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EPA fish oil
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EPA Fish Oil

EPA and DHA are the two major Omega-3 in fish oil. DHA is critical during pregnancy for the development of the fetal brain and eyes. It is also important for the growth of the baby’s brain after birth. Adults still need DHA for several functions, but as you get older the need to maintain healthyRead More

molecular distilled fish oil
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Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil

Molecularly distilled fish oil is the most common type of fish oil. Here’s why: Crude fish oil has a lot of gunk. Gunk that we don’t like or need. Molecular distillation is a technology for getting rid of this ‘gunk,’ although there are newer more expensive purification technologies now. I spent three years of myRead More

how much fish oil
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How Much Fish Oil Should I Take?

That’s easy. You need up to 1600 mg of Omega-3 daily per the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Dietary Supplements. The two most common questions I get about fish oil are: Which brand of fish oil should I buy? How much fish oil should I take daily? Many labels say 1000Read More

enteric coated fish oil Omega-3
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Enteric Coated Fish Oil

What is Enteric Coated Fish Oil? Do you need it? Enteric coated fish oil does two things: It reduces fishy burps. Gross, I know. It protects the Omega-3 from harsh stomach acids. Stomach acids may destroy some of the Omega-3 in fish oil. Enteric coating prevents that.. Reducing fishy burps with enteric coated fish oilRead More

too much fish oil
Fish Oil Dosage

Fish Oil Dosage: How Much is Too Much Fish Oil?

You can never have too much wine chocolate. But how ’bout fish oil? Can you take too much? And what happens if you do? Everything you Need to Know About Fish Oil Dosage Part 1: Fish Oil Dosage: How Much Fish Oil Should you Take? Part 2: Fish Oil Dosage: A Practical Guide Part 3:Read More

fish oil dosage
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Fish Oil Dosage: A Practical Guide

OK – let’s make this easy as pie. After reading this you will know exactly how much Omega-3 you need. Everything you Need to Know About Fish Oil Dosage Part 1: Fish Oil Dosage: How Much Fish Oil Should you Take? Part 2: Fish Oil Dosage: A Practical Guide Part 3: Fish Oil Dosage: HowRead More

fish oil dosage
Fish Oil Dosage

Fish Oil Dosage: How Much Fish Oil Do You Need?

How to Get the Right Fish Oil Dosage If your bottle of fish oil says 1,000 mg on the front, don’t relax just yet! That’s the weight of the capsule, NOT the Omega-3 in it. FISH OIL DOSAGE TIP: 1,000 mg of Omega-3 and 1,000 mg of Fish Oil are not the same! Typically 1000Read More

omega-3 armed forces
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Uncle Sam wants you…and fish oil?

Shock and awe! The US military is planning to buy large quantities of Omega-3 fish oil. Nope, not for use as a lubricant. After all, fish and whale oil were the grease of choice a century or two ago. The military is buying fish oil for health reasons. The Department of Defense is planning toRead More

prescription fish oil
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Prescription Fish Oil – Straddling the Fence

Guest Blog by Peter Leighton In my career I have straddled the fence between biotech/pharma and nutraceutical, working in senior management in both sectors. The question about an FDA approved prescription fish oil hits me like the fence as my feet slip mid-straddle. Natrual Bioactive Compounds For years we have known about natural bioactive compoundsRead More

krill oil whole foods market
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Why did Whole Foods ban Krill Oil?

Whole Foods Market kicks out Krill oil supplements. The retailer said there were ‘sustainability issues’ with Krill oil products. Whole Foods claims that krill, a tiny shrimp-like critter, is the main diet of whales and that harvesting krill would rob whales of their food. Is Krill oil harming the environment? Krill used to make krillRead More