Vascepa – A New Prescription Fish Oil Drug for Triglycerides

Why many doctors are switching patients from Lovaza to Vascepa.

Vascepa is a new second-generation fish oil-based drug for treating high triglycerides.

Vascepa significantly reduces triglycerides, VLDL and non-HDL cholesterol.

Vascepa improves multiple lipid parameters
Vascepa significantly reduces triglyceride levels without increasing LDL Cholesterol


Lovaza and Vascepa have very similar effect on blood lipids, except for LDL-C.
Lovaza and Vascepa have very similar effect on blood lipids, except for LDL-C.


Vascepa vs Lovaza
The DHA is believed to be responsible for this effect on LDL-cholesterol.


Until recently, the only drug available to Americans for triglycerides has been Lovaza, also marketed as Omacor in several countries.

Both Vascepa and Lovaza are made from fish oil but there are a couple of key differences – see table below for a summary of differences.

Vascepa Cost

Without insurance, Vascepa costs around $7 per day – dosage is 4 pills per day.

Vascepa – will half-dose work?

If you decide to save a few pennies and reduce your dosage from 4 Vascepa pills a day, down to 2 a day, then you’ll notice less triglyceride reduction. Talk to your doctor about this! At half-dose, patients noticed only a 20% drop compared to 33% drop at full dose. Higher your starting triglyceride level, the bigger the drop.

Vascepa vs Lovaza – key differences

  1. EPA to DHA Ratio.
    • As you may know, EPA and DHA are the two key Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil.
    • Lovaza contains both EPA and DHA, while Vascepa contains only EPA. There is no DHA in Vascepa.


  2. DHA increases LDL (or ‘bad’) cholesterol


  3. ‘Off-label’ use for depression

Lovaza can increase LDL by up to 45%

The fact that Vascepa has no ‘LDL issues’ is the #1 reason why doctors are switching their patients over from Lovaza to Vascepa.

Clinicians argue whether an increase in LDL is as predictive for future heart disease risk as a decrease in HDL. Studies show that low HDL is 4-times better at predicting future risk than high LDL. Some doctors believe that LDL is “pretty much useless” in predicting risk, instead preferring to focus on the overlooked Triglyceride to HDL ratio.

From this more progressive stance, Lovaza still does a bang up job of reducing triglycerides – by 44% – and your overall heart disease risk.

This eye-opening study shows that CRP is a much better predictor of ‘cardiac events’ than LDL and that women with low LDL levels get just as many heart attacks. There are no drugs available to reduce CRP, so this marker is ignored.

Experimental drugs that increase HDL tend to, well, unanticiapted side effects. Look up Torcetrapib. So there are no HDL-upper drugs, other than Niacin. Consequently, HDL gets ignored too.

Regardless, watching Total Cholesterol and LDL numbers have become a pastime for the over-50 crowd.

(My personal opinion: I’m extremely concerned about my heart health, so I watch my triglycerides, HDL, TG/HDL ratio, A1C, blood glucose, CRP, Apo B, homocysteine, insulin, LDL particle size/number and thyroid levels. I could rattle off all these numbers if you woke me up in the middle of the night, but I honestly don’t know (or care about) my total cholesterol or LDL-C number.
Just my 2 cents.)

Here’s a video by Dr. Mark Hyman to put things in perspective:

Compare Vascepa to Lovaza:



Cost (without insurance)$8.60/dayAbout $7/day
Prescription RequiredYesYes
Dosage4 Pills Per Day4 Pills Per Day
Omega-3 Per Pill840 mg960 mg
Active IngredientsEPA and DHA Omega-3EPA only
Made fromFish OilFish Oil
Omega-3 Content85%96%
FDA Approved DrugYesYes
Side EffectsLowLow
Fatty Acid FormEthyl EsterEthyl Ester
EPA Omega-3 Content465 mg960 mg
DHA Omega-3 Content375 mg0 mg
Triglyceride ReductionYesYes
Cholesterol FreeYesYes
Purification MethodMolecular distillationChromatography
Enteric CoatedNoNo
Fishy BurpsLikelyLikely
Mercury and Heavy MetalsPurified – passes all standardsPurified – passes all standards
Certificate of Analysis AvailabilityNoNo



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Vin Kutty
Vin Kutty, MS, is co-founder of Innovix Pharma. He is a nutritionist, author, and Omega-3 expert with 20 years of experience.


