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OmegaVia vs Nordic Naturals

Compare: OmegaVia vs Nordic Naturals

OmegaVia vs. Nordic Naturals

We don’t like brand comparisons because they’re one-sided. Let’s break the mold and say it: we think Nordic Naturals is great. Still, so many of you keep asking how OmegaVia compares to Nordic Naturals. Here are some thoughts:

OmegaVia Nordic Naturals Advantage / Comments
Type of Fish Anchovies, Sardines, Menhaden and Mackerel (Peru and USA) Anchovies & Sardines (Peru) No difference. At this level of purity and potency, virtually all contaminants are removed and fish type does not matter.
Pills/bottle 60 60 No difference
Cost $26.89 $23.76 Nordic Naturals. Cost/ bottle is deceiving. Find out cost of 1000 mg of Omega-3. See below.
Cost/1000 mg Omega-3
$0.40 $0.62 OmegaVia
Omega-3/pill (mg) 1105 mg 640 mg OmegaVia has almost 2X as much Omega-3
EPA mg 780 mg 325 mg OmegaVia has 2.4X more EPA
DHA mg 260 mg 225 mg OmegaVia
Purification method
molecular distillation
CO2 extraction
CO2 chromatography
molecular distillation CO2 technology is conducted at room temperature, so oil is not exposed to damaging heat. CO2 is generally considered a more advanced form of oil purification than molecular distillation.
Radiation tested
Yes ?? OmegaVia is third-party tested and approved for radiation residues.
Other Omega-3 (mg) 65 mg 90 mg Nordic Naturals
Omega-3 Concentration 85-90% ~64% OmegaVia
Enteric coating Yes No OmegaVia is enteric coated to reduce fishy burps
Third-Party IFOS Tested Yes – all batches Yes – some batches No difference
Oil type Triglyceride Triglyceride Nordic Naturals. Triglyceride oils are slightly better absorbed.
Pill size Large Medium Nordic Naturals is slightly smaller and easier to swallow.
Flavored No Yes Nordic Naturals is lemon flavored.
Ultra Concentrated
Yes No OmegaVia is 40% stronger.
Availability Website and doctor’s offices Widely available Nordic Naturals
Ideal uses General health and heart health General use and heart health OmegaVia is for specific use.
Doctor recommended
Yes Yes No difference
Clinically tested
Yes Yes Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega has been used in several positive clinical trials.

Pricing accessed in January 2013

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 60-capsules $23.76
Omega Direct: $23.75
Amazon: $23.75

OmegaVia pricing based on AutoShip with free shipping. Prices subject to change.

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