Reduce Omega-6

by Vin Kutty on August 30, 2014

Omega-6 is the villain around these parts. Why? Because excess Omega-6 can lead to inflammation.   It’s not as black and white as ‘Omega-3 good; Omega-6 baaad!‘ That’s an over-simplified view of a blog focused on the wonders of Omega-3. Health matters are never that simple. Inflammation, after all, is a natural repair process. Excess… Read More

5 Big Improvements to OmegaVia

by Vin Kutty on July 29, 2014

We’ve made some upgrades to OmegaVia. It still has the same amount of Omega-3. Same EPA to DHA ratio. And the same price. Here are some of the upgrades: POTENCY: Now concentrated with heat-free Supercritical CO2. PURITY: Additional step for cholesterol and impurity reduction. PEACE OF MIND: Certified third-party radiation tested. OIL SOURCE: Now made… Read More

What’s in your Fish Oil?

by Vin Kutty on June 28, 2014

Regular Fish Oil – what’s in it? ‘Regular’ fish oil is sold in most grocery, drug and warehouse stores. They are inexpensive – you can get several hundred pills for $15. These oils are usually made from Sardines and Anchovies caught in the Pacific ocean, off the coast of Peru and Chile. The data for… Read More

The 4 Most Important (but Ignored) Blood Tests for Your Heart

by Vin Kutty on May 30, 2014

A little worried about your heart? You’re not alone. Here are a four tests that you (and your doctor) ought to be looking at during your next physical. Omega-3 Index CRP (C-Reactive Protein) Insulin Triglyceride/HDL ratio 1. Omega-3 Index I’ll have more to say to about this in a future blog, but whether you’re taking… Read More

Fish Oil for Brain Injury?*

by Vin Kutty on April 27, 2014

We receive a lot of inquiries about how to use Omega-3 for brain injury recovery. I need to be upfront about a few things: We don’t know with certainty whether fish oil can heal brain injuries. But we know that fish oil should be part of the nutritional foundation for improving recovery. Don’t do this… Read More

Why Fish Oil ‘Doesn’t Work’

by Vin Kutty on March 29, 2014

7 reasons why recent news on fish oil has been negative Lately, there’s been nothing but bad news about fish oil.   At last check, there were over 22,000 separate published studies on fish oil, most of it published in the last decade. If there is such an explosive increase in scientific proof in support… Read More

Omega-3 for Kids:
10 Products Reviewed

by Vin Kutty on February 28, 2014

What can Omega-3 during and after pregnancy do for your kids? Omega-3 from fish oil has been strongly associated with: Birth weight* Reduced pre-term births* Healthy brain function* Eye development* reading ability* IQ and behavior*. ‘Less bed-time resistance’  (Yesss!) Fewer waking episodes and an hour of extra sleep, says a new study. Things to remember:… Read More

Why taking Probiotic Supplements may not solve all your gut issues

by Vin Kutty on January 28, 2014

Probiotics are popular. People who don’t follow probiotic research are quick to dismiss these pills – they’d be making a mistake. Probiotics are POWERFUL! But taking these pills alone won’t fix all your gut issues. For that, you’ll also need to make other lifestyle changes.   While playing in the backyard several years ago, my… Read More

Omega-7: A New Good Fat

by Vin Kutty on December 16, 2013

Nope. That was not a typo. That was Omega-7 with a SEVEN. You’ll be hearing more about it. You’ve obviously heard about Omega-3s. And probably Omega-6s and 9s. Omega-6s are essential but cause inflammation when consumed in excess. Omega-9s are found in olive oil and bacon fat. Omega-9s are not essential because your body can… Read More

Oxidized LDL and Your Health (A case for more animal fat?)*

by Vin Kutty on November 20, 2013

Oxidized LDL is a much better predictor of ‘cardiovascular events’ than anything on your regular cholesterol panel. Tests for oxidized LDL are not easily available, but there are some things you can do to shift the odds in your favor. Factors that affect LDL oxidation 1. The type of fats found in your LDL cell… Read More