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  1. Hi,

    My 53 yr old husband takes Plavix, Lisinoprol & metyroprol. Can he take OmegaVia EPA 500. Are there dangerous side effects combining these medicines with Fish Oil?

    Thank You

    • Hi Bernadette – you’ll have to consult with your doctor. Fish oil is considered a food and is compatible with almost all drugs. At extremely high doses, Omega-3 can have a slight blood thinning effect. At suggested doses, you’re very unlikely to notice this. Since Plavix is also a blood thinner, you may want to run this by your doctor, just to be safe.

  2. Hi,

    My 20 yr old daughter is a Div 1 basketball player. Lately her ankle has been diagnosed with severe scar tissue and inflammation which is Anterior Ankle Impingement. She may have to require ankle arthoscopic surgery. Is OmegaVia EPA 500 something she should take for the inflammation she gets after every workout.

    Thank You

    • Hi Bernadette – EPA works really well for inflammation, especially if you combine with a baby aspirin. This combo would be much safer than taking a lot of pain medications.

  3. Hey Vin, thanks for all the interesting articles. I’m just wondering if fish oil itself has any vitamin A in it? I know some companies add the extra vitamin D, but that is clearly labeled on the bottle. Thanks!

    • Hi Oneil – most fish oils don’t. If there is any present, it is purified out, sadly. Another reason to get your nutrients from real food instead of supplements. Some, like traditional or fermented cod liver oils do. The vitamin A in cod liver oil is pre-formed and very well absorbed and that’s a reason why people like it. Vitamin A in carrots and veggies are not the immediately absorbably ‘pre-formed’ kind, so Vitamin A from animal fats is preferable.

      I am not a fan of adding Vitamin D to fish oil. I explain why here: Again, MUCH better to get Vitamin D from the sun because skin makes Vit D sulfate and pills are not in the sulfate form. Different things with different benefits.

    • Hi Josh – no…unless you’re keeping a lot more than a week’s worth and you’re keeping it in bright light. One-week supply, in a pill box in cupboard or cabinet is perfectly fine.

  4. Great info! Vascepa is known NOT to have fishy burps and it is noted on Lovaza’s label that it can cause A-fib. IMO, the anti-inflammatory properties of highly purified EPA with no DHA makes Vascepa the preferred choice in most indications.

    • Thank you, Randy. You’re right, there is that note about Lovaza and atrial fibrillation. It is something people report during the first few months…usually. However, there are some studies that support the use of Omega-3 for prevention of a-fib, although the science is inconclusive.

      There is no published data on Vascepa causing fishy burps. But I take Vascepa and have noticed fishy burps. So have 3 other users I’ve personally discussed the matter with. So let’s call it an undocumented side effect. This is not a technical property of Vascepa’s active ingredient, EPA ethyl ester. It is simply a combination of several factors: the age of the oil, storage conditions, lack of enteric coating and individual physiology. EPA is highly susceptible to oxidation and when (not if) this occurs with time, some people will experience burping. In that regard, it is not significantly different from DHA.

      • My grandma always kept her fish oil tablets in the freezer. She said it stopped the “fishy burps”, I do not know if this is a feasible idea but it was a “trick” she used.

        • Hi Melissa – I’ve heard the same trick many times too. I don’t know if it really works, but certainly, the enteric coating found on modern Omega-3 supplements will fix the problem. Other tricks include taking the pill right before falling asleep or just before a meal.

  5. Hi Vin,

    Is there any instrument out there that will tell the sugar content. I am indian and 95% of the time we are eating simple indian food. Rice, chappati (wheat) and lentils and green vegetales, all cooked in olive oil. The only issue I have is my TG are high and even after working out it is still high.
    After reading your article, it is possible it is all the sugar/starch that comes with indian food.

    So, in short how can I measure the amount of starch/sugar a chappati or rice has, this way I can control it.


    • Hi Munish – if the foundation of your diet is wheat and rice, your triglycerides are going to be high. You don’t need an instrument to for that. But here is another option. Eat whatever you want, but get a glucometer from the local drugstore and test your blood sugar an hour after each meal. You know, the finger pin prick machines…if your blood glucose is higher than 120 – 130, then you’re eating the wrong thing.

