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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Krill Oil Misinformation

Krill oil supplements are supposed to be protected from rancidity by the natural antioxidant astaxanthin…but astaxanthin is very sensitive and quickly degrades to almost nothing. This leaves krill oil exposed to oxidation and rancidity.Nutritional misinformation (intentional or not) is very common on the internet. Here are two examples, with a focus on krill oil. IRead More

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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Why are Fish Oil Pills Bigger than Krill Oil Pills?

The word ‘horse’ comes up a lot when people talk to me about fish oil pills. As in, ‘These are HORSE PILLS! I can’t swallow them!‘ We know. I know. Fish oil pill size is a problem MegaRed and other krill oil pills wouldn’t be so popular if they were as big as fish oilRead More

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

My Krill Oil Mistake

Why I returned my Krill Oil pills back to the store Guest blog by: Kathy Mankofsky, RD, LD. I was out at Walgreens when my husband called to say he heard that krill oil is so much better than fish oil. He said that I should buy krill oil instead of fish oil. I toldRead More

krill oil vs fish oil
Fish Oil vs Krill Oil

Krill Oil Value: A Cost Comparison

Is krill oil a good value? Short answer: absolutely not. See why below. [Pricing data accessed: September 25th, 2011. Krill oil used for comparison at Walmart and Walgreens was MegaRed brand krill oil, the #1 selling krill oil in the US.] Omega-3 from Krill is Better Absorbed In the last blog, we looked at krillRead More

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Is Krill Oil 48X Better Than Fish Oil?

Clearly, you surf the web looking for health info. You’ve probably seen this: And you’ve probably seen these claims about krill oil: 48X better than fish oil 3X better than fish oil Get the same benefits with one-fifth the dose as fish oil Is someone just making this stuff up? What’s the truth behind KrillRead More

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Choosing the Best Fish Oil

Q&A: Krill Oil Dosage; Triple Strength Fish Oil; Fish Oil plus Lipitor

Our Omega-3 Expert Answers Your Questions… Krill Oil Dosage Question: I have been taking 3000 mg of fish oil everyday. I would like to switch to krill oil and was wondering if I am supposed to take the same dosage as fish oil? Here are the dosages of both oils that I have: Fish oilRead More

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Krill Oil vs Fish Oil: New Scientific Evidence

In a previous blog, I discussed the cost and benefits of Krill oil vs Fish Oil. The message was: Krill oil is definitely better than fish oil, but only a little bit. An unpublished study presented by Neptune Krill Oil (NKO) in 2009 showed that Krill oil was about 30 to 40% better at gettingRead More

krill oil vs fish oil
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Krill Oil vs Fish Oil

Is Krill oil better than Fish oil? Yes. BUT!! (You knew there was going to be a ‘but’…I’ll explain below.) It’s all about Omega-3 absorption when you’re comparing Krill oil vs Fish Oil. The Omega-3 in Krill oil is better absorbed into your body than the Omega-3 from regular fish oil. That’s a fact. ThereRead More

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Why did Whole Foods ban Krill Oil?

Whole Foods Market kicks out Krill oil supplements. The retailer said there were ‘sustainability issues’ with Krill oil products. Whole Foods claims that krill, a tiny shrimp-like critter, is the main diet of whales and that harvesting krill would rob whales of their food. Is Krill oil harming the environment? Krill used to make krillRead More

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Fish Oil Supplements

Why 12 Million People Stopped Taking Fish Oil: Two head-slapping events involving fish oil

Good news: even ultra-high doses of Omega-3 do not promote prostate cancer, says Europe’s top food safety agency. Yet, because of a study that said fish oil could cause prostate cancer, 12 million of you stopped taking fish oil…and for no good reason. The authors of that study have now published a new study thatRead More