• Protect your heart
  • Comfort your joints
  • Lift your mood


  • 85%+ Omega-3 potency
  • Ultra-low impurities
  • Fewer pills to take


  • Triglycerides: 4000 mg/day
  • Joint: 2000 mg per day
  • Mood: 2000 mg per day


  • Ultra-high concentration
  • Results with fewer pills
  • Third-party purity tested

I've noticed a significant impact on my mood!

After seeing a program on PBS about the benefits of fish oil, I did my research online and found OmegaVia to measure up in all areas that were mentioned in the program: purity, potency, enteric coating, and the DHA/EPA ratio.

Shortly thereafter, I met with a neurologist at Mass General Hospital who recommended taking fish oil! I told her about OmegaVia and she looked it up right there and then. She was impressed with the quality of the product and gave her full blessing and recommended dosage. I've noticed not only a big difference in my cholesterol – all measures, especially LDL which was down 14 points in just 3 months—but I've also noticed a significant impact on my mood!

Life is never without its challenges, and having a positive outlook can make all the difference. Thanks, OmegaVia!

Renee Buck,

It really is working!

My triglycerides were in the 400s prior to your fish oil, and are now around 120, so it really is working! I’ll keep you posted on my next blood panel.

Follow-up message:

Hey, great news, just got my latest blood work – it’s been three months since the last.

Here are my numbers: Total Cholesterol: 132 (Last year: around 340) Triglycerides: 106 (April: 120; January: 443)

I’ve always had a very difficult time with my triglycerides being above 400, and now they just keep dropping. I have to say it’s got to be the fish oil! My HDL was always around the 200 mark, and my LDL has always been too low. These numbers have been way off my entire life, until now. It’s pretty amazing.

My wife was a little concerned at what I was spending on what she considers vitamins. As she has seen my last couple of blood tests, she has totally changed how she feels about this.

I’ve convinced my mother, who has RA, to start taking 3 grams of fish oil a day (I’m still working on her switching from Kirkland’s Best to OmegaVia), and she’s already feeling relief in her hands. I’ve referred her to your articles and blogs, which helped convince her.

Thanks for all your help and support. I really do appreciate it! Keep up the good work, and take care!

Life is never without its challenges, and having a positive outlook can make all the difference. Thanks, OmegaVia!

Keith Barham,
Carson City, Nevada

My daughter has not had any asthma attacks since

I was unfamiliar with your product but I was told by my doctor that I needed to give my daughter pharmaceutical grade fish oil, so I tried your product after talking to you. I am happy to say that my daughter has not had any allergy or asthma attacks since.

Christine Garcia,
Palmdale, California

Editor's Note

[Editor: Keith is being too kind. It wasn't just our fish oil that did all of this. One of our nutritionists also counseled him on some diet matters, which we're sure played a part in his great lipid panel numbers]

It lowered my Triglycerides. But the first thing I noticed was the pain in my joints started to disappear

We love your product. It is better or at least equal to Lovaza at a fraction of the cost. Your customer service is second to none and your knowledge of the product is very reassuring. Keep it up.

Jeff Cardwell,
Indianapolis, IN