      If you’re a vegetarian, eat lentils and vegetables, not grains. With a generous amount of olive and coconut oil, of course.

  6. My grandson was diagnosed for ADHD, can OmegaVia 500 help control his mood and how much he should take daily. He is 13 yrs old .

    Thank you

    • Hi Nancy – it could definitely help if his mood/behavior is a result of Omega-3 deficiency. I’d give him 2 per day and see how he does. But if you want to see dramatic improvements, cut out the soda, processed foods, fast foods, wheat and dairy. Wheat is a biggie. If these constitute most of this calories, then you have the answer to your problem.

  7. I have emailed you before, and concerned about what I see on different sites. The latest study I saw, says that HDL is not as thought a protective indicator of heart health. The study says that in studing people that dies from heart attacks, that they most all had healthy levels of HDL. It also said that they know know that small particles of LDL is the main culprit. If this is true, what about the HDL I ahve been hearing about for so many years? Also on another matter, what was the new product you mentioned to me that was coming to compete with Vascepa?

    • Hi Emmett – in terms of what is truly indicative of your heart health risk, total cholesterol is pretty poor. LDL is somewhat better, HDL and triglyceride is even better. Many doctor use triglyceride/HDL ratio or total chol/HDL ratio, which are again, even better. Having small dense LDL particles is a high risk indicator. One of the best is oxidized LDL, but that’s difficult to measure. High-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) is another very telling one. One thing’s for sure – that total cholesterol is a relatively useless number because it combines numbers that are supposed to be high and low.

      So saying that HDL is a poor indicator flies against most of the published science. There is no good drug to increase HDL. Niacin bumps up HDL but it is not without issues. Exercise, activity and increasing consumption of healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter) will all increase HDL.

      This product is relatively similar to Vascepa but is half the pill size and half the dosage. SO you’ll have to double up on the pills.

      This company here combines HDL, oxidized LDL and hsCRP to give you a score that, they claim, is far better predictor of future events.

  8. Hi Emmett,

    My Tri’s are very high as well as my Cholesterol! My Dr. perscribed Vascepa and 4000 mg. of one the counter Omega 3 Krill Oil…! My stomach is extremely upset (I have IBS and fibromyalgia). In your opinion, is the Vascepa enough? ps This dr. is known to over-medicate

    • Vicki Nowak, I was advised to take the 4 grams/4000mg of the Omega 3 Lovoza, but Vesceta doesn’t have the DHA so check with your doctor again but I was advised also to take the additional omega with krill it helps lower your Triglycerides but the DHA can increase your LDL so…as long as your Triglycerides are going down and your LDL aren’t rising that could be your best answer…Lovoza has both DHA and EPA. It’s helped my Triglycerides to go way down but now my insurance will only cover the new Vasceta!! And the generic Lovoza are still almost a $1 a pill and I have to take 4 gm…or 4000mg a day!!! It gets very expensive $27.90 for 28 pills!!! That’s only one weeks worth!!

  9. Hi Vin,

    Is the new EPA only supplement you sell more appropriate for kids than regular Omegavia? My kids (boys age 7 and 9)can take the larger pill just fine, but if EPA only is more appropriate, I can switch them to that. Thanks.

    • Hi John – if they can take regular OmegaVia, that’s fine. But if you are concerned about mood, focus, inflammation related conditions like asthma, skin issues etc., a little extra EPA can help.

  10. thank you for this invaluable article . I’m 63, known hypertensive subject , on Natrilix SR, my TG value is 200 mg , LDL and HDL are within normal ranges . since last thursday I stopped taken Natrilix due to its adverse side effects ( good control of BP but with severe dibility). I stopped eating bread , milk products and concentrated on beans , nuts( peanuts) , with omega 3. I’m monotring my blood pressure regularly and it is still OK.
    please advise.

    • Hi fas – please make sure you consult with your doctor about stopping or adding prescription medication. Removing bread and sugar from you diet is always a good idea, but again, work with a nutritionist to customize your diet for your health goals.

