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Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 and Your Bones (Product Recommendations)

Guest article by Kathy Mankofsky RD, LD. In part 1 we talked about how Vitamin K2 supports proper calcium usage in the body – into bones and teeth and away from sensitive soft tissues like gums and arteries.* K2 may be the missing link in your bone health We know bones need calcium. We alsoRead More

vitamin k2
Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2: what is it? Why you absolutely need it and where to get it

Guest article by Kathy Mankofsky, Rd, LD. All those calcium pills you’re taking could be a waste of money…or worse, could be hurting you. Find out how Vitamin K2 can help. Calcium can prevent osteoporosis. Nothing new there. But if we are all taking calcium, why are our bones still brittle? Bones are mostly calcium,Read More

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Why OmegaVia is High in EPA Omega-3: Healthy Inflammation Response*

Why OmegaVia has so much more EPA than DHA. And why that’s important for your health. How much EPA or DHA your fish oil has matters. But it depends on what your age and health goals are – if you’re 25 and pregnant or 60 and achy. You need a high-DHA formula if you’re: pregnantRead More

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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Brenda Watson, Omega-3 and Vitamin D

I recently got five calls within a few hours, all with the same questions: Does your fish oil have 1000 mg Omega-3? Yes. Is your fish oil enteric coated? Yes. Is your fish oil tested by IFOS? Yes. Does your formula have Vitamin D? No, and it shouldn’t! I knew something was up. That somethingRead More

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Fish Oil Supplements

Is Fish Oil a Waste of Money?

Every couple of months, TV news trashes fish oil. Usually after a negative study is published. It happened again in Sep 2012 after this study said fish oil was virtually useless. “Fish oil doesn’t work!” “Fish oil is a waste of money!” “Fish oil doesn’t prevent heart attacks!” The general message about fish oil was:Read More

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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Why are Fish Oil Pills Bigger than Krill Oil Pills?

The word ‘horse’ comes up a lot when people talk to me about fish oil pills. As in, ‘These are HORSE PILLS! I can’t swallow them!‘ We know. I know. Fish oil pill size is a problem MegaRed and other krill oil pills wouldn’t be so popular if they were as big as fish oilRead More

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Heart Health

I Take Your Omega-3…But My Triglycerides Still Went Up!

“I take 3,000 mg of your Omega-3 and I’m eating a healthier diet…but my Triglycerides are up! What the heck?!” I get this question quite often. On the surface it makes no sense. Image: Hannah Chapman As a general rule, every 3000 mg of Omega-3 combined with a healthy diet and daily exercise may beRead More

enteric coating

Why Enteric Coating on Fish Oil Pills Fail

They usually don’t fail. But when they do… You’re popping too many antacids. You’re taking heartburn meds. OK, a little more detail… Good news: there’s usually nothing wrong with the fish oil pill Bad news: it’s usually because of what you ate I know, not what you wanted to hear. If you’ve been reading thisRead More

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Cholesterol: When to Panic

This is part 2. See part 1 – Fish Oil & Cholesterol. Controlling Cholesterol with Diet Trying to reduce your cholesterol by avoiding eggs and meat alone may not be very effective. Here’s why: Most – about 80% – of the cholesterol in your body is produced by your liver and other cells in yourRead More

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Heart Health

Fish Oil & Cholesterol

The following frustrating conversation happens at least twice a week at our office. Caller on phone: “Does your fish oil reduce cholesterol?” Me: “No…it does not. Fish oil doesn’t reduce cholesterol, but what it does…” Caller [interrupting]: “I need a fish oil brand that reduces my cholesterol. Oh well, I’ll keep looking for one thatRead More