Why I Don’t Take Multivitamins


Multis are gateway supplements. They’re often the first step in people’s health enlightenment. Along with a gym membership, maybe. Or a Fitbit. But there are a lot of people for whom a multivitamin is it. No other supplements, diet change or exercise. That’s all they’re willing to do. They couldn’t quit smoking, so they’ll take… 

How to choose the right Vitamin K2 supplement

Vitamin K2 Cis and Trans forms

We posted a couple of blogs about Vitamin K2 two years ago. A lot’s happened in our understanding of Vitamin K2 since then. This is an update. In that blog, we struggled to find a good product to recommend. That got me thinking about what an ideal Vitamin K2 product should look like. I spent… 

Krill Oil Misinformation

krill oil label

Nutritional misinformation (intentional or not) is very common on the internet. Here are two examples, with a focus on krill oil. I got several emails about the Dean Ornish piece in the NY Times where he once again blames all our ill health on fat and meat. (No, Ornish did not talk about krill oil,… 

Is Paleo diet right for you? Part 3:
Gut-friendly starches – a secret weapon


There is a misperception that the Paleo diet is about gorging on meat. And avoiding all carbs. There is nothing wrong with eating a little meat, especially organ meats. As we saw in Part 2, animal fats are a rich source of Vitamins A and K2. But eating meat three times a day doesn’t make… 

Is Paleo diet right for you? Part 2:
3 Ways Ancestral Diets Can Make You Healthy

Ancestral cuisine of Europe

In Part 1, we discussed the universal fear cardiologists have for eggs and butter. Yet, traditional societies that do not avoid fat have low levels of obesity and heart disease. During the past 30 years, I’ve frequently traveled to remote corners of the world where traditional diets are the norm. Some rural Europeans eat a… 

Is Paleo diet right for you?
Part 1: What Cardiologists Say

Paleo friend egg and cardiologists

Paleo is all the rage. Should you join the bandwagon? Absolutely! But most cardiologists think it is nuts to warm up to eggs, butter or lard. Most people have several incorrect assumptions about the Paleo diet. It is almost always misinterpreted. Paleo should be an inspiration to eat and live in a simpler, cleaner, ancestral… 

Why 12 Million People Stopped Taking Fish Oil:
Two head-slapping events involving fish oil

fish oil prostate

Good news: even ultra-high doses of Omega-3 do not promote prostate cancer, says Europe’s top food safety agency. Yet, last year, 12 million of you stopped taking fish oil…and for no good reason. Why? Because of a study that said fish oil could cause prostate cancer. The authors of that study have now published a… 

Fish Oil Supplements and Fishy Burps

fish oil burping

‘Your product said BURP-FREE! Yet I keep burping fish! You’re a bunch of liars!’ Fishy burps. It’s the #1 reason why people stop taking fish oil supplements. According to GOED, 1 in 5 adults get fishy burps 11% won’t take it because of fishy burps 32 million adults will not believe a ‘No Fishy Burps’… 

What is in your Olive Oil?

Omega-6 level of olive oil

We put a popular olive oil to test. In the last post, How to Reduce Omega-6, I suggested using olive oil instead of other vegetable seed oils. Coconut oil and butter are both lower in Omega-6 than olive oil, but for those still worried about saturated fats, olive oil is a great compromise. After all,… 

How to Reduce Omega-6

Where we get our Omega-6 fats

Omega-6 is the villain around these parts. Why? Because excess Omega-6 can lead to inflammation. It’s not as black and white as ‘Omega-3 good; Omega-6 baaad!‘ That’s an over-simplified view of a blog focused on the wonders of Omega-3. Health matters are never that simple. Inflammation, after all, is a natural repair process. Excess Omega-6…