  11. The entire premise behind developing vascepa and their entire marketing plan depends on a fallacy that any lipidologist understands but sadly few internists appreciate. It does not matter if LDL C is elevated with lovaza as long as apoB or LDL P or particle number is lowered by fish oils. Remnant lipoproteins, size density and # of atherogenic particles are nicely controlled by lovaza so the success of vascepa in the marketplace depends on the prevalence of ignorant docs who care about LDL C and have never ordered advanced testing. Amarin apparently believes its own nonsense and is living a lie. I hate products that look worse the more you understand the field… Vascepa falls apart on scrutiny and appeals only to dumb docs

  12. Well Vin , apparently you and James Ehrlich have never heard of Dr Nissen ..Chair of Cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic ..I guess he is what you two refer to as just another ” ignorant doc who cares about LDL-C ”

    If you consider Vascepa ( Rx EPA ) ” a solution in search of a problem ” then does that apply to your Omegia Via EPA 500 as well ?
    After all , since I take /taken both I’d like to know .

    Vascepa and your Omegia Via EPA are ideal for patients ( of which I am one ) with hetero familia hypercholestremia and who still have elevated TG’s levels despite max dose Statins . Perhaps Mr Ehrich can enlighten you on why Lovaza is not recommended for patients such as myself or those at risk of A Fib..
    You correctly identified the role of inflammation in cardiovascular disease …care to compare the effects of Lovaza and Vascepa on lowering hsCrp ( inflammation )

    The chart you linked to shows the drop in Amarins stock price when the FDA Adcom voted against approving Vascepa for the mixed dyslipidemia indication . While the FDA usually follows the Adcom recommendations , in this case they have not yet issued a final decision and are in fact reviewing complex issues relating to the 3 outcome trials cited during Adcom.

    Omegia Via EPA is a viable alternative for those denied insurance coverage for Vascepa. Thank you for developing it and bringing it to the market place . For patients taking it at 4 gm daily dose please ensure the quality and quantity of EPA is maintained at the highest standard as after all ..its FDA regulated as a food not as a drug …and some of us are using it as a drug.

    • Hi Gary – just to be clear, I don’t and won’t refer to any doctor as ‘ignorant doc who cares about LDL-C.’ Mostly because that would be rude. Others are, of course, welcome to say what they wish. If it is not too offensive/combative, it will get posted here. Having said that, in the spectrum of LDL-C deniers to LDL-C phobes who beat it down any time it approaches 75, I am somewhere in the middle. I think there is definitely a need for understanding LDL particle number and size/density in people with elevated risk. However, I understand the concern expressed by Dr. Ehrlich that there is disproportionate attention paid to LDL-C and that marketing any EPA-only drug (while vilifying DHA) without truly understanding DHA’s effect on LDL-P and size/density is at best premature or at worst entrepreneurial (a solution in search of a problem?). I understand that nuance does not sell. Ask any politician. So why can’t a pharma company take a hint. Amarin is not wrong when they say Lovaza raises LDL. And completely ignoring LDL-C is probably not wise even if it is not the most telling of indicators.

      So why did we introduce our EPA 500 product? Inflammation and mood primarily. DHA above and beyond what is required for daily sustenance is contraindicated for depression.
      And, of course, triglyceride reduction. It’s a great option for those with familial hypercholesterolemia too.

      Thank you for using OmegaVia EPA 500. We will continue to maintain or improve the quality and quantity of EPA while keeping the price accessible.

  13. This will be my last post here. I am reasonably confident, after speaking with staff at Amarin that they will be able to better articulate why it is desirable to lower LDL-C in addition to LDL-P and ApoB. I provided their medical staff with a very strong rationale for lowering all 3 biomarkers—-they just had not thought it out well enough, in my opinion.

    I may have been too strong in characterizing physicians who do not consider advanced lipids……ignorant was not the best choice of words. Having said that, I recognize Dr. Nissen’s contribution to cardiology (IVUS, etc), but also realize he has done a complete disservice in preventive cardiology by dismissing the value of coronary calcium imaging and he has been completely dishonest in this area of medicine. I will not go into details in this forum as this is my last post. I am not a fan of Dr. Nissen although i believe he has made significant contributions in intravascular ultrasound.

    • James
      Hopefully that was not your last post .
      Vin is smart enough to allow divergent views to be openly aired …allow the light of scrutiny to expose the truth.
      We all benefit from the exchange of views, presented respectfully.

