fish oil supplement
Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Is FDA trying to ban your fish oil supplement?

The FDA just dropped a bombshell. And you need to know about this. Supplements that you take regularly may not be available much longer if FDA gets is way. They issued a document that described what the dietary supplement industry should do to meet their NEW DIETARY INGREDIENTS policy. The New Dietary Ingredients (NDI) isRead More

best fish oil supplement
Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Q&A: Krill Oil Dosage; Triple Strength Fish Oil; Fish Oil plus Lipitor

Our Omega-3 Expert Answers Your Questions… Krill Oil Dosage Question: I have been taking 3000 mg of fish oil everyday. I would like to switch to krill oil and was wondering if I am supposed to take the same dosage as fish oil? Here are the dosages of both oils that I have: Fish oilRead More

best fish oil supplement
Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Favorite Fish Oil Brands – Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed some of the selection criteria for becoming a ‘favorite fish oil brand.’ And we looked at some good quality liquid fish oils. But how ’bout pills? Well, here are the brands of fish oil pills we love. Prices checked on company websites during July 2011 and may be different now.Read More

best fish oil supplement
Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Favorite Fish Oil Brands – Part 1

Fish Oil Brands That We Like & Recommend Joan called last week with a problem. Her husband, Mark, (no, he’s not the problem) is an OmegaVia customer and is very happy with the product. Encouraged by his results, Joan tried to swallow one of our pills. “I just can’t do it,” she complained. “I can’tRead More

best fish oil supplement
Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Fish Oil and Hot Weather

Heat and fish oil don’t go well together Every year, in July and August, I get dozens of emails asking me if fish oil supplements will go bad if shipped in hot weather. The answer is: well, it depends. It depends on two things: How hot it is Whether your bottle of fish oil willRead More

EPA Omega-3
Omega-6 Fats

How to Improve Your Health with EPA Omega-3

Fish Oils Control Eicosanoid Hormones and that influences health*   What’s an Eicosanoid? Eicosanoids are signaling molecules made from Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats. Eicosanoids made from EPA and DHA Omega-3 are support healthy functions Eicosanoids made from Omega-6 can sometimes work in opposition to eicosanoids produced by Omega-3 Vegetable & Seed Oils – why theyRead More

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3: A Must-Have Supplement?

Why You May Need a More Vitamin D Than the Govt Recommends The Institute of Medicine (IOM) really blew it. I’m talking about their Vitamin D decision. The IOM is a non-profit scientific body that determines the how much of each nutrient is necessary for your health. Vitamin D has gained more scientific credibility inRead More

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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Why Ultra-concentrated Fish Oils are Better

Why ‘Triple Strength’ Fish Oil sounds great…but may not get you the benefits with the same number of pills are an Ultra-concentrated oil. What’s the most number of fish oil pills you’re willing to take? One pill a day? Two pills? Five? A dozen? Most people draw the line at 2 or 3 pills aRead More

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Magnesium: As Important as Omega-3?

What else should I be taking besides fish oil? This is a question posed to me almost daily. Magnesium Without knowing your diet, it’s hard to say, but I’m willing to bet that you’re borderline deficient in magnesium. Vitamin D3 And by the end of winter, if you’re not taking Vitamin D pills, I’d alsoRead More

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pharmaceutical grade fish oil

Fish Oil: With Food or Empty Stomach?

Should you eat fish oil pills with meals or on an empty stomach? Which is better? Quick quiz: Which of these foods help increase fish oil absorption? Fat-free yogurt and glass of orange juice Breakfast cereal with skim milk Scrambled eggs and bacon Fruit cup with granola The answer is: scrambled eggs and bacon. Surprised?Read More

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