Choosing the Best Fish Oil

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Heart Health

3 Useful Health Tips From a Fish Oil Expert

Valuable Lessons About Omega-3 and fish consumption Dr. Bill Lands is one of my science heroes. And I had the pleasure of listening to him speak at this year’s Natural Foods Expo in Anaheim. Dr. Lands was Professor of Biochemistry at Univ. of Michigan and Univ of Illinois. He’s authored over 250 scientific papers andRead More

fish oil supplement
Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Fish Oil Emails and Questions

Over 25,000 people read this blog every month. So it shouldn’t surprise you that we occasionally get a hate mail or two. Why keep the good stuff just for me? So I’ll share some with you. But fish oil hate mail!? Can you believe it? Most of you are super nice, with comments like: ‘LoveRead More

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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Mercury & Fish: How Risky Is It?

‘It’s not what you say; it’s what people hear.’ Every politician knows this. But the FDA did not. And so fish-phobia started in 2004. Thank you, FDA. In 2004, FDA released an advisory that warned pregnant women to cut back on some types of fish. Read the whole advisory here. Even though the FDA’s heartRead More

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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

New Omega-3 Options for Vegans

Vegans and Vegetarians Finally Have a Couple of Good Alternatives for Fish Oil Quite a few customers have called asking about vegan alternatives for fish oil. Before I give them options, I first must have the Flaxseed-oil-is-virtually-useless talk. People are usually disappointed and surprised that Flaxseed isn’t a substitute for fish oil. One pleasant fellowRead More

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Heart Health

American Heart Association Comes Clean…Sort Of.

AHA and Your Heart. A Case of Fox Watching the Hen House? Normal people dream about winning the lottery. Or kissing movie stars. My dreams tend to be geekier. I dreamt about the American Heart Association the other night. Guess that’s why I write articles about fish oil for a living. Anyway, in my dream,Read More

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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

IFOS Approved Fish Oil – Part 2

In Part 1, I talked about why IFOS Approved Fish Oil is so great. Here, I want to talk about some things IFOS could, well, aspire to. The IFOS 5-star rating is used for what they call ‘Ultra-refined’ fish oil. In their opinion, anything above 60% Omega-3 is Ultra-refined. Sounds like a 10 year oldRead More

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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Vegetarian Fish Oil?

Dale didn’t want to take fish oil pills any more. He’d given up meat, poultry and seafood. And so he no longer could take fish oil pills under his self-imposed new rules. “I have high triglycerides…so what do I take instead of fish oil?” he asked. This was a loaded question. I could give himRead More

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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Fish Oil Freezer Test

Every year, I spend the second weekend of march at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California. It marks the arrival of spring. And I get to see people I’ve known for 20 plus years. Hundreds of natural and organic foods manufacturers and supplement companies exhibit their products. If you can elbow you way pastRead More

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Eye Health

Fish Oil & Eye Health

We often hear that fish oil is good for this. Or that. But we still don’t know a lot about HOW the Omega-3 in fish oil actually makes these health benefits happen. Sure, we know for certain that Omega-3 combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan can help maintain healthy triglycerides.* But what aboutRead More

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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements and PCBs. Should you worry? Part 2

In part 1, we discussed a lawsuit filed in California that claims that 10 brands of fish oil supplements tested contain polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB).  PCBs are a group of toxic industrial compound that have been outlawed for a few decades.  But they are persistent and still remain in the environment.   The plaintiffs claim that manufacturersRead More