  14. thanks….well maybe i will continue to comment. However, I assured people at Amarin that I would not be discussing their product on a website…..but anything related to lipids and preventive cardiology is of interest to me.

  15. That is great James .
    I’m hetero familia hypercholestremia with a dash of mixed dyslipidemia ( despite max dose Statins ) thrown in ….so its great to have access to MD’s such as yourself ,who work in preventive Cardiology .

  16. Hi James and Vin
    Just wondering if you are familiar with the following study

    Purified Eicosapentaenoic Acid Reduces Small Dense LDL, Remnant Lipoprotein Particles, and C-Reactive Protein in Metabolic Syndrome

    Its in the Journal Diabetes Care and I believe is the first study to demonstrate that purified EPA reduces sdLDL. remnants and CRP , therefore potentially reducing the risk of Cardio Vascular disease in at least these patients .

    I believe there are over 10m diabetics in the US …many of which may benefit from your Omegia Via EPA 500 , Vin …if they have been unable to get a script , or been denied insurance coverage , for Vascepa


    • Hi Gary – yes, this paper and the JELIS study from Japan that came out just before this paper were very positive. Tiny, EPA-only Rx pills are widely available in Japan and are subsidized by the govt…despite them being a heavy fish-eating culture.

  17. Hi Vin
    Just an update on my views of Amarins Vascepa , your Omegia Via EPA and the FDA…Sept 9th 2014
    Dr Jenkins has convened a council at the FDA to render a judgement on whether Amarins Vascepa should be approved for wider use ( I’m giving you the short version ) .

    This decision is likely to be announced within the next 2 weeks.
    If the FDA approves an expanded label ( ie approves it use for Diabetics etc ) …which in not certain , but likely . based on recent research published in the New England Journal of Medicine on the role of Triglycerides in heart disease …. there will be an increased demand for purified EPA fish oil .

    For those with generous insurance coverage this demand will be met with Rx prescribed Amarins Vascepa.
    For those without insurance , your OmegiaVia EPA provides the best dietary supplement alternative.

    As an advocate for patients ….may I suggest you prepare yourself for increased demand should the FDA approve wider use of Amarins Vascepa.
    Not everyone will have insurance coverage to pay for Vascepa
    Many will seek lower cost , dietary supplement alternatives , of which your is the best .

    However , it is important that you market Omegia Via EPA for what it is … an FDA approved dietary supplement , not an FDA approved drug …and insure the best quality of product and delivery of product possible .

    Heres hoping to a wider use of highly purified EPA fish oil

    • Hi Gary – thank you for this information and your vote of confidence in OmegaVia EPA 500. We will continue to make the best dietary supplement form of EPA Omega-3 we can.

  18. My wife had requested some Omegia Via EPA
    It was ordered direct from your company , delivered by regular mail…USPS …into our mail box …in perfection condition

    This method of delivery works far better in our experience then buying thru Amazon who normally use UPS and the box can end up anywhere on the front of our property.

    In other news ..the FDA has unfortunately declined to approve Amarins Vascepa ( Rx EPA ) for wider use , apparently deciding to wait for the results of Amarins Outcome trial before approving for cardiovascular benefit.

  19. I wonder if it is cheaper in Europe or Mexico? Odd that anything that really works has to be a script and so darn expensive. Even with my co-pay I can’t do this stuff. Any alternatives?

  20. Larry
    Noticed your comment .
    To my knowledge Vascepa is only available in the US .

    Omegia Via EPA is in my experience , the best dietary supplement alternative to Rx Vascepa . ( I’ve had lipid panel /blood tests run comparing 3 months on Omegia Via EPA vs Vascepa and Triglyceride lowering effect are very similar)

    Its important to remember tho that if you are taking Omegia Via EPA as a drug ..instead of Vascepa ….that its FDA regulated as a food NOT as a drug …so we depend on Vin and his team to maintain the highest quality possible .
    Good luck

  21. I happened upon Vascepa by accident. I had inflammation from oral thrush in my throat and a doctor gave me a sample to help. I realized that it also greatly improved my mood! I was so excited since I suffer from MDD and this seemed like a wonderful, natural adjunct. However, I was perplexed when I looked up it’s side effects and saw that the only one is joint pain. I have fibro myalgia too. Do you think this is a side effect I should be concerned about?

    • Hi Liz – you need to discuss this with your doctor since he/she gave you the prescription. Having said that, I have no theoretical explanation as to why a fatty acid that reduces inflammation would increase joint pain. I have an idea why joint pain was listed as a possible side effect, but that’s just a guess, so I won’t state that here. If you have fibro and found that EPA helps your mood, I will go out on a limb and state that your diet and lifestyle are probably causing a lot of inflammation. I strongly suggest you read up on anti-inflammatory diets like zone or paleo. Working with a dietitian (along with taking meds from your doctor) is likely to help a lot.

  22. I used to take Vascepa, but now insurance is not covering it.

    What is the closest thing to Vascepa that has only EPA but no/very low levels of DHA?

    • Hi Barbara – it typically does not cause extreme digestive distress at prescribed dosage, but people have unique reactions to high doses of fish oil. Check with your doctor to see if, perhaps, you should reduce the dosage. The most commonly reported side effects are burping and mild/temporary digestive issues.

  23. I am A recent Heart Attack Victim/2002. Right now i take high blood pressure Meds/Etc! im wondering whether Vascepa would be harmful to me!!!

    • Hi Earl – Vascepa is a prescription drug, so I cannot give you advice on whether you should take it to improve your condition. That is a decision entirely up to your doctor. It is effective at reducing triglyceride levels in your blood, but…do you need it? I don’t know.

  24. I have been taking Vascepa for 2 years and wonder if there is a reason not to take more than the 4 grams daily prescribed? What would be the negative side of upping the dose to 6 grams daily? I would like to quit the stain drug I am taking…could a higher dose of Vascepa be harmful?

    • Hi Patricia – this is a good question for your doctor. There have been a few studies where very high (much higher than 6 grams) Omega-3 levels were given to patients and no serious side effects were noted in the short term. But I have not seen such a study done with just high dose of EPA, the active ingredient in Vascepa. My educated guess would be that there would be no harm if you do this for a few days/week, but longer than that and you may have issues with increased oxidative load. If i were you, I’d talk to my doctor and look at diet/lifestyle options for giving you a little extra help.

  25. Hello, recently i was prescribed Vascepa by an Endocrinologist doctor I saw for the first time.He based his decision on a copy of a 6 month old, blood work results and the question, did i eat fish in my diet, to which i answered no.
    I am pre-diabetic, high blood pressure (10 mg. Enalapril), and slightly high cholesterol level (230).
    I also suffer from Hypogonadism-or low testerone level. I currently take 25mg. injections of testosterone.
    Do you think the doctor is correct in his prescription of this new medicine?

    • Hi Richard – I am not a doctor, so I can’t second guess yours for several reasons. But even if I were, he could have been looking at data that warranted this prescription. I don’t know. There is no evidence that EPA changes cholesterol, testosterone, or blood sugar levels significantly. Vascepa contains EPA and it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. So I assume he saw signs of inflammation. Technically, reducing inflammation is an off-label use of the drug.

  26. P.S.
    I forgot to mention that, the doctor noted this was a new form of omega 3, much better than anything over the counter and that it was based on as new study and very good for inflammation.

  27. I take simvastatin and vascepa together to reduce my cholesterol and triglycerides and was wondering if this was a good combination? I was taking an omega 3 with 800 mg Epa and 600 Dha but my pharmacist told me not to take the omega 3 with my vascepa. Is there a reason for not taking them together other than it is too high a dosage of omega 3? Is your supplement just as good as vascepa?

    • Hi Tonya – you are asking me about two drugs. Best to get feedback from your doctor for that. Having said that, regular fish oils do not interfere with statin drugs. Vascepa is pure EPA. It does not have DHA. Fish oils have both EPA and DHA. You will still need to consume DHA from foods or supplements. We offer both EPA and DHA separately.

    • Hi Marie – Vascepa is a prescription drug, your doctor will have to monitor your reaction to determine if it is safe for you.

  28. I CANNOT AFFORD this WAAAAY OVERPRICED medicine !!! Not even with my Fed insurance combined with the Vacepa coupon!!! I am NOT age ELIGIBLE for State assistance (PA) for this MED!!! Will there EVER be a generic form SOON????!!

  29. My husband is currently taking vascepa and will be running out soon and won’t be able to renew due to no medical insurance. Until he is able to get insurance, will 1000mg of fish oil be a good substitute until he is able to renew?

    • Hi Jackie – please have your husband talk to his doctor. I am neither licensed nor authorized to give medical advice. However, I can tell you with confidence that 1000 mg of regular fish oil is not a substitute for Vascepa. The active ingredient of Vascepa is an Omega-3 found in fish oil called EPA. Most regular 1000 mg fish oil pills have about 120 mg of EPA. Vascepa has 1000 mg of EPA. So you see why you cannot substitute Vascepa with regular fish oil.

  30. Hi – I was prescribed Vascepa by my doctor shortly after I had gallbladder removal surgery. I am finding that the pills are not being “digested”, and am worried that they are not being absorbed enough to lower my trigs. I began poking a small hole in each pill before taking them. Would this help with absorption, or am I wasting my time?

    • Hi Debbie – this is a medical issue and must be discussed with your doctor. However, I can add a little knowledge to help you and your doctor figure out a solution. If you are passing intact capsules, then it is likely a digestive issue. Capsule shells are made of gelatin, a type of protein. Capsule shells are generally designed to dissolve in the presence of food and water after about 15-30 minutes. If the Vascepa pills are passing through your entire digestive system intact, then, you need to discuss the issue with your doctor or someone else they refer you to. Digesting fats and oils (Vascepa is made from fish oil) becomes a little more challenging after gall bladder removal. This is why we are told to consume less fats after surgery, for a little while at least. Poking a hole in the capsule, besides squirting oil all over your house and making a stinky mess, may get around the first problem of non-digestion. But it may not help if your body is still adjusting to absorbing fats poorly post surgery.

      In the meantime, cut out all sugar, any liquid calories, and refined grains (flour). Focus on eating more veggies and lean meats. This dietary change will dramatically reduce your triglycerides.

  31. Hi Vin
    My triglycerides are about 200
    I stopped taking lipitor because I thought this is a more natural way to lower the trigs. Do you agree ?
    My Hdl is 58, probably because I go to spin class 3x a week.
    But….I am a Sugarholic, embarrassingly so.
    ANY Advice for cutting the sugar Habit?

    • Hi Yvonne – I am not following you on what a better approach for lowering TG? You mean Vascepa vs Lipitor? That is your doctor’s call. However, both drugs lower lipid profiles differently. Going to spin classes 3X a week is good, but not sitting for more than 15-20 minutes at a time will help a lot more. Aim for 10,000 steps a day. Spin class does not make it Ok to consume sugar. You cannot burn sugar calories in spin class (that good!) and consider the effect of sugar balanced. Sugar is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. It takes a lot of will power to push past it. Not having any sugar in your house and workplace is a start. Dramatically increasing healthy fats like Omega-3 and olive oil will help satiate you and keep you from wanting and craving. When I say, ‘dramatically,’ I mean DRAMATICALLY. You should be taking a tablespoon of olive oil after each meal. This will reduce runaway appetite and craving. There are a couple of good books on sugar detox. One by Diane Sanfilipo and another by Mark Hyman. It’ll take 2-3 weeks to get past the crankiness and misery. But you have to do it. No choice.

  32. My BMI is 32, TG – 426 ,Hdl – 30.6,VLDL – 77.2 and LDL is normal one month back. Doctor prescribed rosuvastatin 10 mg and fenofibrate 160 mg but he didn’t prescribe Omega-3 or Niacin .

    I have started doing moderate exercise in gym for last 20 days.

    Should I take Omega-3 and Niacin and how much?

    Does taking enzymes(fungal diastase,pepsin,lipase) after food help in reducing elevated triglycerides.

    • Hi Chandan – since you are under medical care for lipid management, you need to speak with your doctor about adding Omega-3 and/or Niacin to your routine. Note that there are several health effects associated with high-dose Omega-3 other than lipid management.

      Taking enzymes will not affect triglyceride levels. However, eliminating sugar, grains, and refined flour will have a dramatic positive effect on triglycerides.

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